The AK-47 is still a Thing 500 Years later - Halo TV Series -

The AK-47 is still a Thing 500 Years later – Halo TV Series

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Imagine Master Chief using the AK-47 in the Halo TV Show and beating the covenant with it lol

Halo Infinite AK-47 when 343 ? 😂

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  1. halo fanboys in the comments sections making excuses.

  2. Could have at least got a Fammas. Would have made more sense lol.

  3. Makes sense. Cheap and easy weapons to fabricate in that time compared to standard UNSC gear. It's old 500 year tech but reliable. Same with the jeep.

  4. Not far fetch, ak47 is cheap and reliable. Used by majority of budget army and resistance fighter/ modern civil war conflict

  5. One of the major premises of weapon technology in the halo universe is that human guns barely change.

  6. Im pretty sure in the comic the MP-40 still exists

  7. The AK: Backbone of the Insurrection.
    Still, as decent as it is, you’d think they’d have kitted it out a bit, I mean even the innies on reach had a couple’a weapons, though those were smuggled, I suppose.

  8. Imagine someone from the 1500's seeing a glimpse into our time and they get really fucking annoyed that knives are still a thing.

  9. Don't justify its likely an oversight or God forbid the cheif goes back in time

  10. I mean the UNSC guns are chambered in regular ass brass and surplus so I mean….🤷

  11. These reactions are so dumb, carying a AKM in halo would be the equivelant of carying a musket in WW2 maybe worse

  12. Didn't Activision was being involved so soon with Halo….

  13. You can also see an 2 AUGs in the next scene.

  14. The modern equivalent of us if we took bows to Afganistan I suppose.

  15. Bro why are people so turnt about the tiniest little details, AK 47s are one of the most mass produced weapons ever made, its very likely that some group of rebels will have some that have been salvaged and are in working order.

  16. People that are defending a modern AK, in the year 2552? Atleast make it look futuristic. I mean look at the AK from the movie Elysium. It's basically stock but with futuristic attachments.

  17. I have no problem with this. This is like the equivalent of bringing a blunderbuss or early musket to a modern battlefield.

  18. I mean it’s cheap to make and a gun is a gun

  19. I've always imagined today's weaponry produced by China and Russia to be used by far-flung colonies and Insurrectionists because they are cheaper and more rugged, whilst today's weapons produced by the West (M4 etc.) would be discarded and evolve into the UNSC's weapons. So cool to see this concept actually in use

  20. Goes to show how reliable the AK really is

  21. We still use that silly invention called "fire" all these years later.. who would of thunk inventions could stick around…

  22. Taking in consideration that UNSC's weapons still uses Nato amunition from twenty first century standard, it is not surprising actually a Ak with fragmentary or armour piercing amunition could be in fact some of the best weapon you can have at hand to open holes in some Covenant aliens or UNSC military personal if you are a rebel.

  23. Didn't watch the trailer but the only things I've seen wrong with it are this and Cortana. The Chevy Tahoe is acceptable

  24. Yeah mang. There's a lot of outer colonies that are poor as F. So they gotta use what they can get. And the AK-47 is a proven, reliable, easy to manufacture weapon.

  25. This show is going to be such a stinker lol I'm pretty disappointed

  26. This seems completely believable to me, dude is just some random civilian.
    The AK-47 is already approaching 100 years old and I can bet that when that time comes there will still be rebels using it in the real world.
    So for someone to have one in Halo isn't out of the question.
    The Halo Assault Rifle fires a 7.62×51 bullet, which is a modern day, real life round.
    It isn't a stretch to think that the 7.62×39 is still produced in the Halo universe.

  27. lol not the fanboys trying so hard to justify everything wrong in the trailer fucking pathetic

  28. we've still got accounts of rifles from the 1700s being used in conflicts in the middle east.. this isnt to hard to believe.. and weapons in the 1700s were no where near as mass produced as these modern ones.

  29. It is the silver time line none of this is lore

  30. I honestly wish the halo weapons where Based more off modern gun design because most of the halo weapons look super bulky and unnecessary heavy. Just very unpractical and gimmicky

  31. Lol people still use knives and bow/arrows even though those weapons are hundreds of thousands of years old

  32. Well the standard UNSC rifle isn't really different from modern rifles except maybe the propellant chemistry or overall round design in fact the AR is bulkier than most modern weapons that fire the same caliber meaning that unless it has some sort of technical purpose there is a lot of dead weight especially if you remember that after halo CE we really haven't seen a smart link visor on unsc helmets meaning they are trading an accurate lightweight sight and the accuracy that comes with it for a bulkier ammo counter with no apparent sight mount. All of this makes modern rifles like the AK still very relevant, maybe even more so that the ma5 models

  33. I can’t because he’s gonna get beat up by the entire female cast in the first episode and die

  34. Remember that these could be scenes from the outer colonies which are a lot less advanced in tech and are much more “frontiersmen” type. I could imagine the outer colonies being able to only get a hand of “antiques” like a 500 year old vehicle or 500 year old reliable rifle.

  35. General, SDF, Green Masks, Charlie, Antonov says:

    I think something like the AK-12 would've made more sense

  36. For those who don't understand the only humans with futuristic weapons is the UNC's the other people has old world study and gear because they have to scavenge Rember in halo world humanity evolved with new tech like really fast

  37. The mp-40 still being used on a halo comic book. I think oni recreated the AK-47 to keep up to date like chambered with new ammo types. Like the AK-47 might use the same ammo as the ar or the br. And they still use old cars too.

  38. Materials tech, even in rural locations, will be far superior to anything we've experienced in our lifetimes. No, the AK will NOT be a thing in 500 years. It won't be a thing in 100 years except as a retro relic of history. You'll be able to 3D print or CNC better weapons for the cost of a few meals.

  39. Charges the AK with the safety selector up… nice.

  40. They are using a rifle, that was made in 1947!?

  41. Trust me, the AK will STILL be around long after our great x4 grand children have great grand children of their own.

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