The Halo Show Reviews are out... and a final trailer -

The Halo Show Reviews are out… and a final trailer

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The Halo TV show has seen it’s first public reviews, alongside a new final trailer. I’ll give my thoughts today!

Halo TV show final trailer:
IGN Halo Review:
JoBlo Halo Review:

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  1. There’s like 2 white people collectively in the entire show lmao

  2. your friendly neighborhood attack chopper says:

    I was hoping more "edge of tomorrow" but in 2552

  3. Honestly that first view where the shuttle flies in? That looks like the old opening to a slipspace portal, like the one that was under Voi in 3

  4. Hopefully it won't be as bad as Rings of Power.

  5. Here's something I wonder: If they're adapting a pre-existing story, how can there be any "surprising twists?"

  6. Confirming S2 before a single episode has dropped for the public is pretty much all the confirmation I need that this show will be mediocre at best, unfortunately.

  7. I got to see the first 2 episodes at SXSW in Austin TX and frankly I loved it. It was much better than I was expecting it to be. As a halo fan of 20 years they got a lot of little things right. Clearly establishing that this is a different timeline was the smart move as it allows them creative freedom to diverge from the source material where it needs to for the sake of a live action series that's meant for general audiences. That said (without getting too much into spoilers) the sound queues, the damage models, and the overall narrative "felt very halo". Not to mention the ACTION was SUPERB. The CGI was actually REALLY good. Like better than some of the stuff Book of Boba and Mandalorian has been putting out in some instances.


    The show is….a lot more violent that ANYONE expected. There's some very "Holy SH*T!!!"-level gore. The elites are huge hulking monsters who can rip off car doors and shrug off small arms fire like it's nothing. Their armour is a bit more streamlined than in the games but they make up for it with REALLY good CGI. The spartan's acting is spot-on. The main actor Pablo Schreiber nails Chief's persona (Clearly a hyper-focused killing machine but one that's not absolutely devoid of humanity or personality). They don't do any cringy grim-dark over-acting. They are by the books special ops getting a job done and moving onto the next task and piles of bodies and pools of blood do not phase them. YES Chief does remove his helmet in ep. 2 but they do it in a way that makes sense narratively and symbolically. Halsey and Miranda and Jacob Keys are clearly going to play a larger role and their ranks and roles butt heads as they straddle the line between the grim necessities of war and upholding some semblance of humane doctrine. Halsey seems chaotic neutral whereas Captain Keys seems to be lawful neutral and Miranda wrestles between the two trying to retain some semblance of humane doctrine through the grim necessities of war.

  8. Yo Eck, if you want to keep source audio from a trailer or whatever made by someone else without getting copyright slapped, you could put a pitching plugin on the channel for that in whatever DAW &/or video editor you're using, drop or bump the pitch by 10 cents (or so), & that might do the trick in slipping by copyright buzzards undetected. I've seen Music Tubers do this regarding other ppl's music anyway.

  9. I get the feeling that 'social media blowing up' will be less the excitement of say 'holy s*** Luke wrecking dark troopers' and more raging firestorm. Also with what I'm seeing in this trailer and 'West Side Story' – I think we officially just need to keep Spielberg away from adaptations of existing stories or media because as much as I love some of his work – either he's lost his touch with age, or he's better at kinda doing his own thing at this point or just maybe things that are more obscure.

    I want to get in to this, I want to like this – I've seen fan films that look better than some of this, and that would still fit better in the existing timeline. Everything I see in these trailers, reads to me the same as the 'Solo' movie, which is the same category as 'The Mario Brothers movie' – 'we have this great idea for a sci-fi series that's set in the future and all; great, were going to call it Halo and add elements of that to it so people hopefully watch it'.

  10. The shot of the prophet is what bothers me. Who green lit that

  11. Eck is inhaling ridiculous amounts of copium

  12. my only issue with the show is that since its not cannon how is this show gonna be used to attract people in the games when characters and events in the show arent going to be acknowledged. Not to mention it doesnt seem to actually use halo lore to its advantage

  13. TLDR: A faithless mostly cheap knockoff SCI-FI Show using Halo's IP. All the Cgi stuff looks great though. Better than the first trailer, still not gonna be a good show imo.

