The Halo Television Series Episode 2: Unbound - Review, References, and Lore -

The Halo Television Series Episode 2: Unbound – Review, References, and Lore

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This morning, we got a new episode of the Halo TV Series. It had some good, some iffy, and one AWFUL changes that differs from the core canon. Let’s break down all the Covie goodness we can find!

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  1. I think Makee is a stupid character personally, but as long as she isn’t canon I can’t really complain

  2. Gotta love the timing of Frank O’Connor comparing Halo to porn and then the ending of this episode came after. What timing

  3. I dunno the show just seems like a Mish mash of random halo elements but….
    Well just worse.

  4. In regards to why the profit would do that perhaps they are leaning more into their titles with the series instead of them being poetic irony they’re actually pivoting them to be what they represent it could be this merciful act mercy and saw that she was important to the holy journey and thus decided to spare her giving credence to his name could be that mercy believe so long as you’re useful to the journey you have a place as a tool for him to utilize and he sees that his mercy could also explain whether building up Mercy is more of the central prophet

  5. I liked episode 2 but ep 1 was more enjoyable and investing for me, I really like ep 1 IMO but I’m still looking forward to the rest of the series. Can’t wait for more Spartans versus elite battles

  6. how can anyone like this show absolute boggles my mind.

  7. I think the Reth change is okay. We’ve been shown and told that the Covenant are the enemy. So introducing an alien that needs to know certain information can be tricky for an audience: Is he a spy, or a runaway, or a full blown ally, or shouldn’t he be loyal to the Covenant, etc.
    Being a human, while maybe not a fully necessary change, makes Reth an easier pill to swallow.

  8. Man the actor who’s playing as Ref should’ve been a Kig Yar. This worries me a little bc of the amount of it take to make a CG model of a Kig Yar…does that mean the Arbiter is being replaced with Makee..

  9. 7:52 Looks like choosing her as your Num1 Waffu paid off 🤩😁

  10. To add onto the Prophet observations, I did notice that Mercy was in the center of their seating arrangements when usually its Truth. I have a feeling that in this timeline, Mercy is the lead of the trio this time; although we'll have to see if this means that the Covenant leadership has potentially taken a different approach to match Mercy's usual religious fervor (hence maybe "the Blessed One" business), or if this means that Silver!Mercy will be adopting some of the traits of Truth.

    Also, I don't even know why they named that guy Reth. I've actually been rereading The Cole Protocol, and I've gotten zero "crazy guy" vibes from Reth. He's much the opposite, really – an ambitious, master manipulator. Now, if they had made Silver!Reth a crazy Jackal, I wouldn't have minded that much since he wouldn't be the first character we've seen so far reimagined personality-wise. Plus it would've been a great way to start introducing Jackals into the show. But it's like they just used the name Reth for no real reason, except maybe to be like "hey, here's a notable name already from canon Rubble, eh?" I still like the character, though, just wished they gave him an original name instead.

  11. so we were cheated of of a Jackal character, ye, I know this show would trigger me

  12. This series is riddled with feminine inturuptions

  13. Halo Show Episode 1 Score: 9.5/10

    Halo Show Episode 2 Score: 8.7/10

    Love the Series so far!!!
    Thanks for the video, awesome knowledge!

  14. Bruh… You didn't see the mark of shame on maki's body ? The same mark that the arbiter gets in halo 2 ?

  15. Hey, Covenant Cannon, they stripped Thel naked in the intro of HALO:2!😊

  16. I mainly want to watch the show just to see high charity and paramounts depiction of the holy city

  17. Wasn't expecting much from the second episode. It was mostly about politics and there hasn't been a lot of insights about the Covenant from this timeline (as of yet). Nevertheless, I did find it interesting that Miranda Keyes is learning how to speak Sangheili. I really like the show and I can't wait for the next episode. 🙂

  18. I liked episode 2, it showed more of what both sides are doing and planning to find out what to do with the keystone and Master Chief.

    The part about Reth, to me the guy probably took that name from his Covenant captures and the part I really liked is when Reth tells Master Chief that he felt the darkness and he can stop it when touched the keystone.

  19. The episode just rang as good, but not great, to me. I'm actually more interested in Makee's story right now than the Chief's, despite the ridiculous and unnecessary nude scene. You raise a very valid point about the CGI of the Covenant with this show–we're already 2 episodes in and we have yet to see any Un'goy, Kig Yar, or Lekgolo (sp?)!!!

  20. The Sanghelii don't look sleek or refined enough. I hate how they have been ruined over the years.

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