The Halo Ring Looks GREAT in the Halo TV Show -

The Halo Ring Looks GREAT in the Halo TV Show

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Halo Ring in the Halo TV Series Looks Beautiful, thoughts ?

Episode 6 – Halo TV Series

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  1. Okay so not to be another rant here about Chief's character but hear me out. Is him "testing" cortanas limits by threating to kill halsey just way off? Like at this point fans should have created this show. If anyone is familiar with the fan controlled football league this is how I believe these shows should be constructed. How is it that the show runners gloat about not playing the games they showed their cards by not understanding who Chief is. I want a Halo show, I want a good Mortal Kombat, and I want good Star Wars again. I hate how everything is owned by corporations and not a respect towards the IP like what mark is this going to have years down the line? No one will remember this but we all remember OT star wars, Rocky, rambo, aliens all the original craft was good. It's tarnished now everything is tarnished.

  2. Cause if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it!

  3. I’m convinced the majority of the people in the film/show industry are completely devoid of intelligence

  4. i am just glad he didn't kiss makee right there and then…almost had stroke when he extended his arm

  5. This isn't even halo anymore, just some drama show with the halo aesthetics.

  6. Now I realize how toxic a gaming community can be. And it is both fascinating and hilarious to me. Love the game is nothing wrong but I did see some trying to cancel a show without accepting a fact that they've already stated that this show is non-canon, so none of the character or the story have to be exactly like the game.
    If They try to be exactly like the game then it would be a cheap copy, without original value, like Warcraft, resident evil,.. This is a better move, at least to me.
    Its just the 1st season, this show might not to the point it would be called great but it has potential to grow though. Its story writing on some part is not good like the KwanHa story line, but other part is just fine. Production wise is pretty good, lighting, camera and other stuff.
    Putting the game bias aside its a pretty good show, not bad, not great but has potential to be better in the long run if they correct a few things.

  7. now I understand why Cortana wanted to take over the galaxy

  8. the halo 1 mission where u first meet the flood would make a great sci-fi horror movie using top level animation and steves voice for chief

  9. So chief isn't even wearing is armor anymore? What the fuck is this show?

  10. It finally took this episode for me to abandon ship. I'm now watching this show to see how cringe it can get

  11. Ah yes, knowing that Halo is a weapon, and what it looks like, BEFORE actually encountering it for the first time. I see they decided to go with spoiling payoffs that really should be in the season finale. Again. I can't decide if this is painfully predictable, or if its so predictable that you wouldn't expect a decent writer to do it, and is therefore refreshingly subversive.

    Now kiss.

  12. You guys didn't expect this after he removed his emotion pellet? Wait till he marries the girl, retires and become a farmer.

  13. Honestly, I'm really just hoping they mucked up the character dynamic in this scene and didn't mean for it to come off that romantic lol. This is one instance in the show where I'm praying that they screwed it up and what we see is actually just a poor execution of something that was intended to be platonic.

  14. Its written the way it is so that y'all Halo gamers can't predict what will happen next. Can't have you gamers spoiling what will happen next ya know… 😒

  15. "Thoughts on this scene?"
    Me: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  16. Hot damn guys can’t wait for the next episode of master cheeks 🥵 next time I hope we gonna get to see chief spread and clap some covenant cheeks, master cheeks gonna make that ass his hooweee he’s getting himself some ass on that ring tonight!

  17. Even Cortana's ass is weak in this show. Unlike Halo4.🤣

  18. We couldve totally tolerated Masterchief's helmet off here and there like Mandalorian but no. And looking like a doofus all the time doesn't help either.

  19. are all the scenes gonna be on cloudy days so we can barely see it in detail?

  20. Is it just me or does the Halo look too small?

  21. Thoughts on the scene? how about the whole show? It's garbage.

  22. It's pretty bad screenwriting when the jokes actually come out to be true…

  23. You can tell 343 is writing this series. Halo games get worse each time….but we keep playing anyways.

    THIS SHOW IS HORRIBLE, but we keep watching anyways hahaha

  24. Petition to rename the shows MC credits for this rendition of Master Chief to Master Cheeks!

  25. Well the horrible and cliche writing aside, at least we can stare at a sexy ass Halsey 😏🥵

  26. I enjoyed watching Spartan 1337 in halo legends more than this

  27. i am very happy to see Jonesy the cat be in this series …cats do need to be in halo series …i bet 100 bucks Miranda find a cat left in her lab …asking who drop it by…???

  28. I feel physically ill every time I see his face. They stole the moment that was suppose to be special, it was suppose to mean something, an epic moment in halo history and this show stole it and mutilated it.

  29. God this show sucks. I am glad I was expecting nothing else. Thanks Kiki!

  30. After seeing this scene I just feel like they are intentionally trying to make the show cringe af

  31. The writing on this show just screams “We really wanted to make Mass Effect but could only get the Halo license.”

  32. I swear, by the season finale, if I see these two in a relationship, i’m going to have a seizure and bang my head against the wall. What’s next? Chief ends up in the Star Wars universe or something?!?

  33. The scene with Chief and makee on the halo ring was stunning in my opinion. Between the landscape, the lighting, the music, the vibe was nailed, I got goosebumps seeing the Halo ring for the first time like they were seeing it.

    It was weird tho how Chief gently caressed makee’s face like ok bro, a little bit ago you were hella mad at her and now you’re all like hey let’s bang on a Halo ring 😅😅

  34. Weres all the forerunner ruins in the background scenery

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