The ArchCast#57 The Henry Cavill Smear! D&D CEO Thinks it's "Under Monetized" And More! -

The ArchCast#57 The Henry Cavill Smear! D&D CEO Thinks it’s “Under Monetized” And More!

The ArchCast
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  1. Kibs being a broni was the real surprise of this stream. Who would have thunk?

  2. It's beautiful..the guy who played superman is instilling hope in the fandom…what a fucking gigachad.

  3. 26:07 as someone who never heard of that movie . like wtf . the game Space marine back in 2011 . looked better .

  4. How is Luetin controversial? Did I miss anything? Am genuinely curious.


  6. The attack on Henry Cavill really just goes to show that they do not know what actual sexism really is.

  7. A chaiaphas cain series would be diffcult to make. most of the humor comes from his internal monolougue and that doesn't work outside of a book, you would have to get some serious creative talent to make that work.

  8. I'm sure KEEEEEEEYBS: as a woman understands why he must be bred.

  9. I'd like to the war for armageddon from the eyes of some poor guardsmen who keeps getting the worst orders that he knows will get him killed just slowly breaking down battle by battle loosing all hope then bam just drop a space marine squad and watch them just demolish all the opposition and re rally the gaurdsmen

  10. Henry is being used by hollywood to destroy these franchises. Its sad really. Unfortunately they're saying he has creative authority. However we should realize that is a lie and this franchise is in the cross hairs of the entertainment leftists.

  11. I have no idea why Arch is so asshurt by Custodes. They haven't been at the top of the tournament stats for quite a while. He essentially complains that his specific army has no way to deal with heavily armoured opponent.

  12. Modders do that for free- one of the reasons why theyre seemingly ostracized by the companies more and more.

  13. Worst part about D&D wanting a recurring spending system. They had one back in the day, called Dragon Magazine. It was a magazine which contained articles with helpful GM/ player advice, mini-modules, PC character classes, and races, Monster stat blocks, & Short Stories set in the myriad settings of the game. Heck a lot of it was submitted from out of house sources too.

    Something like that would sell well in today's climate. Just a cheap subscription, which can be circumvented for one time payments if you only want one issue of the Magazene. Plus they would not have to print as many as it could be distributed digitally, but these people are too stupid to do something like that.

  14. "I was there" … about ~15 years or so ago (shortly before "the abomination that is called 4e"), when they were announcing stuff on the Wotc-D&D page … a "browser-based remote gaming system" … which you would have to sign up for with a subscription. That was when they started promoting every regular publication as an online publication … Dragon, Dungeon, …
    Their plans failed back then, because the guy who had promised them the browser-based gaming system had lied and just taken their money and ran.

    tl;dr This whole attempt of monetising the gamers and trying to get them into signing up for a subscription isnt new. Compared to a WoW account it is far too expensive though and should probably cost $1-2 per month.

  15. 1:22:43 Well they'll solve that then fairly fast by the US delivering them an Arms dealer >.<

  16. You can't create by comity, any project should have a max of two writers. Furthermore writers should have the decorum not to change successful established lore just to put a stamp on it. Mandatory ban of Millennial writers until they get some actual life experience that doesn't involve an ipad.

  17. Henry Cavil as Caiphus Cain with Danny Devito as Jurgen

  18. The only way i want to see 40K content creators making part of this project are as voice actors

  19. Homebrew is better than Vanilla D&D. Get fucked WOTC.

  20. 25:30
    Okay… you lost me again. You seriously never have had an idea how to write a longterm game franchise.

  21. Sholva means traitor not heretic! although a heretic would be a traitor in that culture.

  22. me sitting here holding d&d 3.5 books playing mtw2….."its safe here in the past"

  23. 2:12:49 then try Xcom Chimera Squad . it's feel it has less RNG . because the timeline of who turns is next . is showed and you can kill the fast enemy to deny them their turn . also it's shorter game . it like 20h . and you play on pre made characters . they actually not bad characters and i liked them .