    I found it interesting in the comments section for this trailer, the insane amount of praise coming in. It almost feels like a PR thing to overcompensate for the overwhelming negativity from the last trailer that resulted in the comments being shut off. It feels like it's PR because it's all so formulaic. Over a hundred comments read as: "Something I like about/in the trailer" followed by "I'm cautiously optimistic." And a lot of comments that said "This is much better than the first trailer." or "Finally the Halo theme." and nothing more. And we all know the use of the Halo theme was a cop-out, an intentional placement of fan nostalgia bait. There were multiple users commenting back and forth about how it felt very PR Bot-like as well, especially since the commenters wouldn't reply. So that feels fishy, on top of all the other fishy things going on like greenlighting a second season before the first season even has it's time to preform (either Well or Poorly), and switching showrunners between seasons. That's not a norm for tv, the showrunner is essentially the backbone for the show, and the person who lays the groundwork and roadmap going forward. If you're replacing that backbone for another one, then it seems like you weren't confident with the last person in charge, and therefore not confident in the overall story either. It's the same issue the Star Wars sequels had. There was no roadmap or overall plan, and each film feels disjointed and almost purposeless. It really feels like Paramount has no faith in the Halo IP.

    Talking about the story of the show itself, yes it isn't canon. Yes, it is in it's own timeline, and will tell a totally different story using the same or similar characters, conflicts, and possibly locations. But that also begs into question why it had to be done this way at all. It feels like there's a lack of faith in Halo, like it can't stand up on it's own two feet or something. And instead of creating a whole new universe, why not tell stories that haven't been told yet? Why not show the Master Chief in all the blank spots in the canon, where stories haven't been crafted (yet). Or tell one of the stories from the many, many books? On top of the lack of faith feeling, it feels like semi-lazy writing. Like it's too much work to make a story that can actually fit in the Halo Universe, so let's just make a "Fan-Film" of the IP. It's like someone with little to no knowledge of Halo read an article about it and was like "I know enough about Halo now to make a show." And then make a boring, typical hollywood science fiction show, with bland characters who only borrow the names of preexisting one's, nothing more. A cop-out copy paste HUMAN ANTAGONIST in a war with ALIENS, mostly bland presentation, talentless performances, and a show that looks like it will preform so poorly that it could ruin the perception of the greater franchise as a whole for thousands of newcomers.

    I don't like this show already, for those reasons and more. It feels so detached, and alienating. Kiki Wolf can say "We respect the feelings of the fans, and want to honor those." all they want and then turn around and NOT do that by making something so extremely disassociated with the brand. It feels like a personal burn almost, like a slap in the face. This brand feels like it's losing it's identity. It has been since 343 took over, and now even more so. Don't get me wrong, I loved Halo 4's story, and liked what Halo 5 attempted to do and where it was going, and I'm slowly accepting Halo: Infinite's story. But for a brand which is already struggling so hard to retain it's identity, and not fall flat, this show feels like a kick in the head. Not to mention that with all of it's differences, and divulging from the path of OG Halo, Halo itself won't have much of an identity anymore anyway. It's no longer just one thing, now it's multiple. Whereas we had this massive transmedia franchise that encompassed the games, books, mini-shows & movies, toys, expanded materials from loot crate, etc. and always followed the same universe, only continuing to add to it. Now we have a totally different universe that crisscrosses the whole thing, and turns Halo into something else.

    I know I sound like a buzzdrianing gatekeeper or something, but I liked that Halo had a single direct focus and story to tell. This show really does feel alienating for someone like me who is a lore fiend, because it throws off the entire balance, and creates issues with the ability to say "Halo is THIS" because now it's so much else. I don't know who this show is for, casual audiences maybe, but definitely not for me or any of my other diehard Halo friends. That alienation goes beyond the fans as well, because now you'll have causal audience members who don't know a thing about Halo aside from knowing the big green armored guy is Halo Guy, thinking that this show IS Halo, the OG Halo, the "real" Halo, when it isn't. The two aren't even related. Making it hard to form a good and healthy relationship with these new Halo fans because we'll all have such different understandings about what Halo is.

    I for one will say, this trailer does look a lot better than the first one, that's obvious. There's much about it that feels cheap though, like a Sci-Fi original. Specifically the cinematography and performances. It feels very weak, or overdone. There's a lack of genuine care, talent and investment from it all. Instead of feeling cinematic and emotional, it feels too try hard, and early morning drama. Viewing the characters is almost painful because of how bland the presentation is. Like the tilting medium close-up of Keyes as he looks up scowling is just cringeworthy overacting stereotypical tv. Everything from the way the shot is lit and framed, to the actors themselves not feeling like they belong in the space (aside from the obvious single shots that are purposefully meant to look good for the trailers). The score so far is impact-less, and feels very much like a temp-score or formula build from your typical Marvel movie. Some of the action feels awkward and stilted, like they know they can't make it look good when the actors are in the bulky armor, but they need to showcase the armor so we the audience know it's real. I still know that chain-turret Chief is wielding is fake and light as all get out. There's not even the slightest bit of recoil like there is in the games. And just on poor visuals, why are the bottoms of his feet perfectly flat??? NO soldier, super or other, will be able to do HALF of what Chief does with flat soles. Traction is a necessity. So there's even more immersion breaking ruining my experience.

