THE HALO TV SERIES IS FINALLY GETTING GOOD!!!! (My Brutally Honest Thoughts on Episode 5) -

THE HALO TV SERIES IS FINALLY GETTING GOOD!!!! (My Brutally Honest Thoughts on Episode 5)

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Episode 5 of the Halo TV Series is here, and OH MY IT WAS ACTUALLY GOOD?!?!?! The series is finally getting good!!! Here are my brutally honest thoughts on episode 5!

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5:33 – Back to it
7:45 – The Battle
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  1. That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. – Romans 10:9 from the Bible 💕💕❤

  2. I don’t knwo how you can link a young chief fighting odsts to him as an adult bashing an elite ( to death )

  3. I’m getting sick of that marky and the woke demographic servicing

  4. I call that makee sends the coordinates of reach to the covenant and the season ends on halo after the fall of reach

  5. The show most certainly isn’t getting any better a decent ten minute mindless action scene with sub par cgi doesn’t make up for the other 30 mins that were absolute crap the writing in this show is mind numbingly bad & hasn’t got any better since episode 1 it just gets worse almost none of the characters are likeable either

  6. You forgot to mention that Chief said “I know how to play this game” when cortana was over providing battle intel towards the end, thought this was funny but also sad because why does he take his helmet off when he could easily be sniped by a Jackal? 🤔

  7. I honestly feel like Hidden is treating this episode too lightly imo

  8. Yeah maybe they should have stuck to the lore and had the human race as the reclaimers but say only a certain few humans have like a extra gene in their dna which allows them to sense where the other keystone artifacts are I don't know if would be better but I think at least it would be better than only having a few blessed one's in the human race being the reclaimers I don't know.

  9. The action sequence was pretty good. Finally some Halo accurate footage lol

    However there is a lot about the writing of this series that I find immersion breaking. The scene with Kai in specific. How does a spartan freeze up with destruction all around her, where simple marines continue to fight on? Are they implying that Spartans are nothing more than their implants? It should also go without question, but how does someone like Chief lose his cool so easily considering he is meant to have been trained as a soldier since the age of 6? anyway… I hope for more action next episode as well, because what they pulled off this time was finally decent.

  10. Really? Chief trying to take a swing at Dr. Halsey?
    You're just gonna let that slide simply because Yay EXPLOSIONS ?

  11. Agree with all points as soon as he ran up to the artifact and took his helmet off straight away i eas like why the F wohld he do that

  12. The most appealing thing in this episode was "I need a weapon" in a reformed state. All I got was goosebumps after Cortana said "Slipspace Rupture detected", the good old H2 days.

  13. You could remove kwans scenes and the show wouldn’t be effected

  14. Honestly this show is a rollercoaster. Fully agree the resistance girl is boring and pointless. I LOVED the marines it gave me Starship Trooper vibes which it needs more of, kinda wish we got to see a marine kill a Covy at least but oh well I guess only spartans can kill covenant apparently. I disagree with Johns weird story thing with his past and emotions. Dudes 40 years+ old and is the hero of humanity although yeah boohoo so sad, the dude was literally 6 years old I cant recall a single thing at that age so he'd only have barely a years worth a childhood memories to grieve on. Grow up, you have 34 years spent with his spartan family dont start getting all emo now thats just weird :/

  15. The thing is that good action is not enough. It needs to be supported by a great plot and a good story line to make an action scene intense, having actual tension and making sense.

  16. episode 6, will be filler and end with makee leading covenant to reach to retrieve her and the artifact, episode 7, action packed fall of reach hopefully and then cliffhanger ending they find "alpha halo" cut it off there start season 2 and hopefully address alot of the critisim
    i dont know sounds good to me, this episode is defintely the best so far.

  17. I'll ask the important question…
    Where did you get that t shirt

  18. The story and characters still make it a shitty generic sci fi show.

  19. The only thing good about this trash heap is the action. The characterization of everyone and the story is still horrible.

  20. This isn't halo, it's a show with a bad storyline and bad cg like Stargate. They should have just used the renders of halo infinite and made an animated series.

  21. "this was done poorly, but cool". This mad no sense, but cool". And "I don't know why anyone do this, but cool." The show flopped

  22. KGB Committee for State Security CCCP says:

    10:51 xbox version of activate spartan rage

  23. hey @HiddenXperia where is it you saw the Video for the Halo Co protocal please would love to watch it please im begging you

  24. The action was better, but the show is still not good

  25. i agree with your helmet on thing….that felt like i was watching chief…also i think Kwah is just a filler plot i think the writers wrote a movie script but then it got turned into a show midway and they needed extra story to hit the 9 episode mark otherwise it would be 5 episode

  26. Feel like the last episode is going to be them finding Halo.

    I don’t believe this show is going to have many episodes imo. It just doesn’t feel like there is a lot to go off of. Maybe go up to 12 at least. But just not something on the scale as GoT where it was over 20 for one season.

    If Halo is supposed to be this big thing, I don’t see it appearing until the last episode. (As far as the show is concerned).

