The GRUNTS in the New Halo TV Show Are Really Missing -

The GRUNTS in the New Halo TV Show Are Really Missing

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New halo tv show Grunts are really missing

Halo tv series episode 1 – contact

Are you hyped for episode 2 ?


  1. Master Chief is way better than Mastercheeks says:

    The Grunts will be fucking hilarious in that huge fight scene in the beginning with there hilarious dialogue and there very good at comedy

  2. Kinda feel the series potential is being wasted, imagine if it were made by fans

  3. Dude…its only the first episode…
    It will at least have 10

  4. :12 it looks like they borrowed vehicles from the show Defiance. That looks like an 05 Tahoe in the year 2525 to 2553. 🤦

    No… just no. 10 million dollar budget… per episode. Look what Neill Blomkamp did with a 1 million dollar budget with the 3 landfall short films.
    He made a warthog with proper steering.

    Did they change the year this happens to justify the use of 05 vehicles?

  5. I just wish they animated the show like they did halo 2 cutscenes with all the new designs they already have in the show. Because the new elite design in the show looks so good they are bulky enough to show how much strength they are said to have and they still look agile and nimble and all we need is for 343 to have blur animate the show like the h2a cutscenes

  6. Pretty stupid take tbh. If you’re gonna be introducing the Covenant as an actually intimidating enemy, grunts probably aren’t the way to go.

  7. I would love to see the grunts they will be very funny

  8. Oh gawd. When you see Blur-elites vs the tv elites it is really jarring to see how bad the tv-elites really look.

    The grunts will also be like 343 grunts; super dull and no humor what so ever.

  9. Fuck all that, they made a lil girl the leader of the covenant. All major roles are women and only women giving orders on the show. I am calling this show “space cucks” . This is not a halo show.

  10. I think they will gradually introduce them

  11. they havent moddled CGI grunts yet, so they still need to make 3d models of grunts, expect them to look exactly the same like the elites, with slight colour changes per model

  12. I don’t know what’s worse, no grunts or ruined elites.

  13. i laugh so hard when i see grunts getting bullied.

  14. Easy explanation, snatch and grab mission of a holy relic. They had armed grunts but they only loosened their strict reproduction during the 30 year war to counter attrition. Grunts would not be on a small important mission and if it is early in the conflict in this setting the need is not yet present.

  15. This is supposed to be a multi million dollar show??

  16. NGL that short video from years and years ago looked better, the brutes back then in the older video(movie clip) look so much better than these elites…they are missing the shine, the elite sleek look from the games. They almost look brutish

  17. People are saying this stuff is good? Are they joking?

  18. all i want from this show is to see the flood or at least if they make a series 2 have a hint to them in the final episode if they are on the halo

  19. "Well how are you going to take their agenda message seriously if you have funny little aliens running around?
    Because this is a serious series that's going to talk about real issues that relate to realityof today".
    -Some lefty twitter person.

  20. They could be before the grunts were taken into the covenant

  21. Totally amiss. Elites/ Sanghelios fight with honour, while this one just like the Brutes.

  22. Please for the love god keep the same voice actor for them🤞

  23. I don’t care how stupid this sounds: I want them to befriend a grunt and take them on their adventures as their official covenant expert. Just to have a grunt on screen at all times

  24. Well… Even the grunts in that scene look better and more alive than the elites in the series.. lets hope instead of loading the series with stuff, they just make it good. would be a fine start imol

  25. and jackals, brutes, hunters, and a few more lmao

  26. Well in Halo Reach (yeah I know different timeline) Halsey said that the covenant dispatch elite advance teams to hunt forerunner artifacts of value which is why they were on madrigal and that's probably why there are only elites here and yeah she said they were almost always zealot class but maybe this is one of those few occasions where it was only one zealot and a few elite minors

  27. Dude I know the dates are not exact but I want to see the Grunts rebellion in the show one day

  28. Fully agree.
    It's weird that they only have elites without grunts.
    Usually have a few elites leading a larger group of grunts.
    Anyway, this series is non canon

  29. Oddly enough (not), the game graphics look better then the movie's CGI.

  30. It is especially odd because Grunts are literally the "grunt" of the army, they are the most common cannon fodder yet we saw a couple jackals in the show. With Plasma being so op, grunts being goofy, short for alien but, also at 5 feet, and being in groups makes them both scary to fight and fun to watch.

  31. The Grunts will wear rainbow armor, speak deep Jamacain, and huff benzene to sound like they're on helium.
    And somehow, even though that's all technically lore, this show'll still mess it up by taking it dead literally and call it woke.

  32. They really should've went with a show using the same animations as H2A cutscenes. Sure it'd be a pain in the ass, but it'd look better.

  33. What about the jakals and the brutes too? (i haven’t watched so they might already be in there idk)

  34. 0:28 así se tenían que ver los élites en la SERIE Intimidates y ágiles, honorables, ptm porque no contratan a personas que realmente sepan sobre HALO

  35. I think the Prophet is supposed to be a Grunt or I’m just seeing similarities in appearance the aren’t really even there.
    Edit: I believe this because the back of their heads look similar. Also I’ve never played a Halo so there is chance I am completely wrong.
    Edit: Yup I just googled I am completely wrong. I feel like I should be more embarrassed.

  36. We’ll probably see Grunts later. I imagine the showrunners wanted to show the Covenant as this intimidating credible threat, and Grunts…well…they’re more laughing stock than intimidating.

  37. If there's one credit I'd like to give to the Halo TV show, I like the way some plasma weapons gets s*** to explode.

  38. So i watched a video from halo 2 anniversary saying that they recruited species from other places so in this universe, they might be still recruiting. In fact, they got the hunters but only the worms itself.

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