THE FLOOD ARE COMING??? Halo TV Series Episode 3 - My Brutally Honest Thoughts! -

THE FLOOD ARE COMING??? Halo TV Series Episode 3 – My Brutally Honest Thoughts!

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Episode 3 of the Halo TV Series just released and… it was actually much better???? By no means perfect, but a marked improvement over episode 1 and episode 2 in particular, and even contained hints that the Flood might be coming! These are my brutally honest thoughts on (and various easter eggs in) episode 3 of the Halo TV series, titled Emergence!

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0:00 – Intro
0:59 – Thoughts + Easter Eggs
14:21 – Outro

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  1. The only positive I got from this episode besides Jen Taylor's voice is the confirmation of Grunts.

  2. i am vetern level 1 in you my friend are a vetern level Onyx

  3. Man I'm with you master chief should keep his helmet on

  4. Oh so I don't really know how the rake this episode but it's a flutter coming back that I gave this episode at 10

  5. For telling us it's athletic coming back

  6. The scene where the lab assistant tried to kiss the clone was not needed and didn’t add anything to the story.

  7. What kind of first forms you pick would show up in this Halo series Halo free Halo 2 Halo anniversary

  8. The reason I don't like this halo show, the story is new and weird, but feels like it's a fan manga and not a good one and that's why I don't like it.

  9. Ooh boy….hope I'm wrong but get ready to see Chief cry.

  10. When you see the chief you should think "he looks like a problem"/your kinda intimidating. and when he speaks it should be mysterious but firm and almost reassuring but also short and informal. Hard to even describe correctly hahah

  11. How you gonna put spoilers in the title and thumbnail? Like, give us a chance dude.

  12. I couldnt agree more with your intro, dont get me wrong. As a Halo fan their is a lot that I still dont like, the story still being a bit generic. "The future of humanity lies in Chiefs past" however I could not stop watching and enjoyed quite a bit. The capture of the UNSC ship and creation of Cortana was the peak for me. If it continues like this I cant wait to see more.

  13. the UNSC is so cartoonishly evil in this series that I can't believe the plague was caused by anyone else besides themselves.

  14. i wish chief had his iconic voice but it would be pretty wierd when he has his helmet off because he would either have a completly different voice or the voice wouldnt fit and the lip syncing would probably look wierd

  15. “That’s how it went down in the regular canon”, wait what? I thought Cortana connects to Master Chief through his Mjolnir armor, not implanted directly into his brain. This sum bullshit.

  16. People need to separate the show from the games and books. This is an alternate universe telling a similar but different story. Enjoy it or don’t watch it.

  17. I have a feeling the blessed one’s have forerunner blood. Probably direct descendants. Johns father was aware of this and thats why he wanted to bury the artefact, he probably had something to do with unleashing the virus on the planet to prevent someone unearthing the artefact.

  18. Chiefs roll should have just been a regular sparten 4 and chief show up here and there like the arbitor

  19. If I’m correct wasn’t there a reference to the planet Mamore and a subsequent spartan operation? In regular Halo canon Noble 6 conducted a counter insurgency operation on the planet

  20. Call me crazy, but I think this show is going to heavily rely on very, very old ancient stuff in the halo universe to make sense of all of the plotholes. From the whole "blessed ones" to the covenant war not really making any sense under these conditions, SOMETHING has to be the cause. Personally, I think it's entirely possible that the show might have a gravemind that literally knows the future, made chief a blessed one, and killed his parents all in some grand scheme. If that were the case, we will probably meet this gravemind after the halo ring is introduced to the show.

    Obviously thats about 300 metric tons of hopium, but it is a genuine direction that would make sense while simultaneously fitting with the show's tendency to favor the more horror-esk side of Halo

  21. I know people have high expectations ao so do I. I'm huge halo nerd. Fans would love a proper adaptaation and show stick to lore. However they said they are taking different approache and making their own timeline so can't complain things are different than in the game. I like the show the only thing I would like to change is how slow things are moving. They could invest more time explaining how covenant atack humanity first time, I would like to see more how they took kids at night from their home and their training 6-13 age. I agree kwan female character is bad. I don't mind how cortana looks her voice makes up for it . I think show has a potential and we just have to be more patient. I can't wait to see big action scenes and more form covenants how powerful they are.

