The Halo show finally broke me | who is it even for? -

The Halo show finally broke me | who is it even for?

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After 8 episodes of shallow melodrama, great actors delivering bad dialogue and very inconsistent production value and pacing.. I might be done. In this video we will talk about the Halo show and its problems.

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  1. Episodes 1-4 "I'm worried but let's see were it goes"
    Episode 5 "Finally it's getting good"
    Episodes 6-7 "I guess not"
    Episode 8 "Fuck this show harder than Chief fucked that Covie bitch"

  2. i wont be surprised if chief bones a flood spore once they introduce the flood.

  3. if it was more like the game it would be boring asf. lmao

  4. Lol this show is the definition of 343 thanks for MCC its the best Halo thing we are ever gonna get from them

  5. I felt like noble 6 trying to defend the show and this episode was the elite that ended it

  6. When i saw that scene i was like, ok this Master Chiefs has feelings, got it, hes going to give the book to Makee to kind of make she feel better in some way to help humanity against the covenant and try to make her more human and confident with them, well, kind of made that, with his pp, that i didnt even came to my mind and i was like oh no please no
    I like the cast and characters, specially kai, but if it was for me i would choose idk, tell us the same story of the games instead of this
    Season 2: Master chief and makee died, kai is supposed to be 117 on that dimension, world whatever, its like games everyone happy, kind of

  7. It's just dialogue and it's the making of the backstory. In each episode we see a flash back. Maybe they can do something with it. Remember it isn't based off of Microsofts way so maybe they can make it happen their way.


  9. “Hey let’s make a tv show based on a video game with one of the best stories in video game history with some of the best lore and characters in video game history… AND LETS COMPLETELY IGNORE ALL OF IT!!!” Genius

  10. Lol, you thought there was hope for this show?

  11. I disagree. Kai or however u spell her name is god aweful

  12. This show really is just a bad fanfiction

  13. My main problem with the show are Kwan and that one young scientist girl, who is the daughter of the one evil scientist lady. I do not give a single flying fuck about the side plots those characters have. I don't care about those characters. Both actresses are doing a great job, when it comes to the acting itself, but the characters just don't work for me. The characters in that universe. I understand what the writers went for. Like with Kwan. They wanted to show that there are different factions in that universe, who all have their own battles to fight, even with super soldier serum in their weins. And how they are affected by the war. But I don't give a shit. If I have the choice between a badass super soldier in a badass battle armor and a little girl, who is throwing temper tantrums and putting other peoples lives in danger, I'm gonna go with the super soldier. That's simply more interesting to me. And when you have a story, which has different side plots, you always get moments, where the boring part is taking place and you wait for the good stuff. It gets even worse when the boring characters / side plots get entire episodes dedicated to them. The Kwan only episode 7 actually made me angry. We saw Master Chief for a second and he didn't even talk. And for half of that second he wasn't even wearing his suit.

    I just think that the show makers fucked up on all levels. The same people, who made Judge Dredd should have made the Halo show. And they should have gotten an actor like Karl Urban, who put the character in front of himself and did the entire movie without taking off the mask. Master Chief is often supposed to be a stand-in for the player. Yet in the Halo show, there is no Master Chief. There is John and he sometimes cosplays as Master Chief. It's really disappointing.

  14. if i completely divorce myself from the halo lore and its characters and look it is as something entierly seperate i personally find the narative kinda compelling dispite its flaws. The set design and visual style of the show is completely on point for me though – i love the armour and design of some of the things in it so far

  15. It's time for some people to face the fact that this show has been trash from the very beginning and is nothing like Halo. Halo landfall being done to its fullest potential would have been amazing but This ain't it chief.

  16. I defended the show up until the ep where Chief went out of his way to attack Halsey to try and get Cortana to override him or something. Something entirely off kilter from anything Chief would do. Chief doesn't attack Humans like that. Like…I don't understand.

    "silver timeline, silver timeline!" I'd usually default to saying, but now I just feel betrayed by the show in all honesty.

    Did it exceed my expectations? Yes. Why? Because it swung so far out into left-field that it's outside my realm of expectations.

    I knew it was gonna be different. I was okay with that. I knew it'd be doing it's own thing. Still okay with it. It was gonna be rough considering S2 was already greenlit before the 1st started airing.
    But now it's just going to continue to spit on 20 years of Halo. It's such a blatant disrespect that I just tapped out. Done.

  17. I don't like master chiefs mug …like why put on the damn helmet just to take it off 3 secs later….

  18. As a life long Halo fan it's really sad to watch these new Halo projects that are suppose to evolve and push the IP to the next level keep missing there mark and end up in disappointing column. I just want Halo to feel like it's the crown jewel again, I still have hope but it is very little at this point. Come on guys I know you can do better then this.

  19. Why are all of my favorite things dead or dying? Why do these studios keep hiring people who hate everything I like and are dead set on destroying them and making them fucking stupid?

  20. Just losing it around now? Yall huffing too much hopium and copium, this has been had since the first episode, they can't even do good cgi nor paint the physical props. 10 mil an episode, apparently… this has to just be some money laundering scam.

  21. This is a wannabe expanse, but it has worse writing that star trek discovery.

  22. Personally I hate the story. It's not because it's not Halo, it's just bad in general. The writing and dialogue is stupid.

  23. Hey let's look at the upsides of these episodes! I- Hang on letme find my notes.

    Oh right, notes on "how not to do a show with a famous ip."

  24. I haven't watched the Halo show yet (been waiting until it ever finishes or just stops proceeding), but from what I hear, it sounds like Master Chief in the show…is just child Chief before he learned what it meant to trust in others. He always believed he could accomplish anything so long as he did it his way and if you didn't like it, fuck you I guess. Ultimately, it would be fine if the series started during that period in time of the Halo's lore and just matured him with time. But the fact that Chief is meant to have been well passed augmentation for a bit leads me to believe that no one really understood where they wanted to take his personality.