  24. Even if Tolkien estate wasnt based they are no doubt pissed off with the rings of power, I mean there is absolutely no other ways to look at that than as a show that lowered whole ip's value…

  25. When they shot the two tower peter jackson wanted saruman to shout when he got stabbed in the back and christopher lee look him dead in the eye "-Do you know how somebody stab in the back sound ? Because i do and it's not that -Oh… Okay let's do it your way"

  26. Well ravenor and eisenhorn are too horrifying, Cain has too many monologues, Horus Heresy is too big and most others are too small. I think a series based on gaunts ghosts would probably be the best intro for the mainstream audience because guardsmen are a good low intensity intro (at first).

  27. I think Schafer's last chancers could be great source material and it would let you hit Amazon's diversity quota without it being forced.

  28. Personally id vote for cavill to do either ciaphas cain or yarrick hell i think a creed series would be amazing

  29. Cavil as Ciaphis Caine. Oh shit Arch just said it. 😂👍🏻 Yes they need to focus on the smaller stories SET in the Warhammer Universe.

  30. Off topic, Poor Lamenters. 😂👍🏻

  31. Arch/Kibs/Sargon/Dankula
    Need to get together and make a new IP that competes with 40k

  32. 40k TV concept.
    Warhammer 40,000: Only Human
    Episode 1: The Siege of Terra and fight on the Vengeful Spirit. Following the POV of Olanius Pious, His death, and ending with the Emperors Ascension to the Golding Throne.
    Make every other episode a 1 shot.
    The Fall of Krieg. POV of Colonel Jurten.
    Wars for Armageddon. PV Yarrick or regular civilians suicide bombing the Orks.
    Rise of Krieg and Siege of Vraaks.

  33. Henry Cavill will make an excellent Ciaphas Cain, The man from UNCLE proved that.

  34. if Cavill was late because of videogames, he was probably replaying all of the witcher games to keep himself sharp and in character.

  35. Ok this is bull. Personally I don’t play D&D. I play Rifts by Palladium Books. Much more fun.

  36. the people will play e5 till the and and only the streamers will touch DnD one for monetisation

  37. Since they canceled Inquisitor Eisenhorn. I suggest they start at the beginning. Rogue Trader.
    You could bring back old school Star Trek. With a Capt who loves his ship his crew and His women, and all he wants is a Tall Ship and a Stat to sail her by.
    It could be the Next Star Trek Every Episode would be exploration and horror.
    It would allow you to introduce people to the universe without dropping them into the middle of .The Horus Heresy.
    We need to build a foundation for the whole universe to sit on over the next 30 years.

  38. Eh the Horus Heresy books make the Space Marines very very Human some come across as a little odd but on the whole very human the series is one of the most popular things GW has done so thats canon that is not going to go away.

  39. If you can't finish halo, you aren't a gamer, casual or otherwise.
    It's neither long nor hard.

  40. I have hopes for the 40K series as they don't have unlimited money like Disney and Amazon. However I am not holding my breath and as far as 40K book those written by Chris Wraight, Graham McNeil and some others are good. The stuff on the Blood Angels with Guy Haley and the Dante series as well as his Astorath book are good. I just ignore the bad writers.

  41. Maybe if he brought in someone like nornqueenalexis it could appease the left

  42. If DnD switches to constant payment to keep up… I'll leave it behind. I stopped Warhammer because it was too much work to keep up with, I'm not worried to drop DnD when it's hard to find and keep groups on my schedule anyways.

  43. DnD already has microtransactions via the Dungeon Masters Guild. completely external to WotC, DMs come up with shit they convert into tabletop rules, then sell them for whatever value with Wizards taking a cut for facilitating the trade. easy way to get a bunch of custom content and rules that are theoretically vetted by the community via a traditional feedback and response system.

    but of course no, they want subscription services alongside "expansion packs" for existing books. gotta buy all the extra content to add to your /leased/ sourcebooks. so that they can rewrite it at will and nickel and dime you for every little thing in the universe. egh.

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