    On a positive note however, and here is where I will levy A LOT of praise because FINALLY after all these years, we have been given some spectacular Halo visuals in live-action (whether they're real or all cgi, who cares it's being presented as live-action). Starting with that first shot after the opening tease, that Covy Cruiser looks INSANE! The Rubble looks great, that room the two characters are in looks stunning, that flying shot of a base in the desert mountains still looks amazing. I will say this, this show has MASTERED the art of showcasing wide establishing shots of locations and simple actions (like flying/crashing Pelicans, or ship yards). The Spartans, all decked out in their armor and strutin' on through look great, like I really really wanna smile when I see that. Chief flying the Pelican, maneuvering and dodging like an ace is so lovely. And the Warthog shot, OH MY GOD THAT WARTHOG SHOT! HOLY COW!!! Oh god, now THAT is some good Halo action BABY! And Chief charging the dropship, or the dutch angle attached the Hog as a Banshee flies by, Jiminy Christmas, gimme more. And the Prophet, bless that Prophet in all his hideous glory. Like a Blurr cinematic. And yes, though I complained about the soles of his feet, that areal jump is pretty cool. For the kind of budget a TV show gets these days, especially mid-"pandemonium", the CGI is great. But at the end of the day, it just goes to show that Paramount (or literally any other production company in the 2020's) can create amazing and realized locations and set pieces in a computer, but cannot make a compelling and cinematic moment that takes place in a real space with real people.

  14. I will forever stand by this. This show should have been about Marines, ODST or just civilians who then becaome marines. The show being Generation Kill style. Focusing on them and how hard it is to fight the covenant. Or ODSTs if they really wanted the romp about the galaxy approach. Keep Spartans secretive and lengdary like they were.

    Or you know….stay close to Canon. Not give a human to the Covenant that spits in the face of their entire ideals.

    I'm willing to give this show a shot though, but I'm not gonna hold my breath. Just hope that CGI isnt too terrible. As I always wanted a live action film back in the day.

  15. Why not have a Japanese anime studio make a halo series. Like they did for Star Wars.

  16. I hate to be negative but some of that cgi is crap. I'm also not really feeling like this is going to be any good. Just based of the two trailers. That being said, the Wheel of Time show killed my excitement for anything new in movies and TV. Maybe I'll give it a go after the full season has been released and it gets mediocre or good reviews.

  17. Yea I’m pretty sure that asteroid base is meant to be the Rubble, an Insurrectionist ad hoc orbital asteroid base around the gas giant Hesiod from the novel Halo: the Cole Protocol. Which means that the desert planet is probably Madrigal, as both those planets were in the same system and one of the first human systems to fall to the Covenant after Harvest. Great job as always with the commentary.

  18. I just hope that the Flood make a debut in season 2. That’s my biggest hope.

    I also want to see lots of covenant action in this show. The spirit dropship being included is such a nice surprise.

  19. They could’ve just made the show about marines planet hopping to escape the covenant🤦🏽‍♂️

  20. Maybe instead of spouting off after one trailer, you should have waited to actually see the show.🙄

  21. Who wants to bet that the "big twist" their talking about, is the death of master cheif, or something like it. I'm expecting anything like it at this point, keeping my expectations low, with previous properties getting…. well you know.

  22. I love that I have no background knowledge about halo as a PlayStation owner but I get the chance to see Halo in a tv show.

  23. As long as it’s not bad It’s fine I don’t mind average, I mean hell I kinda like the book of boba fett

  24. 343 has this weird fixation on live action stuff, and it just isn't working.

  25. I've seen mostly positive reviews, a couple negative, some middling. I'm mostly encouraged I think but we'll see

  26. Meh still. That human defector really bothers me, /cell IT BOTHERS ME A LOT.

    The cast flips bother me as well… I guess getting actors from the games wasn't feasible or the like… At the moment I don't like Halsey's character design, and worse still that female admiral from the trailer(s) so far.

