The Halo Show is a 'Massive Hit'... so what's next? -

The Halo Show is a ‘Massive Hit’… so what’s next?

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According to Paramount+, despite some negative backlash, the Halo Show is a massive hit… so, what does that mean for the future of Halo TV, and how do I feel about it? All that and more on today’s video!

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  1. Will they make something that we like then? Or will they continue to put out more of what they think is doing well?

  2. It’s a hit due to a lot of people signing up on paramount. Those subscriber count will drop hard cause it’s fucking garbage

  3. I see your point about wanting the show to do well because of the possibility of maybe in the future we will get something for us true fans. Unfortunately I disagree, I see it almost like an abusive relationship where maybe if I give the abuser more positive vibes they would change in the future and the beatings will stop. I want this show to fail not because I don't want to see future Halo projects but to tell these producers/writers/executives that they cannot disrespect the fandom and if you start alienating fans you will loose money. We fans love the franchise through its ups and downs…mostly, but the people who make these shows and or games do not deserve our money, time or admiration. I would rather see this franchise end and leave off a okay legacy than see it go down the sh*tter like other franchises before it.

  4. Dear Halo show,
    Halo community.

  5. Paramount and CBS have said before that Star Trek discovery was a massive hit. This is absolutely not true, and I refuse to believe that Halo is doing is good as they claim. I personally don't hate the show, but I know a lot of people who do. You will have to excuse me if I am reluctant to take a franchise destroyer at its word.

  6. Buddy… I hate to say it but how are you giving opinions or making a video on the success of a show that you admittedly haven't seen the last 3 episodes of? Especially when one of those episodes, episode 5, was imo the best episode so far of the series, and the other two episodes, episodes 6 and 7, were about the two worst episodes of the series. I thought episode 5 was really quite good in the fact that it actually felt like a Halo tv show for the almost the first time, with the exception of the beginning 15 minutes or so of episode 1. But it was also the shortest episode so far of the first season and it seems like a lot of the budget for CGI and so forth was probably used up in that one episode. That being said, the rest of the episodes have fallen very, very short of expectations, and my expectations going into the series were already very, very low to begin with. I will say that I do agree with you about most of the rest of your videos and your opinions on the tv series and how bad it really is. I'm a long time Halo fan, have been playing the games since Halo CE was released and prefer playing Halo CE – Halo Reach to anything that 343i has come out with. I think that the Halo tv is a disgrace to the Master Chief, the franchise and most importantly to its long time fans. The Chief doesn't feel like the character found in the games, he has none of the same traits, mannerisms or character qualities. He acts on emotions, feelings, anger and rage most of the time in the series whereas in the game he's always portrayed as level-headed, calm and essentially devoid of emotion… aka a machine. I think 343i is a joke and has been since they came out with Halo 4, which was an at best decent game imo. Halo 5 I didn't bother playing because all of the long time Halo fans said it was the worst Halo game of all time, and with all of the issues and Halo Infinite essentially being unplayable, I haven't even bothered trying to play it yet. I'd encourage you to watch the latest 3 episodes of the series and do another video review on them as well as your updated opinions on the matter, because you haven't seen how bad it's gotten.

  7. Dude, you are paying getting bitter and bitter. Half of this video was just 'look i'm not so negative' Sorry dude i really enjoyed the battle analysis, fleet vs fleet and stuff that make this channel so fresh. Stop reading fandom and enjoy/dislike this movies/games/tv by yourself. Unsuscribed now.

  8. I've actually been enjoying this show except for when it gets anywhere near an action sequence. Until episode 7 where it was actually somewhat well done. The others felt really poorly directed.

  9. I think you’re videos are really good and you’re opinions are always reasonable. You leave room for discussion too. I’m also glad you do a wide array of content. I can see things I may not have been interested in.

  10. eh the show sucks if people like that garbage good for them but i can care less if it gets cancelled anyway

  11. The show is not popular anywhere at all. Google Trends suggest that Halo as a franchise dipped even lower. The amount of Copium they put into this… lol

  12. Fake news. They need to the numbers and retention of viewers. Bc nobody is talking about it anywhere lmao.

  13. Obviously they’re exemptions but for the most part when a fan is frustrated at something about a franchise it’s because they care not because they’re hatful.

  14. I get that people foreign to Halo enjoy this. But still…this is an average Sci-Fo story, this can't be "such a hit".

  15. I think you're views have been really middle-of-the-road. You're way kinder to Paramount than I've been.

  16. The show is trash. The campaign is good multi-player sucks

  17. "Irrelevant." – Halsey, Halo Reach.

    Sidenote: Is it me or have more Halo content creators been apologizing to 343 lately? I'm curious to know. I noticed it first with Installation 00, LNG, The Domain and now Eck. I don't understand y folks are apologizing to a giant corporation for THEIR own incompetence? Especially when considering all these channels started this trend recently. Within a week or 2. 🤔 Coincidence? Pretty sus if u ask me.

  18. Do be fair if halo tv series fail there will be no future shows or film for a really long time about halo

  19. They f-up ST with a crappy show. They f-up LOTR with a crappy show. They f-up Halo with a crappy show. See the trend ?

  20. Next thing you know Japan will make it own + network call Japan+ Showing live action
    Dragon ball to z
    One Piece
    Devil Man
    And Goblin Slayer
    Just saying Because thanks to Disney+ Mandalorian now they made this.
    2 years later
    It happen
    A tost to my big mouth😁

  21. a big hit in broadcast is lots of people watching so you can charge more for ads, a big hit in streaming is a show that can attract more subscribers, are the Paramount+ subscriber number available and did they go up right before/during the streaming of Halo

  22. Lol, forgot about this "show" until you reminded me it existed…back to some real Halo.

  23. you're all good, justin. unfortunately, the show is not

  24. I haven't talk to anyone who likes it . No War, and Who cares about the resistance ? The Chief should keep his helmet on .