  22. Seeing a Naked Chief was not something I saw coming.

  23. I don’t mind the way Cortana is presented. Still not sure on how she interfaces with Chief but I’m hopeful!

  24. We have seen how ruthless the covenant are imagine how scary and horrific the flood would be

  25. Silver timeline is garbage. I'm upset this is probably the only adaption we will get for a long time. What a waste

  26. Well this days is cooler to be soft then been bad ass.

  27. That first 1 minute tho…People Really did not learn anything about the fumble netflix did with that **dobait "cuties"

  28. Why is Cortana being inserted into Chiefs head rather than the Mjolnir armor? She's supposed to be housed in the AI chip. Not having the neural interface is a big issue. The Smart AI are supposed to interface with the Spartans, not be a part of them. Chief is a separate entity to Cortana. The thing that makes Halo so good is the science behind it is rooted in reality. Having Cortana being able to be in control of Chief takes his free will away. That means no ability of Chief to pull rank and tell Captain Del Rio to sod off.

  29. The only good thing about this show is Jen Taylor is voicing Cortana

  30. This would have been great, if it was happening to a different character because it doesn’t much sense for chief to be going rogue like this, especially so early in the timeline.

  31. HiddenXperia: Episodes 1-2 I sleep
    Episode 3 has a hint of the Flood
    HiddenXperia: eyes glow Real Shit!

  32. Is it mental for me to think the "blessed ones" in silver timeline are early pointers towards characters who contain the forerunner GEAS?

    I feel like the fact only certain individuals can interface with forerunner technology because they contain a forerunner GEAS would make a lot of sense.. they aren't just special humans, they're the humans that the forerunners specifically chose.

  33. The only thing more scary than the flood is the cgi they will use when or if they appear.

  34. I'm enjoying watching the show then watching 'Angry Joe' episode review because its completely accurate from a viewer perspective but then I watch HiddenXperia who then gives a lore review which is just as great. Its like watching 3 episodes per episode lol 😅

  35. i honestly like the show after this episode

  36. I still can't believe that's meant to be Miranda. 🤦‍♂️

  37. I totally agree, this episode really got me interested in this show. Just hearing Jen Taylor’s voice as Cortana really gave me throwbacks to playing Halo. The storyline was also much better in this episode, it gave me my hope back

  38. I actually really liked this episode. I don’t mind that they are humanizing chief immediately since we’ve had halo 1-4 to infinite (5 doesn’t count) to see chiefs journey to becoming human. I’m just watching this show cause 1 I love halo and 2 it’s fun watching stuff bad or good. Tbh I don’t really care about what the show does, just make it entertaining

  39. Imagine your chillin' watchin the show and the flood theme starts up

  40. Why is this show so graphic while the new games are GUNNING SO HARD for the Teen rating? Just go Mature again so we can actually see straight up melting faces with plasma in 4k like this universe deserves…

  41. I got more of a… uh… what was that AI from the one book about that 1 person… fuck.
    The investigator who works with the spartan III team imbedded with the keepers of the one truth. The AI from her home planet was going to unleash a virus and I thought of that virus.
    Also, he's very different but the creepy scientist dude's accent reminded me of the anthropologist from the kilo 6 trilogy.

  42. You forgot to mention that she doesn’t have the mark of shame. It was from the guard zapping her in the back on that trash planet.

  43. It's getting cooler but always changing so much lore lol

  44. Definitely not chief they made a new character and put him in chiefs armor. Chief is actually at a ring LOL

  45. Having recently become a fan of Paul Verhoven's Starship Troopers movie, I really like how the Marine BDUs in the show look like the armour worn by the mobile infantry.
    Would have been great if the show played up its depiction of the UNSC's authoritarianism a bit more, perhaps to the point where the audience could laugh or cringe at their overconfidence. Like Starship Troopers.

  46. So around 12 mins into the episode is that supposed to be a red vs blue Easter egg wth the armour in the background? I kinda hope it is bc they added one into infinite so I wouldn’t put it past them.

  47. I feel as though if they used a new Spartan as the main character in the show they would get a little less back lash. Don't get me wrong I am enjoying the show but it doesn't feel like I'm watching a show about halo If that makes sense

  48. Keep forgetting to give these episodes ratings at the end lmao, probably give ep3 a 7/10. Still nowhere near what I wanted the show to be, but within the confines of the show so far it was definitely an improvement!

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