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The Halo TV Series Is Pretty BAD!

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  1. @5:00 Spartans we're made to crush rebellions in the outer colony's. Master Chief and his brothers and sisters before he was the savior of man where symbols of crushing rebellions. I like how the show explores that. If I wanted to relive the story I'd replay halo. I think it's interesting to explore other aspects. just cause he is a hero to me and you doesn't mean he's a hero to everyone else and If aliens were invading and a fucking 7 foot man came out of nowhere I'm blasting his as to fuck that lmao, the rest of the show is pretty shit tho lmao the elites suck and master chief is short as FUCK

  2. The alternate timeline isnt the problem. To start off, im not defending this new Halo show (because it is not good). Video games are a different medium and a film translation would have way more troubles than you implied. They can't "absolutely make it work". Hellboy getting translated from graphic novel to film is not a bad analogy. Hellboy is primarily a silent protagonist that speaks mostly to say some simple bad-ass quotes (sound familiar?). The many writers who worked on Hellboy weren't wrong when they wanted to change this. The problem is not changing the timeline. The problem is that the show is just bad. It could change lore to make it interesting, but they changed it and were unsuccesful. It is bad because of the silver timeline. It is bad because the silver timeline is bad.

    Also, humans do fight humans in lore. The kind of spartan that Chief is was designed to fight human colonists. The first mission in the "Fall of Reach" book, the Chief is fighting human terrorists. Do the outer colonists in the books totally submit to the UNSC after seeing the covenant? I dont know. I stopped reading because the book was boring and told me that the Canon timeline does not translate well into a story like that. Both the Silver Timeline and the Canon Timeline, won't work well on the big screen.

    Also, in Halo Wars, there are humans tyat aren't UNSC that you have to kill to create a base.

  3. The Spartans were designed to fight against humans. I thought they simply had to deal with an alien invasion before they had a chance to deploy them at all, or very often against their fellow man.

  4. When master chief showed his face. The show producers are dead to me

  5. "I'm not saying that Forward Unto Dawn was any good."
    You should give it a rewatch! It's one of 343i's few decent creations!

  6. I think they could’ve nailed it if they focused on ODSTs instead of Spartans.

  7. the elites were just discount halo 5 elites in how they looked unfortunately

  8. I've seen your pathetic videos your an example of those lame ass halo fans that do nothing but dick ride halo 3 and bungie get the fuck out every halo game including halo 5 were better than halo 3 . Halo 3 was the most underwhelming gameplay I've ever seen. Granted halo 5 didn't have the best story but the gameplay of it and every other halo game was better than the slow bulky bullshit of halo 3

  9. 343 did alright with MC in H4 but since then and especially in Infinite they have turned him into a simping soy boy with too many feefeee's

  10. It’s exactly what they did with Halo 4 by changing everything except in an alternate canon.

  11. You know what’s pretty wild? There’s been so many fuck ups in the Halo universe post Halo 3 and it hasn’t been solved. We’ve gotten bandaids like Halo Infinite was for the Halo 5 Bomb we all took in. That Bandaid was nothing substantial and seems to be falling off by the days. God I hate what people have done to the halo universe, I really fucking hate it.

  12. if it isn't HALO just don't use his name if you want do your fucking things with freedom fantasy then do but call it in another way just call it "fantasy space" Halo is Halo the games and the books are the base of this opera

  13. I disagree. Halo's existing story was kinda trash and now there's a chance to wipe it away.

    Seriously, look at Halo's lore objectively. It's hilariously awful. Only kids that grew up with it think it's not. It's like adults that still watch Power Rangers or complain about changes to Pokémon. It's pathetic at best.

  14. In my opinion in Chief's voice. I'm cool with having a different but similar voice. But the mannerisms and the acting should reflect him like the game.

  15. hi i am a guy from italy and i have to say, halo the video game is something that is awesome, epic. The problem with the series, indeed of everything that becomes Live Action, is that those who work on these projects are:

    1: no one looks or reads the works where they come from.

    2 don't have the guts to make the same or similar product because otherwise no one can put their vision to win prizes and be recognized.

    in other words I'm really sorry because I was hoping for this project but I realized that even Mass Effect the TV series and Metal Gear the film will never be at the height they will really suck.

    I signed up today and liked it 🙂

    PS girls and boys do not look at this wagon of garbage I highly recommend you to play or read the original work, because otherwise you will hate something that truly deserves to be known and loved for what it is, and not for what others actually insult with cinematographic works that deserve not to be seen and not even thought of being produced.