  25. Game Pass comes with a 30 day free trial which is also boost those numbers.

  26. Please don’t let this be the justification for the ruining of more fandoms. The show is bad, it needs to die and serve as an example that shunning the loyal fans of a franchise is terrible and needs to stop being a trend

  27. Maybe season 2 can be good, but this is honestly so far from what I expected that this shocks me.

    But for the few small scenes it’s been great

  28. "The massive success" Literally encompassed one episode of the released series, since the cut off for the report was March 31st. So Paramount is lying with statistics straight up.

  29. Been watching your videos for years now, and I appreciate the honest opinions and analysis you give. I think people criticizing you for being overly negative aren't listening very well because you seem to offer a lot in both praise and criticism of various media. Rather than taking issue with criticism as criticism, it would be more constructive for people to push back against specific criticisms of media you offer where they think there may be more to the issue than you're seeing. When you do offer criticism you seem to generally have well thought out reasons for it, so if someone isn't willing to engage those reasons and just want to complain that it's negative, that doesn't sound worth engaging with to me. Just my two cents.

  30. The only “massive hit” should be a 2000lb “bunker buster” they should drop on this steaming pile of poo!

  31. halo infinite had very high numbers upon release, curiosity can attract alot of people. but look at how the games doing now.

  32. The halo show is a massive hit”…….maybe with the 6 and under crowd

  33. Assuming that this show is actually a success (a big assumption, but let's roll with it), I would argue that that carries its own danger: that the producers will take the wrong lessons from it and continue to make Halo shows that "aren't for" fans of the setting. After all, if the show is a "massive hit" without you in the audience, what incentive do they have to change things and bring you back?

    For my part, for every one person who likes the show, I've seen five or ten who don't like it, so I'm not convinced Paramount isn't just manipulating the numbers, but that's just me.

  34. I would say that I don’t understand how someone who’s never heard of Halo or seen anything Halo related would watch the Paramount show and be entertained or continue watching. The show itself does almost zero explaining on lore and just expects it’s viewer to already know a lot about Halo even though so much of it is changed.

    I would be shocked if it is doing well with average viewers. I think the show is being carried by 2 groups of people. Halo fans that are accepting it as it is and being casual and still hopeful about where it may go(and yes they are willing to accept mediocrity if only for now).

    And the second group are hardcore Halo fans that played the Halo Games(which is the main canon the books come after the games) and have read either some or if you are die hard all of the books. And this group hates the show with a passion and subscribed so they could see the first or second episode and stopped watching.

    So paramount gets to say they pulled in a bunch of subscribers but then what? If nothing improves in the mediocrity continues with season 2 even the causal forgiving Halo fans will drop it and the everyday folks who never heard of Halo before this might not even tune in for season 2 with how bad season 1 has been so far.

    The Halo show has set itself up for likely failure. It feels like sabotage. It has enough “Halo” stuff in it for fans to watch but that Halo stuff is told in such a bad way with bad writing that it’s not increasing the Halo fan base. That’s what this show was supposed to do. Increase the fan base. Not leave them bored and confused.

  35. I think it sucks very much, I am only continuing to watch because I love the halo series. I believe that there are many people like me watching just to see what happens and if the hero I remember actually still shows up on the screen. Maybe this season does good but second season will not, plus there is/was free paramount on xbox game pass.

  36. Plot twist: a bunch of halo fans subscribed to watch the show so they could meme on it and grab clips from it to meme on it, as soon as the season ends half the new subscriptions get cancelled

  37. flat out just flat out.

    Infinite and the show sucks compared to what USED to be. not 4 not 5 but HALO CE, 2, 3, ODST and REACH. they are trying to hard nowadays to be as good as it used to be but it isn't working. thats my opinion. I'm sure there's people out there that like it but… but.. "master chief" ISNT the REAL Master Chief. they made him this moody guy who isn't the Spartan we know. Now I'm not saying the actor isn't good but it's not Master Chief. the Sangheili are dumb. They aren't the sleek, fast, intelligent, respectful warriors we know them as. Like Thel Vadam and Rta's Vadum (the Arbiter and the ship commander in halo 2 and 3 with the white armor who the Arbiter becomes friends with). At one point an Elite couldn't even walk through a door way. they should have stuck with what it USED to be. it's being picked apart just like they did to the star wars series. soon we the fans will have nothing but a sell out over commercialized try hard series with nothing to look forward to except for playing the original games over again…. and the nostalgia

  38. I'm shocked how it seems the average Halo fan only wants the franchise to fail.

  39. day 4 of asking, Csaplar-class chiss dreadnaught vs a mon cal mc80 or ISD

  40. Me. If am following something and all I hear is people's being negative towards it. I just don't watch the content no more, even when I see your thumbnail that say positively. I just don't bother. So a lot of people who probably follow you and realize you've been very negative about halo infinite, they just don't bother clicking on the video.

  41. That was a typo they meant to say massive shit.

  42. I've been saying the same thing about the show. It needs to succeed but imagine if they stuck with something that was canon. It would have been a blockbuster

  43. this show will end as paramount's version of batwoman

  44. It's a hit for paramount. As soon as season 1 ends, they will go right back to where they were.

  45. Its better then Star Trek Discovery and Picard. Its not perfect but its watchable so I am glad it got a second season

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