The Halo TV Series "Contact" 1x1 Season 1 Episode 1 Reaction -

The Halo TV Series “Contact” 1×1 Season 1 Episode 1 Reaction

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After the battle, Master Chief heads to his home planet of Reach with a Madrigal survivor and a mysterious object he discovered on the planet.

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  1. What do you guys think about this episode???

  2. could not watch the whole vid but love the content my guy
    also the thumbnail xd

  3. I agree I would be happy to see the gravity hammer dude your not alone🎮🎮🔥

  4. The face reveal made sense in the context of the scene/story. Even though these characters are fictional, I appreciate the production making Master Chief relatable and not a cartoon. After all we’ve seen Samus from Metroid w/o her helmet on, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, the Mandolorian. I’m just not a fan of the main protagonists being a cartoon, even if they’re not real people, they still gotta be somewhat realistic.

  5. Loved your reaction man I do reaction to I’m loving your energy love it!!!

  6. They fucking ruined the halo saga for me (again!!). Those mother fuckers, Halo is MasterChief and MasterChief is Halo,

    and those fuckers ruined MasterChief. The sole purpose of concealing MasterChief's face was to see ourselves in his place, but by putting a face on that character they fucking blew that up.

    I can tolerate bad CGI, but this, this is


    I can only imagine Steve Downes's voice as MasterChief, but they ruined it, just to show MasterChief's face, Bastards.

    Halo 2 anniversary Elites were the best, but they ruined that too,

    They cramed all the things in one episode, I can tolerate miranda keys, halsey, CGI, but I can't tolerate MasterChief, i am tired of this shit, they are ruining the halo saga for years,

    How hard it is just to follow the orginal halo trilogy, but no, they want to bring their own fucking stupid ideas, please stop.

    I only loved 2 stories in my life, Halo and Game of thrones, but people ruined both of them, and now i can't even go back and watch them, I can't emphasize enough how angry i am that they ruined halo

  7. As someone who doesn’t play the video games much I thought it was good.

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