    I mean if there was one thing we understood from Combat Evolved to 3, it's that Chief likes to take a head on approach first, when that fails he just regroups and tries to learn more or just adapts during the engagement. He doesn't shoot first and ask questions later, he puts a plan to thought and then thought to motion. But this Chief is very much the caveman that Cortana compared him to in CE.

    From the snippets I've seen, he's prone to aggression, immediately goes AWOL for no discernable reason I can piece together due to not having seen the show, and doesn't seem to trust anyone, and rarely puts his faith in the other Spartans. (But again, that could just be my lack of actual viewing of the show) Also, I don't recall the 3 Spartan 2's he works with, they don't show up in the list of known Spartan 2's…so, did they just make their own?

  25. I'm surprised it took you this long to see what a trash show this is. I can't name a single good thing so far story is ass, writing/dialogue is cancer, casting is laughable, music is generic and forgettable and the less said about the effects the better.

    All around this is getting to The Room levels of shit where it's circling back round to good

  26. I fucking LOVE the show so far. It's so much better than suffering through all the 343i mainline games. Fuck those games. The show is so much more interesting and enjoyable.

    I love the view and mindset of Dr. Halsey. She has the exact same view I have of humanity in Halo and it's awesome to see it. It's so logical for her to have such thinking. I love it!!!
    The way they portray the aliens and fighting and such is great!

    The sudden romance makes sense. It makes so much sense for it to happen. I am very sensitive to things that is too unrealistic from happening and this sudden love situation is of no issue. It just makes sense. Chief's emotions and feelings getting unlocked from being locked for so long and the fact that he met someone who is "like" him so he no longer is alone supports the entire logical and realistic reasons for love to surface.

    Halo has been a big part of my life since 2001. This shit is great!

  27. I honestly hate the idea of chief getting down and dirty, it just feels so off for his charater. The show at least for me is an utter let down… i really did try to give it a chance but it just keep getting worse. All i wanted from a halo tv show would be a story of the human covanant war where we are truly losing, hope dwindling and a dark atmosphere. I would love to see the side of Halo away from the Spartans for a bit. Say like odsts fighting on worlds doomed to fall or Marines having to manage with losses on all fronts….

  28. i have a prediction for the halo discovery. there will be flood on the ring, but master chief will do something idiotic, also will fight the flood without his helmet to show his emotions during the fight. remember my words

  29. I feel bad for Pablo Schreiber… you can tell he cares about the show and the IP. the show runners really need to pull their head out of their asses and start listening to what the fans are saying. Once season 1 ends and season 2 rolls around people will be already done with the show. first season rode off the halo name and the excitement revolving infinite, I don't think its going to work a second time unfortunately. People harassing actors are the dumbest though…

  30. Now we know why the Covenant call him a demon, cos he's a demon in sheets.

  31. …… While his mother watches..

    That really got me

  32. You know what the funniest thing to me is? We had all these amazing directors, bloomkamp(i think of d9), stepen Spielberg who had a chance to make something amazing and Microsoft fucked it up and stepped in and they didn't step in to stop this turd from releasing and destroying halo's fist impression and reputation for the major audiences. it's laughable how mismanaged this IP is.

  33. I lmao when you started bleeping out your words. I had to pause the video to laugh it was too funny

  34. i feel like we're missing a first act to this story where we see the "normal" state of everything – the war, the covenant, the spartans and chief, and we're only getting the shocking plot twist season without the first part

    we can't go back to chief as a soldier defending humanity without it being framed as a bad thing here – it would mean losing his development so far and going back to a status quo, but we didn't even get that before he started unraveling. so we might just never get that yknow?

  35. Virgin average halo fan:

  36. I agree this TV series make Halo more dumb than Halo 4 and Halo 4 is the beginning of Dumb Halo series.

  37. You have pretty much covered it for me. I had a very open mind about some of the changes and was happy to ride along. The last couple of episodes where the production has clearly been very poor creatively means it has lost me. There is such rich and interesting source material with intriguing human stories and they have brushed so lightly over it all its just not interesting. Great sci-fi is just good stories. The setting, money spent and source material don't really matter that much. They had so many existing and interesting themes to bring in which would be attractive to a wider audience on the basis of being just good stories….and they dropped the ball. Exploring the relationship between chief and cortana in this setting would have been great. But it all over the place.

  38. What I’m afraid of is that people who don’t know Halo will watch this and be thinking this IS Halo

  39. The Halo TV is a bad faith adaptation. It takes the brand, imagery and names, purely for the product recognition, and then twists them into unrecognizable forms, unfaithful to the original creation and related in name only.
    This show wasn’t made by Halo fans or for Halo fans, this show was by corporate leeches who wanted a brand to springboard off of so that they did not have to put in the effort of world building an independent identity for their hack sci fi drama. It is awful sci fi grafted onto an unwilling host, not dissimilar to a flood infection form.

  40. Im suprised people are still watching this, i couldn't even get through half of the first episode, and from what i have heard it only got worse.

  41. All I have to say is… its probably for the age group between kids and adults. Teens. Still not good writing though

  42. Game MC: The helmet stays on during sex 😈

    Show MC: The helmet stays off during sex 🥺

  43. the halo show has hazbin hotel syndrome. its too offensive for kids and too blunt for adults. so its for nobody.

  44. Bro this is what I've been preaching since episode 1, the series is BAD. One fight scene every other moon eclipse cannot make up for the god awful writing, bad characters, and just fanfic lever plot the story has.
    We all thought the Mario bros movie was the worst game-show adaptation, but paramount proved us wrong.

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