    There’s also that Keyes wanted to take his daughter off of the research. And that when he told her, he was acting nice, but then acted harshly. Just didn’t make sense.

    Also wanted to note how he acted so dumbfounded for someone who’s supposed to be battle hardened, he acted like a fish out of water. Just..what the fuck? I couldn’t grasp how he acted like that.

  27. There better be jetpack brutes this season or I'll be pissed

  28. After 5 episodes I decided I'm not a fan of the elites armor design… I wanted to see something like we saw in halo 2, my favorite elite armor personally. Seeing that would've been awesome in a show visually, also.. that fight scene or "master chief from the books" scene I loved it but imagine chief besting down that elite with the classic elite armor, not only blood but sparks flying too from the metal clashing together, that would make it even cooler in my opinion

  29. Crap show, brute had one too many wrinkles

    But in all seriousness.. looks great! But very skinny for a brute I feel

  30. The first half of the show was still terrible. John wouldn't attack Dr. Helsey. Chief needs his helmet on much much more. Kai is basically a Spartan IV with her removing her chip. This show is suffering from the lack of desperation that the games and books made the player/reader feel. It doesn't even feel like there is a War going on. The end of the show built good momentum but they will waste it will the stupid covenant human chick and her dumb story line.

  31. Is it possible that we get a deep dive on each high value target if there is enough information

  32. I took Chief not being affected by the artifact was because he's a blessed one and not because he had his helmet on.

  33. Ill watch the show to the end but I feel its pretty much getting worse by each episode but the end of the episode was good until Cheif brutalized the Elite. Its not like him. Speaking of brute…

  34. Loved the episode. Love how the covenant look. Love the gore. Hope Hulsey is able to swing the chief on the important of the memory wipe, emotion blockers and the spartan program as a whole. Also hope we see cortana qnd chief build the trust we see in the games because right now it appears neither one trusts the other.

  35. So basically the episode still sucked ass but since there was actual combat you got excited and now say the episode is good? As much as I would love to see humans fight the covenant in live action, if that’s the only thing that makes the show worth watching I still can’t get behind this. I feel like you’re just trying really hard to like the show, and that’s all fair and dandy. Story sucks more dick than dick van dyke’s wife, but the combat scenes are cool. That’s the summary of this episode.

  36. We jus want Easter eggs, explained, and breakdown, mayb sum perdition, keep ur dweeb opinions to ur self…since you been hating on this series…

  37. was the origin @hiddenXperia thats why its taken so long they already confirmed 2nd season and already said the 1st season will be building up to the main story, this is before reach so before most the main storylines if your going by the games. i personally enjoyed the build up introducing the character and a different way of looking at the cannon story.

  38. My initial thoughts are I disagree with you but we'll see if you can change my mind after I finish watching the video.

    I agree pretty much with your arguments however I disagree on the end result. This show is a complete failure in general at being even remotely related to the Halo universe. Halsey's character is ok, but Chief is ruined, Jacob Keyes is ruined, Miranda Keyes is ruined, Kwan's story is uninteresting and stupid, The Blessed One's story is uninteresting and stupid, Sargent Johnson isn't even in the show and the show itself is bouncing between too many story lines to really stay focused on any one thing. There are some high points like the combat is good. but in general, I just can't stand the show. I will probably finish this season then I'm probably going to cancel Paramount Plus just because there is nothing else on it that I'm even remotely interested in watching. At the end of the day, we literally agree on every single point except, I don't think that makes the show good by any means. If the characters they have as Jacob and Miranda Keyes were just different characters, It would be better. I just hate it when they take known characters and literally change every aspect of the character into someone completely different.

  39. The gravity hammer looks like atriox's energy mace

  40. Kwan Ha’s fit throwing when she couldn’t get the handcuffs off describes her character amazingly. Boring character that doesn’t get their way until some story exposition happens making her really strong and independent. Her screaming just really made me want to shut off the show luckily this episode delivered better with other things😂

  41. It looked like Kwan had a bag of tools next to her

  42. You complained about one shot being "fan-servicey" when this whole fucking show SHOULD BE nothing but fan-service.

  43. MasterChief should adapt more to “a man with a few words” as he lets his actions speaks for him. We also dont need Masterchief constantly removing his helmet, as we can clearly get a sense of emotions of what he feels inside under that helmet. Thats why in the halo games these characters like “Noble 6” and the “Rookie” were created for us to be able to empathize and to relate to those characters as if they were us in their shoes. Thats what make these characters so iconic cause everyone can relate and express themselves in a way like “ hey im kinda like him” or “he is kinda like me”. Im still disappointed at the halo series and it is very hard to watch because of where the story is taking us. Its even hard to enjoy the action even though its really nice but the fact that I don’t see Masterchief the same way as I see him through the halo games because in the show, I get a different vibe from him as if he isn’t like a killing machine that we are suppose to get from Chief, similar to a “terminator”. I think, how they revealed chief was just backwards rather than building him up to a point to realize that he is human too despite of wearing the MJOLNIR armor. Later, should he realize that he is not a machine but we are just people.

  44. That brute looks like a young atriox. Almost sure of it.

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