The Halo Showtime TV Series Looks INSANE (and also bad)? -

The Halo Showtime TV Series Looks INSANE (and also bad)?

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I can feel E3 coursing through my veins! Half a dozen images for the Halo Showtime TV Series got leaked ahead of E3 and I’m here to lay down some discussions (and disappointments) on the direction this series seems to be heading!

What are you hopes and expectations for the Halo Showtime show? I can’t wait for the full trailer release at E3 2021!

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  1. If there's not a demo after the showcase, I'm not getting infinite.

  2. Wouldn't be able to play tomorrow I have a soccer game a baptism and plus my Xbox multiplayer for Halo makes me cost any money to buy the ultimate pass to play

  3. Gonna start at 10am and 1pm for halo infinite E3

  4. I feel like a non-cannon Halo TV series isn't a bad idea. You see, Simon is trying to make the series fit into existing lore, but if the show is non-cannon, then it doesn't have to fit into existing lore. I'm pretty sure that Captain Keyes is in the show, and if this takes place sometime after Halo CE, then it wouldn't really make sense, because I think this show will take place after Halo 3 (just my assumtions, might be false). And if it takes place after Halo 3, then how could the Master Chief and Cortana be there? How about Miranda? She dies in Halo 3, so how would it make sense to have her in the show if it was cannon? And, since the show won't be cannon, then the people making the show can do basically whatever they want with it, because they aren't restricted to the games and books, which as we know, cover a decent amount of the timeline, making it hard to fit this show into existing lore without breaking up the timeline (looking at you, Fall of Reach and Halo: Reach), or overlapping and showing us stuff we already know about.

  5. Great video! Personally, I think if they were to make a canon TV show that would be cool, but based on some of the leaks and rumors I've heard about this show, there are some things that wouldn't make sense in the context of the existing Halo lore. One example of such a rumor is that there's a human character affiliated with the Covenant. If true, that would break what we know of the Covenant's beliefs in the games, so I'm glad they've decided to just make it non canon rather than trying to retcon the main Halo lore to match up with the TV show. Either way though, all the leaked screenshots look great and I'm excited to see where this show goes!

  6. Youre like the only person to even discuss these screenshots. I thought HiddenXperia or HaloFollower would do it by now but nah they sleeping on it i guess 😂

  7. Any elite fans? Imagine how bad ass they will look

  8. sorens number is 666 i knew he was a bad boy

  9. It not being cannon gives them more freedom to do what they want, as well as there being casting controversy that you might have missed from awhile ago

  10. That it is 'not cannon' is a big red flag. The disrespect to lore and cannon has been the downfall of countless other franchises in recent history. I hope I'm wrong as i have to admit these leaks look amazing. I guess we will see.

  11. I'd like to address some of this non-canon stuff:

    1. First of all, making it non-canon it's not a bad idea in and on itself, because it'd let you build new stories without too many constraints. Try and invent an Halo story, maybe a mission of John and the Blue Team against a Covenant facility: when and where does that happen? If you stick to canon, you'll have to depict a story that has already been told, or you'll have to find a short window of time in which the Blue Team doesn't have a mission, and make that mission unimportant enough in order not to change the overall plot too much. It's too constraining. With non-canon you can build a compelling story that has high stakes without modifying the overall plot, it's just the perfect choice for a TV show.

    2) There have been amazing non-canon Halo adaptations in the past. Think about Halo Legends, they were given the freedom to tell their own stories, and some episodes of that series are really memorable, like "The Babysitter" or "The Prototype", which would have been impossible without clashing against canon.

    3) Changing the race of a character like Keyes is really not a big deal. Keyes is widely recognised for being white, but there is no line of dialogue of his that wouldn't work if he changed ethnicity, unlike Sergeant Johnson. Changing ethnicities in general in a sci-fi series really doesn't have an impact. Now, do I think it's always a good idea to change the ethnicity of a character? Not necessarily, but in this istance I think it's okay to do it if you want to.

    4) I see a lot of worried people talk about the Covenant girl. The Covenant contains a wide array of species and kinds of people. There are Covenant characters who are very orthodox (like Regret) and characters who are generally not as invested in the religious aspects of the Covenant alliance, (like Rtas). Millions of aliens serve in the Covenant navy and army, and during the chaos of an invasion it's not completely impossible that a group of Grunts could find a human girl and raise her as their own, just because. Grunts are sometimes shown to be "forced" into fighting and hating humans rather than having an active role (like the Prophets).

