The HALO Show is VERY BAD (and here's why) -

The HALO Show is VERY BAD (and here’s why)

Elvis The Alien
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  1. Master Chief Finds The G Spot – the 9 hour documentary

  2. The reason you liked the whole replacing the spartan children with flash clones is because that's an actual piece of halo lore that Halsey actually did and not something made up for the show, at least they got something right

  3. I actually decided to finish the halo tv show and its literally like the fallout 4 story line they go talk to one person who tells them to go to another place and talk to a different person were they fight a few people and then go to another place to do the same thing all over again

  4. Crazy how they could’ve just copied the books which would’ve been easier and the show would be so much better

  5. Remember when you publicly defended shadman when people found out he was a pedophile

  6. This reminds of the doom movie from 2007

  7. Capital of Mexico is called city of Mexico but my family just call it Mexico so…

  8. Oh man I thought Cortana took over his body after he died and now it's just a rotting corpse inside a suit of armor, people won't realize till there's a smell.

  9. It baffles me so that they would change the purpose of cortana. Like here main purpose for the games was to basically explain what the covenant was doin and what the forerunner tech was. Like why would they switch that out with some convoluted prisoner schemes? Not only that like Cortanas purpose being to control chief?! WHAT?! Im so glad i didnt watch this.

  10. If you want a reel life counterpart to those bad city names Indianapolis (capitol of Indiana) is pretty close

  11. Wh… Why does Halsey have a British accent??

  12. do a video about the fast and furious movies

  13. A review for the new predator movie PREY would be so cool

  14. Man, why? Why couldn't they have just made movies about the books?

  15. I hope the people behind this dumpster fire feel deep, deep shame for their hand in this

  16. I will say, in the books Halsey pretty much does immediately point out John is the main character and the "chosen one", she tests this by flipping a coin one single time and just deciding he has luck beyond most people. You know, in a literal 50/50. This is literally the canon explanation for him casually finding power weapons lying around and dodging guaranteed death. It's really fucking stupid, but in a comical superhero way instead of a painfully incompetent way.

  17. He's not the Master Chief, nor John, nor 117.
    He is the Master Cheek. Please Correct.

  18. one movie I would like to see you react to is "Soul Reaper" (2019)
    its a horror movie that's… kinda really bad. but also SO MUCH fun to watch. its the only movie ever that I voluntarily saw several times in a single week

  19. Great ad read, Elvis 👍 my eyes were glued to the screen. Couldn’t look away. Please help, it’s starting to hurt really bad now.

  20. I mean. I've never played Halo, I don't know anything about the lore, and I've picked up through just existing on the internet that Master Chief is a badass. I really like Pablo Schreiber from American Gods and at 6'5" he does seem like a damn good choice for someone to fill out a battle suit.

    All that being said, I think even clueless me would have been able to work out that a sex scene involving Master Chief might be weird.

  21. Red vs blue is a better halo show than this crap could ever hope to be

  22. I love how most of this show looks like an okay at best fan film

  23. I think the space mushroom is supposed to look like a brain to symbolize the residence of the mastermind of the Covenant, but it looks too smooth to represent the headquarters of the greatest minds of their organization.🤣🤣

    I also have to say that whenever I hear the word "Spartan", I immediately cringe so hard my face collapses in on itself and forms a very short-lived black hole. The reason is because I am reminded of my time as a conservative and being surrounded by a bunch of dudebros, over-the-hill white dudes, and Elliot Rodger wannabes that unironically romanticize Spartans (the Greek warriors) while being blissfully unaware of a couple of facts: A.) There were more than 300 Spartan soldiers at Thermopylae Pass, and B.) the Spartans had a sort of rite of passage for young warriors to get involved romantically with an older politician (who is also male). What's hilarious about the whole damn thing is how quickly "Molon Labe" stickers and anything else involving Spartans disappeared because they're totally not gay, bro (even though pederasts don't always prefer boys).🤣🤣 Yep, it's all "glory to the empire" until the revelation of pederasty among politicians comes to light, bearing the implication that anyone who worships Spartans are secretly pedophiles. Gotta stay in lockstep with the rest of QAnon.

  24. I don't get it how can giant companies with infinite money hire the most incompetent and stupid people for the job. Every single time with every franchise, and at almost every company these days. This is truly unbelievable

  25. Check out 1999's Komodo, by the people who gave us Jurassic Park.

  26. It was horrible.I lasted 3 episodes until i switched it off. Basiclly they showed that military is bad, everythign happens because chosen one and coincidences, master chef is a machine until Kwan sets him free, Kwan is awesome and like you said Cortana is better then masterchef. It made me angry. Yes in the games (at least the early ones, stopped following later) the Spartan program was morally dubious, but it also created the super soldiers that were able to fight covenant. Halsey wasnt a psychopath scientict, she really cared about the Spartans.UNSC had bad sides but also there was this feeling of humanity united to fight the existentional threat. Also where is that army humour and comraderie that was so much part of the games? Nowhere because military is bad. I couldnt said it better then you, its not Halo,its bad sci fi covered in halo skin.

  27. I was also hoping that we would get soemthing like Forward onto Dawn , which I really liked. The disapointement was crushing.

  28. yuck another 'gaid shit thy pants' advertiser… stop it…

  29. Hate to break it to you, but the origins of the Spartans that you liked was taken word for word from the books, specifically "The fall of Reach".

  30. They should make a spin-off called everybody hates Kwon.

  31. Remember when this channel used to be about dissing other YouTubers?

  32. The Halo Show… More like The Hay No Shit

  33. Personally as a Big Halo fan and lore.. the Halo series isn't even lore accurate though..

  34. Agree to disagree, the show was entertaining.

  35. Elvis slowly transforming into Mac from always sunny.

  36. It really isn't bad, got me into Halo & I hate the shite, the games are atrocious the show is better

  37. I have a sinking feeling that a majority of the shows writers were women. And that they have an “agenda” to show that heroic stoicism is not cool anymore and a softer and in touch with your feelings soldier is what is cool.

  38. Just goes to show Hollywood and the Media complex will literally pimp out any beloved franchise , they don't care about the story or existing lore that could be used to actually make the show worthwhile . Instead they'll flaunt that they spent 10 million and episode ( and it still looks fucking cheap ) . Halo had good stories from the games and well established lore to pull from in the case of novels and comics, and they decided like Lucas Film did with the EU that all of this was " not in line with their story telling goals " and delivered instead a plate of horse shit.

  39. Every time I think of this show I think of the Snark Tank episode where Chris said "He's not even John Halo, he's Jimmy Rings."

  40. If it was made well it would feature Blow Me Away Breaking Benjamin

  41. look, I'm not even 20 minutes in yet, and I know it's been 15 years or so since Halo CE and all the Novels. But even with that relatively limited scope of information and exposure, this is not Halo… Even in the official novels this isn't John. Sure maybe they wanted to make something more self-contained for the TV show. But you can do that without creating a titanic chasm of disconnect between the games and your own world.

    I have avoided watching the show, even though one of my dearest friends seems like it (also a Halo fan). But this is convincing me that I was right, yeah sure that totally IS a copout, and I'm one of those people who believes in the idea that; if your GAME has a story to tell then you should tell within the GAME and your comics and shows and even novels can fuck off and die, but it really would have been great to see something good come out of this.

    Sonic 1 & 2 (the games) had practically no story whatsoever and still managed to be more faithful than this (in the movies).

  42. They make them less effective by numbing their instincts. What they did was create a super weapon without the never necessary instinct that would have kept them alive. They created a weapon with a permanent battle tunnel vision, They would die.

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