The Brute Chopper Can Boost You To High Ground In Halo Infinite -

The Brute Chopper Can Boost You To High Ground In Halo Infinite

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  1. do a ramp jump while u get stunned in the chopper i dare you

  2. you can drive warthogs and ghosts up there if you go through the back lol I do it all the time to mess with the other team

  3. Chopper needs H3 physics back… actually all vehicles lol

  4. If you get the chance to see some one do this again with a chopper, shoot a disruptor at them it makes the thing freak out.

  5. Awesome how this dude just has fun trying cool shit in this game. I should try this sometime instead of raging in ranked all day

  6. Bro you make me wanna play more fiesta 🤣 the shenanigans you get into be funny

  7. This is the most use you'll get out of the Chopper.

  8. Maybe the only thing the chopper is good for XD

  9. I just love how happy you are when you play Halo!

  10. What map is this? I have not seen it at all.

  11. I mean, the whole point is to fuck around 😁

  12. Prolly the most creative Halo player I’ve seen play

  13. I don't watch your streams, but seeing your clips of you having a blast and dunking on people in wacky ways makes my day.

  14. Heys guys I was thinking if nicknaming my junk “list”.
    What do we think?

    (I’d written something else originally but a certain response made me want to change it for a laugh).

  15. DON'T DO IT ANAKIN!! I HAVE THE… brute chopper???

  16. Halo is hilarious for some reason in a way other games aren’t. That’s why it’s my favorite.

  17. I did the same thing but with the mongoose. I think the game antt-cheated me back to the base of the ramp. Confused me for a while lol

  18. That dude who he landed on top of and blasted must have been so mad.

  19. Halo Physics at its finest, deserving of a chefs kiss

  20. you can use your legs to get to the highground too! jump into the man cannon, holding all the way left or all the way right on your direction, clamber up on the extended sticks on either side of that high ground!

  21. The scariest thing in the universe, Chief with the high ground….
    or maybe…..

  22. This is why I always fly off the map in the Brute Chopper

  23. so many times I do this in fiesta. It's fun when the chopper turns facing down when you get to the ship and you can shoot the enemies from up high

  24. That guy was NOT expecting THAT. A brute chopper just crashing in from nowhere and then he gets rocketed 😂 Halo at its best 👌

  25. I'm going to use this now when helping out church

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