The Flood Teased in Halo TV Show! (Halo TV Series Episode 3 None Spoiler/Spoiler Review & Breakdown) -

The Flood Teased in Halo TV Show! (Halo TV Series Episode 3 None Spoiler/Spoiler Review & Breakdown)

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Episode 3 of the Halo TV Series dropped today and it was one of my favorites so far! In this episode of the Halo TV Series, we hear references of the Flood, we see the Lekgolo in action along with a tease for the hunters, how Makee was recruited by the covenant and also the Chief’s more personal side! Here is a full spoiler and no spoiler breakdown of Episode 3 of the Halo TV Series! The Flood Teased in Halo TV Show! (Halo TV Series Episode 3 None Spoiler/Spoiler Review & Breakdown)
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0:00 – Intro
0:27 – None Spoiler Halo TV Series Episode 3 Review
5:22 – Spoiler Breakdown Halo TV Series Episode 3

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  1. wasn't too bad. CHIEF GOT THAT CAKE! 😆 I actually quite like cortana so far in the show! her dialogue is pretty good for her and love that its Jen Taylor! hope we see those hunters and more covenant in combat later! 👍🏻

    Also, yeah, Dr. Halsey and Keyes were a thing in the lore and Miranda is there daughter. if I remember correctly, Halsey actually made cortana to look a but like Miranda. cool little detail!

  2. the saddest part in this series is going to be cheifs flashback of his dog dying no cap

  3. Why can the covenant control the flood in the show, if that is indeed the flood? 
    The whole point of most halo games is that covenant CAN'T control the flood and hate them!

  4. Regarding Miranda Keyes/Jacob Keyes/Halsey, there is a Book that came out with either Halo Reach or Halo 4 Deluxe Editions (I think it is literally called Dr. Halsey's Notebook/Diary) which first reveals that she had a romantic relationship with Keyes and that Miranda is their daughter. Check out Installation 00's channel – he has a series of video shorts on this topic.

    EDIT – Another nice Easter Egg that came up during the show was when Maki and the Lekgolo attack the crew of the partol ship you can hear the Captain or another crew member enact The Cole Protocol. The Protocol is a directive that wipes the memory core and navigational database of a UNSC Ship when it is about to fall into Covenant hands in order to prevent giving away the location of key UNSC Worlds to said Covenant.

  5. I like this YouTuber and I don’t mean any disrespect with my comment but I really hate how he starts every review episode with “if you forget that this is supposed to be a halo show it’s actually really good.” like that’s supposed to be a good thing.

    If anything that’s just solidifies the majority of the grievances I have with the show. If I’m trying to bring a character from say Star Wars to life and my only source information is from a book or a video game I’m not going to disenfranchise the audience members that are going to be the most excited for him by changing and tweaking the character beyond recognition I’m going to be as faithful as humanly possible so I can get a boost from the audience members that know about them the most and they can spread how great the character is through word-of-mouth.

  6. This man said "another solid episode" lol


  7. It would be so BADASS to see the flood in live action!

  8. I hope the flood are brought in a similar way Halo CE and Wars brought them in

  9. Cortana is the only thing that remotely and resembles halo and they did it wrong🤣

  10. Not the flood. UNSC cover stories due to what was found there. Alien ruins most likely. ONI made it a virus so nobody ever goes there.
    We're will see the Fall of Reach by the end of the season, with the Pillar of Autumn locating the Halo. Credits. Season 2 will be all about the Halo ring when h the Flood bring introduced then.

  11. Having Cortana neurally implanted in his head makes sense for the show in general. We're seeing Chief without his helmet since he's been off duty, and if he had that helmet off he would be using Cortana.

  12. Finally, a commentator who isn't all butt hurt about how the storyline isn't straight from the games. Look, we already know how the CE storyline goes, no problem with them creating a different one.

  13. I completely agree, i absolutely love the halo cannon and i am really getting into the silver timeline too,
    I think a few people are struggling to separate the two, its not meant to be the same, just see it as its own thing and you'll probably enjoy it much more,
    But hey, each to their own, I'm just glad that I'm enjoying it and looking forward to what's next x

    Oh and yes Miranda is Halsey's daughter in the main cannon, you'll notice in the New Halo 2 cuts scenes that they've made an effort to make Miranda look more like Halsey x

  14. Yep Miranda is Halsey's daughter in core canon. In halo 5 the game starts whit a picture of Miranda in Halsey's office and in te book of fall of Reach you can read about the relationship that Halsey had whit Capitan Keys

  15. Im .liking this series. Episode 3 is the best so far.

  16. Unfortunately most of us have played the games and read some of the books, fortunately unlike the new star trek series they had openly declared this is not cannon. That being said I am actually enjoying some aspects of the show there are still moments I will scoff at because of the cringe

  17. They talked about Keys relationship in the books with Halsey. I forgot how deep it went. I believe they kept it hidden from ONI.

  18. Glad to finally see a positive review! Thank you! I’ve been loving the show, especially taking it as it’s own thing and getting hung up on it needing to be like the games.