  27. That’s fine, I won’t watch their stupid fucking trailers, if they’re going to copyright everything independent creators make then I can invest in something better than their lame ass streaming service. Censorship disgusts me now.

  28. So nothing against the actor, I’m sure he’ll do great as master chief, the biggest problem I had was that they changed the voice of master chief, like the accent, everything about his voice is different, I know that’s something that ain’t too big of a deal to the story but it’s something that’s just a glaring difference, in every other adaptation of popular media they’ve always tried to keep the voice the same, here they said “naw I’m not doing that” so it looses some of its emersion that it would have otherwise, if it were a new spartan then they could take those liberties, but it doesn’t even seem like they tried to make his voice sound the same… just my biggest criticism, I’ll still watch it but it makes me less excited for the show

  29. Paramount plus…figures. yet another show that will never be watched

  30. so depressing seeing my favorite franchise of all time get absolutely shit on by people who have no clue what halo is about and just wanna push woke agenda

  31. What will make it mediocre is departing from the established halo themes. Humanity of the brink of destruction, a brutal military hegemony – and always always ONI pulling the strings. What Halo did so well is the scope and scale of galactic conflict – Spartans being brutally efficient – but still only small numbers. I think in dramatizing the show, you're going to lose a lot of that – and it's going to be a lot more of main characters having non-sensical amounts of impact on the universe frankly due to lazy writing.

  32. Yeah. This show cost two mandolorian seasons. That’s how expensive halo is as a show.

  33. I feel like that "plot twist" for episode 2 is either not gonna be much of a plot twist or really lame. But who knows, I'll wait & see

  34. Halo got sold to paramount? Why should I expect them not to ruin it considering what they did to star trek

  35. We’ll have to see.
    I’m not gonna get a subscription for it tho

  36. Kiki wolfkill and frank O'Connor surprised these two have not been fired from Microsoft let alone halo. Their "creative" endeavours with halo have contributed to it's decline amongst the main fanbase of halo. Thankfully infinte is setting the franchise on sturdy ground. This show is nothing new from their creative hellscape. The artstyle is just a trap to lure fans in thesr people are going for the biggest net they can cast and we halo fans ain't the fresh catch.

  37. They're doing the same thing they did with halo infinite, they're making it for the non halo fans.

  38. I still don't understand why they couldn't create a show like how the halo2 anniversary cutscenes were made. That would be awesome.

  39. That Prophet does look legit
    I'm so down for this show so long as the acting and writing doesn't suck balls
    I've always been a fan of Elseworlds stories in comics or What Ifs in Dragonball games so doing the war totally different works
    Sure sure people having issue with a human working with the Covenant because in the original they were all xenocidal
    Thing is Regret and Truth had schemes a single step away from this, like Truth was literally arming and supplying the Rubble (what I think the secret Asteroid Belt smuggler/rebel colony from Cole Protocol was called) in order to eventually get his hands on navdata for all settled human worlds so they could end the war way sooner and that's honestly not that much different from propping up a propoganda cultist type deal to trick humans into willingly dying (or whatever the deal is). Like yeah its more public as opposed to the private nature of the arming scheme but the only reason it was total xenocide was because Truth and Regret decided it in the first place, not that big a change in the grand scheme of wild imaginings.

  40. Overall, I think the trailer looks better than the previous ones. That said, I don't feel terribly compelled to watch this.

  41. i think the dinsinsay starwars tec they use on manderloin and boba fett show how bed the the old tec is

  42. I just watched the trailer… and love the ships, the plasma swords, and everything inorganic… I also love the flood as it looks like the thing from the Carion game. What I didn't like was everything organic (other than the flood) 😅 With the Convenent I wish they gave them head gear (masks) as that way they could have conserved budget and made it amaze balls in a big reveal… And the prophets? It has been a while since I played halo, so a bit sketchy on who is who, but again, they could have possibly saved the reveal and run it past some test audiences as the Convenent seem… iffy, which is unfortunate. Also, when you paused on Master chief, his leg seemed to disappear, which cracked me up.

    I think it is going to take a while for me to get used to the voices and possibly cortana visuals. But it looks decent. 👍 I will be looking forward to any content you make on this. Keep up the amazing work.

  43. If you accept and understand that this series is following the silver timeline, then you're already in the right mindset. Knowing that, IMPO, It looks effing awesome and I can't wait.

  44. Did Eck ever review Forward Unto Dawn? I'd be interested to contrast the coverage of the two.

  45. I'm curious about the grunts though… will they be cartoonish and comedic? Also, will the flood make an appearance at some point?

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