The Blessed One Gets Naked in the Holy City - Halo TV Show -

The Blessed One Gets Naked in the Holy City – Halo TV Show

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The covenant human gets naked in high charity

New halo tv series


  1. I'm starting to get the feeling this woman and John are related!


  3. Director, I assure you it is imperative to the silver timeline that we show Makee's sideboob.

  4. Man these perfume ads are so strange

  5. Reject this wench brothers she is only temporary, but the great journey is forever!!!!!

  6. I liked a lot of the new stuff in the show. This? Less so. Ironic that a show getting flak from chodes over "diversity" has such obvious influence of the male gaze.

  7. Of all the daft, hair brained and incompetent ideas by the producers, this is another tier on the excrement cake.

  8. You think that sex sells? Not in this TV show it's not

  9. Ehhh, some things really weird is happening since past few years.
    In each TV shows or movies, people keeps getting naked. Oh even in some movies they even masturbates.
    Alright so, you want us to see even when they are taking a dump or pee.
    The truth is, we don't really need to see any of them doing their Calls of mother nature.
    You can make the story more interesting even without showing their privet moments.
    And gore, gore works great with the situation of the story. In some cases, there are just meaningless gore and that nobody actually enjoys. You know why?
    Because, nobody feels anything about those character's death or how they die, unless the story is rich.

  10. I’m insulted. I wanted to see a naked AI system and a naked elite before I saw a naked human woman in halo. Literally Unwatchable

  11. I love halo fans, actually impossible to make them happy, not even with a naked hot person scene. After long defending the need for Cortana to be mommy milkerfied, I thought we were better

  12. Literally one of the only good things about this show was them showing this chick naked, even if they did digitally edit out her nipples. Check it out during the episode, there's weird pixel shit going on where her nips should be

  13. Does anyone else think that she kind of looks like Abella Danger

  14. As a guy, who cares? I know its unnecessary, but am I complaining? hell no

  15. Halo fans explaining how a character getting naked for no reason is important to the plot

  16. I don't have anything against nudity if it makes sense or serves a purpose in the show. This doesn't make much sense and doesn't serve a purpose in the show.

  17. So bad is the Halo community that with a simple scene of less than 50 seconds they begin to make a text longer than the whole Halo lore

  18. This show is cringe trash. Couldn't even watch for like 15 mins. Halo is officially dead to me. I don't care what garbage story's they go with now although I wish they would just let it die.

  19. Someone explain to me the purpose of that. A man-looking woman removing her clothes… never mind…. I don't care anymore….

  20. I'm mad asf! We get a rated T halo game and here it is a R rated halo TV series.

  21. Nudity still won't get me to approve of a human Covenant.
    Your plan failed Paramount+

  22. So this pOwErFuL wamen somehow managed to slept her way up the covenant rank. Mmh! so brave, so independent

  23. This isn't Halo.
    What's this scene for?
    The gamers…please.

  24. The women have slept their way into the high charity…what else is left to say : |

  25. This scene is a bit much, But it reminds me of Tarzan, when he looks at the lake & realizes he does not resemble the Ape Pride! His ape mom said "Although your different, your one of Us".
    Makee is having a small existential crisis & secretly wants to be a human. The Covenant makes her wear garments, to hide her image, (although they despise humans) Maybe Makee will safely join the Human Race (UNSC) in Season 2, similar to Bucky in "Captain America: the Winter Soldier"

  26. Their excuse must be she’s done it with her own will… oh for sure it was sensual for a simple clothing removal

  27. The entire premise of this very character alone makes me not want to watch this show. Her existence makes no sense what so ever. It's suppose to be us Humans vs the Covenant, not this fucken garbage. After the shit stain on my Visor called Nightfall I still have a hard time cleaning it off because of this show.

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