  12. I wrote this thing about the Covenant girl in another comment but I want to put it on the forefront because I don't think this theory has been presented before:


    The people who understand the lore know that the Prophets know that Humans are the heirs of the Forerunners. So it's pretty understandable that the Prophets would want to keep some humans for themselves in order to activate Forerunner facilities and to study them to understand their secrets. Wiping out the human race completely would keep the Covenant from activating or accessing some forerunner installations. Covenants have captured humans in the past, like Captain Keyes, or Johnson and Miranda, or Dr. Anders.

    These theory also explains why there were so many marines in the prison cells of High Charity.

  13. I wished the TV show would've been shadows of reach for people who dislike books, because that was a great story.

  14. I personally don’t mind that the show is not canon. To me it means they can whatever story they want without having to have the constraints of the set lore. I would’ve wanted the show to be a live action adaptation of some of the books, but I’m fine with it so far.

  15. It won’t be on showtime. It will be on paramount+. This has been confirmed for some time now.

  16. It's not very ridiculous if you notice it's purposely messing with the lore. The two biggest shows of our time Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead went into serious decline once they began deviating from the original material. I don't mean declining in viewership. I mean ratings, fanbase, opinions, marketing, and literally everything else. It'll draw in people who aren't entirely fans of Halo but it'll simultaneously drive existing ones away or cause a divide where the TV show fans aren't okay with the already established lore getting in the way of their TV show's lore. I've watched it happen before and it could hurt the franchise….

  17. If it fits the lore and story I say it's cannon. As long as the pre existing stuff isn't contradicted it should be cannon.
    Also Halo night fall felt very halo to me and showed the lekgolo in a new light which I'd like to see in games

  18. The green forerunner place looks like a flood containment facility

  19. I am honestly not sure about this show right now. I think it looks really good, but Im not sure about how I feel about some of the designs. Great video and I cant wait to see more halo!

  20. The show will take place before the events of Halo Combat Evolved which is set in 2552. The Human – Covenant War began in 2525 and ended in 2553 in Halo 3. So the show will take place somewhere between the 2530s – 2540s. I agree about making the TV Show non-canon is stupid. That is like bringing a so called multiverse thing to the franchise, the kind that has been flooding the Sonic series since 2010. The stupid and pointless multiverse thing is one of many things that are ruining the Sonic games and media since 2010.

  21. non canon?? WHY?
    also, it'll be pretty hard to make a story between halo 1,2,3 and 4 that includes master chief, chek the story timeline and the lore and you will know that, this is the reason the only canonical live action was place years before "forward unto dawn"

  22. expensive? i thouht it is gonna be free to play?

  23. Those leaks of the rock clusters from the show, Could those cluster of rocks be something similar to the star roads that the primordial/precursors made? In the forerunner trilogy silentium there was something described that fit this description when the life shaper was on an ancient world with ancient forerunner ancestors who were without technology and there were thousands of ships abandoned in this system.

    Anyone know what I'm talking about???

  24. soren isnt new, his character is actually really interesting in the books and main canon. so im kinda interested in if theyll use his story line for an episode or 2. i dont wanna spoil anything but if your curious you guys should look into him, i think it could work in the show if done right.

  25. My problem with this show is that if it makes people want to actually get into halo and it’s canon lore, many people will be upset when they learn that certain characters look different and that the covenant isn’t willing at all to cooperate with humans.

  26. that's definitely the rebel asteroid hideout mega base [Rubble]. Far behind enemy convenient lines… possibly getting into Grey Team?

  27. They just really need to commit by going all in on the cinematic universe of Halo if they want it to be successful. I don't want a crappy show that'll ruin the whole Halo name. The MCU did it perfectly by adapting comics and still being wonderfully good despite not being canon. Imagine Halo shows and movies reaching the mainstream audience like Marvel did… That sounds REALLY good.

  28. I feel like they’re going with what Paul WS Anderson did to Resident Evil. They’ll hit a lot of the main points and characters. Then go off towards something else.