    Good NIght from italy

  16. Holy fuck it looks like NASA mission control back there, 6 monitors and that's only the ones in frame lol.

  17. A band of brothers like show following marines or ODST guys would have been amazing. This show is a hudge missed opportunity in my opinion.

  18. When they say "broader audience" what they mean is: Woke audience.

  19. And if you watch the 2nd ep is even wooooorse!!! If they make this TV show in a new universe with new characters this could be a cool story… Buy they just went dumb using the hype of Halo and changing everything. Is super lazy job

  20. And I completely agree with the part of Keyes and Miranda… Double standards, just imagine if black panther and half Wakanda were white, Asians and redhair dudes.

  21. EP.2 in silver time line… An space Hitler appears to kill Kwan buddies 😂😂😂… You don't say it's just a progre show with a political agenda.

  22. Halo is now on my list of disappointed movie/shows.
    Monster Hunter, Silent Hill,
    Resident Evil twice.
    I hate seeing my favorite gaming franchise being butchered because "the world and story isn't creative enough"

  23. I live in a 3rd world country and have free access to the series, I saw the first episode and now I don't even want to pirate the series, this is how bad it is lol

  24. Forward Unto Dawn was a 10/10. This is turning out to be Ass/10.

  25. I was thinking okay different timeline just means we are still going to have big battles awesome enemies interesting perspectives and humanities will to survive was going to shine with awesome dialogue and awesome characters. But no we got some guy trying to find himself plot, with bad cgi and bad writing. How many times yall going to redo the same stupid plot you tried it with halo 4 and it sucked.

  26. They should have gone to bungie, not 343. Would love to see ODST horror show with flood and master chief saving the day.. the asteroid doors sound like covenant doors in halo 2. Ron Perlman as captain keys.

  27. Chief was 100% made to FIGHT against humans, it is the whole drama behind Halsey & ONI.
    However the rest of the video is fairly on the mark.

  28. The whole site is pretty terrible but the worst is captain Keyes and his daughter. They had a blank slate around the main characters to create new ones of literally any race. They had to make 2 established main characters from day one sacrifices to race swapping. They did that on purpose to twist the knife. Sites what they are really trying to do

  29. I will take a animated show over live action anyday, it just doesnt work plus makes things easier & more workable because everything is animated. That's my opinion on this show, it just doesnt work plus with a animated show they could actually use Steve Downs as a VA rather than an actual actor

  30. Steve Downes offered to do it, but they refused to cast him. kinda like how Jen Taylor was a second option for cortana

  31. they should have got the guy that played Reacher on amazon video and the steve downs voice over

  32. I truly do feel your anger , what's scary is there are more episodes

  33. The show is kinda an exact representation of Infinite. The piggybacking off of the Halo name with something so dissimilar to what the Halo name represents in an attempt to "reach a broader audience" AKA MAKE MORE MONEY THEN WHAT THEY COULD HAVE IF THEY WENT WITH THE FAN SERVICE APPROACH.

  34. 343 has what i call revisionist syndrome. I feel like they can't stand the fact they have to make Halo so they're going to do everything they can to take what Bungie built and smash it to pieces and glue it back together the way they want it and how they envision it.

  35. in the year 2552 .. We still aren't done with identity politics

  36. Just hearing your frustration, I can relate. And get this, they were able to do that with the approval of 343 Industries. That ought to show you that 343 DOES NOT CARE about the Halo franchise.

  37. when were we fighting humans guess this guy doesnt know much about Halo Lore then Spartans wernt made to fight the covy's before the war they were made to fight Insuractionist as UNSC called them

  38. For an organization called United Nations Space Command, they don't seem very united.

  39. Also hi.
    Has everyone noticed that the Elite's blood is green in the show and not purple like the games?

  40. Show them your truly mad by leaving bad reviews on Rotten Tomatoes.

  41. Honestly I dont hate the show yet but it is pretty disappointing because of the potential. Like they have fucking HALO in their hands and they went for the most boring parts of Halo to showcase, theres much more interesting stories that could be had in the universe. Hell I even agree with you pop that they could even redo the game storylines and maybe show parts that the game didnt show and what not. Reach, CE, etc would be great to witness. Damn shame. Hopefully some blockbuster movies get made one day im hoping

  42. wrong cast wrong team wrong editor wrong eveything FUCK KWON !!!!

  43. The name “halo tv” needs be changed because this shit ain’t halo or even close to how we see halo, it’s more of a libtard civilian 3rd party Sifi show

  44. this show is like when u passed by micky d's as a kid and ur mom says we have food at home, haven't even watched the first episode yet cuz listening a wish version of the master chief talk is ragebait for me

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