    In all honesty, the games have been going for so long and the lore there is hard to follow and pretty convoluted. No one liked the story in Halo 4 or Halo 5 but now they want a tv show to follow the games plot exactly? 😂

  19. I'm loving this show so far. Pablo Shreiber is a beast.

  20. Miranda keys is Halley’s daughter I think halo 5 they made a mention about her being upset about losing her daughter may be wrong tho

  21. This show is the worst thing Ive ever seen.

  22. LMFAO. Dude it's either Halo or its not. The absolute changes to everything they make to everything and I literally mean everything shows this isn't Halo. But a pore attempt that uses its name and its looks.

    Anyone trying to say they are using canon really doesn't know it. Further these changes weren't to make it more appealing. This show was written because the creators want to be creative and tell their own story. Making it more appealing for TV is an excuse as is being in an alternate timeliness. As proof of this Halo has already had live-action that was better produced than this and they are cannon.

  23. They never mentioned the flood outright. The Insinuation of a plague was mentioned, but under no circumstances did they actually mention flood. If anything, it is more likely that they were talking about some kind of sickness that was made up by ONI. Remember that in order to cover up some of the stories of the Spartan I program, They invented a kind of sickness that was explained away by Exposure to plasma weaponry. I am less inclined to believe that humanity was actually able to stay off a flood investigation on but investigation on a planet, no matter how small the colony it was supposed to be found on is. They are incapable of glassing a planet, let alone actually destroying A colony specifically for the aims of asset denial of the parasite. They do not have any kind of it's any kind of understanding of this parasite. How could they if they dont even know what the Forerunners are? Seems to me like this is more of a "Borons Syndrome" situation than anything else.

  24. I am like you and that I prefer content over combat. It's nice to see a lot of the political intrigue that's building up between characters in the UNSC and ONI. It's yes it's really enjoyable to watch to watch and see how The covenant operate and how they admire a human.

  25. I was all aboard with Makee and the scene of her completely wasting the the UNSC on the ship with the hunters, right up until She pulled the tiny energy sword right out of her finger. What a dumb creative decision!

  26. Hi, I'm looking for someone to play halo with me because I have no friends that do 😞

  27. Chief with helmet on should have been voiced by Steve downes

  28. Im not sure why people are so frustrated at this TV series. It's not bad, but it's also not great. It's average, and I get all the changes needed to be made. First of all, chiefs helmet. I like the change tbh, I can see the actors act behind the helmet.

  29. It's certainly Halo, but see it as a deviation of Halo – core concepts and characters, core story…but with different spins. Personally, I'm loving it!

  30. Omg dr Halsey is extremely fukin hot 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

  31. Dude, it doesn't even stand on its own. The "science" is moronically stupid. The characters are pettier than anything the CW has done. And to top it all off, they have gone out of their way to make the humans the most evil beings in the universe. If you are not rooting for the Covenant to genocide the Nazis on Madrigal, to kill the sociopath Dr Halsey, and to end the child slavery on whatever the trash planet was there's a serious problem with your moral compass. I wish the show could stand on it's own but it's also been stealing scenes from other franchises as well. Episode two ripped off the Helghast world for the scene on Madrigal where their new leader executed the captured rebels. Episode 3 straight up ripped off Dead Space 2 with the eyeball scene. Can't help but wonder what other I.P.s they will steal from with the following episodes.

  32. You kinda skipped over the part of Halsey talking to the clone but I think it was one of the most important parts of her char development. It’s essentially her thinking and reminiscing out loud.

  33. Johns not awake during the procedure…

  34. 5:305:55 A planet of trash? I wonder if “The Soldier” film (with Kurt Russel) would now be in The Halo universe then? I always thought it belonged in the “Universal Soldier” film universe but hey throwing it into to Halo’s universe is fine. Sure I know what your gonna say, ”There are lots of garbage planet worlds in sci fi.” True. True.

  35. If you go into it thinking it's halo you won't like it, so just believe it's not halo and it's good.


  36. Bro, the fact the "Halo" show is nothing like the "Halo" game except for having all the same characters and vehicles and name, is to me a HUGE issue.

    It was supposed to be something the gamers could visualize outside of the game.
    So to say it has nothing to do with the game is B.S. It has EVERYTHING to do with the game, minus of course being about the game. Hell, in the game ya never see Master Chief without his helmet. Now we got this "master chief" fool without it on the regular.

    Its crap! All real Halo fans know this.

  37. Thanks for this insightful video and enthusiastic coverage of this series!

  38. The best way to enjoy this series to any extent is to look at it the same way as one would Marvel Comics vs Marvel Movies.
    The two share many characters, locations, narrative events, and lore concepts. They are clearly very much alike in many ways but are undeniably distinct from one another at the same time. Both have good and bad things that contrast with the flaws and successes of the other.

  39. Man this is the only positive review I've seen so far and I cant even watch it. As someone who loves halo lore more than anything, they abesoultely butchered this show with all the horrible writing. In terms of visuals things looked great its just the writing is so bad its unwatchable for me.

  40. I just don't know the way I feel about his face constantly being showed. I love the mystery of who he is. It was very Boba Fett like before. Just don't get why everyone's being shown nowadays

  41. I'm confused… The title says "none spoiler/spolier Review". Is there a spoiler or not lol

  42. People who like this show don't know a single damn thing about Halo, or the UNSC especially.

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