  29. I just want the Arbiter being a bad ass. He’s my favorite character 100%

  30. That first image is clearly some sort of underground city

  31. I’m open to a cinematic universe sorta similar to the marvel cinematic universe or walking deads cinematic universe in regards to some things are different than what we’ve read in the lore. But I still need that grandiose religious music and some alternative rock remixes in there. The one thing that will kill this tv show is if it doesn't feel like halo. Everybody hated nightfall but I didn't think it was all that awful. Nightfall was killed because it didn't have the full halo package: just some aspects. Forward unto dawn was perfect in a lot of ways because even though we knew what was going to happen, we didn't expect the amount of tragedy that would happen. As well as really immersing us into not johns story but somebody who was affected by John. What would of really been the better choice is a story about an ODST and what it felt like on the battlefield during the human covenant war and hearing the stories of chief on the battlefield being told as though it was just a myth to inspire hope to the soldiers in the UNSC only to meet chief down the line when all hope was lost to win the day. Look at the direction they took with the pilot in the first halo infinite reveal trailer if you really want to understand the type of feeling I’m getting at. Let's all just cross our fingers.

  32. I’ve yet to watch the video and this is honestly the first I’m hearing of a halo TV show. If this is real and we are getting a halo TV show, I want it to be about the marines and their struggle against a more powerful and unrelenting enemy. Not about Spartans, or at least any Spartans we know.

  33. Having it be noncanon is a great Idea, therefore if people like it they can pretend its canon but if they do something the fans don't like than they can chill cuz its noncanon.

  34. Well at least the creators have a say in the creation of the series.

  35. Honestly. I don't understand how such a big franchise can be so royally fucked with for the most retarded and obvious problems. ITS EASY MONEY. Why do you feel the need to just change shit? Not only that, why waste your time? It will NOT be successful if it is anything less than perfect.

  36. Honestly, I don’t see this show as taking place in the mainline Halo universe. To me, this is an alternate universe, where Halsey, and Jacob and Miranda Keyes are African Americans, and Chief is Canadian (which just sounds funny) and they intend to show Chief’s face a lot.
    A member of the Covenant raising a human is weird, but I honestly am curious about how they are going to pull something like that off…however, considering the size of the covenant, I am still going to be skeptical of how an individual could do something like that without being found out.
    One thing though, if this show intends to be non-canon, I honestly see a major problem with their handling of the Flood.
    The Flood’s original introduction in Halo Combat Evolved is iconic, and so I hope that they are not going to force them into this show simply to include them…unless they possibly try and re-create their original introduction in the show. That, or they don’t have Chief encounter the Flood at all, and instead have someone encounter the Flood, or just don’t have the Flood in it at all…at least, at first. Let us soak in the Human-Covenant War, before we plunge into a storyline involving the parasite that crushed the Forerunners.

  37. I don't care if stuffs Cannon or not I get tired of people complaining about things being Canon when in reality who gives a s*** it's Halo it's a big wide open Universe full of all kind of things easily make up your own story now obviously we know they're going to stay true to the basic war against the humans in the Covenant which I liked that part at least I would just like them to succeed in this TV show and not have it as a failure like the games Halo 4 and 5 those things really were not canon if you think about it

  38. I like your excitement, It mirrors my own. Subbed

  39. Im pretty sure thats not an explosion. I think that could be a insurrectionist colony in an asteroid. I believe it was mentioned once in the hunt the truth podcast.

  40. I was hoping to be a animated series

  41. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! A Halo “fan” complaining about Halo…

  42. Why is it so HARD for people to understand that this can be its own thing??? Why is ANYONE trying to fit this into “Canon”… let it be it’s own “Canon”…

  43. First SC looks like a cave system that humans or aliens have adapted to live in. Looks way to organic to be the inside of a ship. IMO

  44. All they have to do for the show is to just make it all halo 2 aninvosary cutscenes
    I don’t think it means it’s not Cannon it’s just means it’s going to be in its own universe

    It does make sense that it will be in its own universe, especially if they are adapting the games, when it comes to having to focus on the complex halo cannon of games books and comics that

  45. Asteroid base is probably the insurrectionist camp mentioned in Fall of Reach and First Strike.

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