The Halo TV Series – Cast, Statements, and More -

The Halo TV Series – Cast, Statements, and More

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I’m a bit behind on TV show news, so let’s catch up! A lot has been said an announced since the last time I talked about the show.

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  1. By the time we get a show if it ever happens, since it was promised with Halo 4, it won't be relevant any longer since Halo is dying out

  2. Anyone else think it’s dumb that they announced this tv show over 5 years ago and they haven’t even started filming? I just feel like they should have announced it once it was actually beginning to develop.

  3. █ * █ ? 2021,
    translation – never will air..

  4. Are they keeping the same voice acting for cheif and Cortana? Prob wont be interested if it's anything other.

  5. I pray to the precursors that this doesn't turn out as woke trash

  6. If the TV series has enough budget, it can be as stunning as a movie.

  7. I'm looking forward to this. More stories in the Halo universe told my talented artists is never a bad thing in my book. As someone who's spent years in the Star Wars fandom, I don't have a problem with a new tale forgoing some small details (even things like character appearances) as long as the story understands the characters and has some robust and interesting themes.

  8. Why the hell isnt it an ODST TV show…would have been so much better.

  9. The video gets a thumbs up, but with the exception of who’s cast as John and Dr. Halsey, everyone else is just WRONG! I really hope Bokeem can pull off playing Soren. I just don’t know about everyone else. Natasha is too young to play Halsey. Everything is just wrong and inaccurate.

  10. The video gets a thumbs up, but with the exception of who’s cast as John and Dr. Halsey, everyone else is just WRONG! I really hope Bokeem can pull off playing Soren. I just don’t know about everyone else. Natasha is too young to play Halsey. Everything is just wrong and inaccurate.

  11. I would have loved a Kilo-five based series.

  12. this show is going to be absolutely freaking Awful.

  13. I sure hope it’s not a short pile of crap like the previous one.

  14. If they go back in time they should cover 6

  15. I grew with much of the sentiment in here. They should have gone with a plot not driven by Chief or even Spartans, just to begin with. In the same way Games Workshop are using Inquisitor Eisenhorn as the main character for their first big production, instead of feet first as Astartes. 343 industries should do the same, exhibit confidence, exercise caution.

  16. Honestly, if they reveal Cheifs face, I'm not watching it. Flat out. IT'S. NOT. NEEDED….. AT ALL!!!!

  17. I hope the TV series doesn't screw up the designs and concepts because people and fans are used to it.

  18. They should have chosen John Cena the wrestler to pay the master Chief

  19. Can someone tell me why and when did they decide to make a tv show on halo?? Whaaaat

  20. I am still disappointed that they chose to center the one character in the halo universe that ties their hands the most. The Halo universe is huge and full of limitless opportunities to tell all sorts of stories from tons of different conflicts, battles and worlds. If they'd have followed a group of ODSTs in the show, they would have had free reign to base an all new story about all new characters and have practically limitless material to build an incredible story out of, while easily avoiding any conflicting plot points or timeline issues. They could have put in Chief/Spartan/Johnson cameos where it made sense and fit with the story, without risking messing with the already super complicated canon. I know it's a bit late for any of that to happen, but I can't help but see it as a missed opportunity to make the lives of the producers and story writers easier, as well as show us fresh material from the halo universe. Either way, I agree that I do truly want this show to be successful.

  21. I just want a Fall of Reach live action movie. Neill Blomkamp as the director. I don't ask for much. Last time I checked, he is still interested in doing Halo. Why not have him do this show??

  22. I thought Halsey had blond hair in the fall of reach book.

  23. I like John
    But I'm on the band wagon of Marine's/ODST or a mix of each with the occasional Spartan II hook up ya know

  24. Is not going to violate the lore… Fooled me once 343

  25. As long as it doesn't get turned into a Current Year WOKE mess I'll be happy.

  26. Yeah, this already deviates enough from Halo that I am not interested.

  27. I'm worried that they racebent jacob keyes and miranda. Almost as if there is an agenda being pushed…

  28. I think Halo needs a lot more Chief face, so I'm pretty happy.

    I also hope the inevitable cgi covenant don't look awful.

  29. Ugh did these writers ever read the lore for 1"focused, professional, and deadly" that pretty much describes EVERY Spartan, and 2 Master Chief's "deputy" was either Samuel-034 or Frederic-104, or Kelly-087, or Linda-058 ya know, his close friends in blue team. Yes as you pointed out Blue teams roster changed depending on mission needs but those were the Spartans the Chief was closest to. Other than that I am looking forward to the show.

  30. Casting makes sense. Limit any white male roles and make lots of strong feminist lesbians and make sure Cortana has a burka on. PAR for the course today. Get ready for it people. They will ruin it. They are probably trying to find a way to race or gender swap master chief.

  31. with the odst’ or marines gives you so much more story options because there’s obviously not as much lore around the characters it’s just starting to seem like this is kinda a cash grab more than a solid story

  32. I'm disappointed that this show isn't going to be canon. I'm also disappointed with the casting of Miranda and Jacob (Captain) Keyes. You can't just recast two iconic characters as another race AND make one of them a doctor which goes against her character.

    I have zero problem with diversity, I have strong Vietnamese roots and I think it's great, but there is no need for forced diversity. How hard is it to write a new character that we can come to love?? and aside from that, there are plenty of diverse characters in already established canon.

  33. New infos came out, maybe a updated video?

  34. I'm disappointed that Blue Team may not be a part of it. But, I do hope this will be a success. I want the series to keep going. Let's see a Kilo Five series! And a Ferret Team series!

  35. Just please keep your stupid leftist BS politics out of it…that's all I ask film maker director person…

  36. I wont be to picky because we have waited so long. Would have loved the movie they had planned with spielberg and jackson awhile ago

  37. God injecting woke politics and feminism literally just ruined this series for me and it's not even out yet. Stick to the lore, get woke and go broke. This cancer culture is just rabid. Will NOT be watching at all.

    Edit: fans need to start a petition for this. Witcher series has been ruined as well. Great book series, game was pretty thorough according to lore. They dont want to make Halo cannon lore rather go around about it another way to introduce diversity. This is ridiculous.

  38. The thing I wonder about is Pablo was cast in April and most the cast was announced months later. Maybe Pablo has perform some motion capture for halo infinite. Once they reveal his face in the show, the whole face mystery is thrown out the window.

  39. I would have preferred an ODST protagonist instead of a full team of spartans

  40. The Mandalorian is proof you can have a known actor playing a masked character and they not remove the helmet. (Yes I know mando removed his helmet once but it was very briefly) hopefully the halo tv show follows suit.

  41. I really hope they follow the books. Would be so sick to see it start from the beginning

  42. Who is called the piano track of halo?? I want to downloand for listening on my smartphone

  43. I honestly just want a movie that is set entirely in the battle of Installation 04. A good 2 hour film that starts with the Autumn going down, and progresses into the flood outbreak and ends with the ring being destroyed.

  44. With the race swap of Jacob Keyes (minor nickpick), the gutting of Miranda Keyes backstory and the introduction of Covenant raised human Makee I think I'll be giving this show a pass unless hearing otherwise upon release.

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