The Halo Television Series Premiere: Contact - Review, References, and Lore. -

The Halo Television Series Premiere: Contact – Review, References, and Lore.

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Yesterday, after 10 years of waiting, the Halo TV Series premiered on Paramount +, so let’s break down all the new Silver Timeline Covie stuff, compare it to the core canon, and give a general review of the pilot episode!

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  1. I don't watch anything that streams if it's not all aired at once. I don't support the second Reincarnation of cable. #ifIpayitsmyway

  2. It would be a bit better if Halo was CGI Animated rather than live-action

  3. I'm pretty sure the Kaidon warrior he's referring to is the elite that flies away in a banshee. Idk for sure tho

  4. I was really pleasantly surprised by this episode, obviously it's only the first one so who knows how it all turns out, but I am intrigued to see where it goes. I liked most of the plot elements introduced so far, especially the insurrectionist and Halsey/Keyes stuff, but I need more time with the Covenant to fully judge them. As for characters I loved the Scottish Innie from the opening segment and General Jin Ha, I just wished they survived a bit longer. I thought Chief, Halsey, Parangosky and the Keyes's were all good and I also liked Dr Halsey's assistant, I just really liked his energy. The only characters I'm iffy on are the rest of SIlver Team, Kwan Ah and the Covies not because their bad but because I don't feel like I've gotten enough time with them yet to make a judgment. Also intrigued by the Vinsher Grath character, maybe cause I love the actor but the character seems cool. I do hope some of the action CG is improved in the future though, some of it, like Chief jumping and throwing the gun was rough, but the Covenant stuff was fantastic.

  5. I Absolutely LOVED The Halo Show!!!
    I watched it back to back!
    I'll watch it a few more times before Part 2 next week.

  6. It's like halo in the multiverse. I can't wait for more episodes

  7. My Score of the Halo Show: 9.5/10

    I was Pleasantly Surprised, AMAZING!!!

  8. Anyone else think the Show Elites are Reach mixed with 4/5?
    Like that's defo the combo I get

  9. Am i the only one who think the Sangeili armour looks like the old Sangheili assassin's armour in Halo Legends: The Duel?

  10. The while the Minors looked good the Major looked hideous, Mercy looks more human like and has less ornate headdresses, his clothes should’ve been blue instead of green since Regret wears green clothing, there should’ve been a lot of Grunts and Jackals before the Elites. Suicide Grunts and Jackal Snipers would’ve been really good too.

  11. Bro thank god this tv show is not cheesy, I was so worried it was a quick cash grab

  12. It must be REALLY hard to play the master chief without the helmet on, considering you have to keep a straight and square face then entire time and not show much emotion

  13. I loved it! People are honestly being way too harsh and expecting too much from the first episode. Of course they’re not going to explain everything when now they have several more episodes to do that.

  14. Well, I made an oops. I misinterpreted what Mercy said about the artifact being "taken from a Kaidon Warrior". It was that Elite who escaped the cave and flew off in a Banshee.

    Honk me!

  15. Do you know reth is in the cast and crew of imbd for 2 episodes

  16. Mercy says taken FROM a Kiadon warrior so I’m sure kiadon means “minor” hopefully not maybe the elite held the title Kaiden on sanghilios and will become the arbiter but who knows but I’m like 90 percent sure kaidon replaced the rank of minor kaidon unfortunately being the lowest elite rank in the covenant

  17. The biggest thing I hate about the silver cannon is the human covenant
    Not only that but her dress is crazy

  18. just a new fan of Halo here can anyone guys guide me on which game i should start to follow the canon storyline and i just finished Halo 4 sinced ived watched the full review of it and i quickly fell inlove with Master Chief he kinda reminds me of The Mandalorian 💁🏻‍♀️ i know many wont agree with me but after watching episode 1 of Paramount+ series i was like he and the girl named Kwhan kinda reminded me of Mando and Grogu…my only takeaway was the voice acting bcoz i personally prefer Steve Downes voice behind the Spartan suit 💯💁🏻‍♀️..i hope you can guide me guys on which installment should i play first aside from Halo 4 💁🏻‍♀️💯

  19. After watching at my friend’s place and will I was disappointed. It’s been truly not halo/woke garbage. Like it’s the same garbage levels from the newer Star Wars trilogy. Bad writing destroying characters like master chief isn’t master chief. Like Jesus Christ these cancer needs to go! I seen larger channels like angry Joe and other channels are being honest. The silver universe deal is just garbage.

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