The Halo TV Series: Our Hopes and Fears – Unlocked 352 -

The Halo TV Series: Our Hopes and Fears – Unlocked 352

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Our Xbox crew catches up on the week’s news, including the green-lighting of Showtime’s Halo TV series, EA Motive’s new Star Wars project, Anthem’s much-appreciated gameplay tweak, Dead Island 2’s zombie-like revival, and more!

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  1. Dustin is back, glad to see you back sir.

  2. I love Awake! It’s my favorite tv series!

  3. Where is marty.? You will have to say something soon.

  4. Brandin, I agree, Dragon Age: Inquisition was great! Still the best western ,party based, RPG of this generation, and only second in fantasy behind the Witcher. Better characters than Dragon Age 2, and better combat than Origins.

  5. Am I the only one who liked Halo: Nightfall?

  6. When will Marty respawn? Isnt Alanah gone now

  7. Watching the Anthem footage and there's one pedantic detail that always gets under my skin with the way Iron-man flies and now the javelins. If you have thrusters facing backwards(ie, on your back as you fly forward or on feet and palms) you generate forward thrust, without wings or rotors you are not generating lift AT ALL. Iron-man (and now the Javelins) would try to fly, face plant, then be fired along the floor like a loose firework. I know it's not important and I should just enjoy the things but sometimes something you notice just wont stop niggling at you.

  8. If its anything like the halo believe and reach trailers im in.

  9. Hope you replace Alannah with another female host to have a nice balance

  10. The Radio drama though ruined Halo 5 for me

  11. great to see Destin back. I missed the back and forth between Destin and Ryan. Also, Destin's perspective on gaming along with his opinions and insights are invaluable to unlocked.

  12. Shame about Dead Island, the first game was an absolute gem !

  13. 1: Chaos Theory – A ton of content. Great campaign, coop, multiplayer.
    2: Splinter Cell (First game) – Very original concept, great story.
    3: Pandora Tomorrow – Great campaign, spies vs mercs.
    4: Blacklist – Reintroduced a lot of what made Chaos Theory great.
    5: Conviction – Tried to reinvent the wheel. Was fun, but felt a little arcadey.
    6: Double Agent – Good game, weird story.. but still fun.

  14. Halo TV Series:

    ‘The Cole Protocol’ is a great Halo story with solid characters and if I remember correctly not being a massive part of the Human-Covenant war.

    Other than this I would love to see them adapt ‘Ghosts of Onyx’

  15. Also, don't be too hard on the crew. sometimes the jokey loose vibe is good for the podcast. Thanks for the show guys!

  16. What Xbox one has only 4gb of ram. The biggest thing that holds back Xbox one and PS4 is the CPU’s. I’d think that the new Xbox should do what now Xbox one does with Xbox 360. You should be able to play Xbox one games on the next Xbox. I believe PS5 will be able to play PS4 games this time along.

  17. I think for consoles you should be able to play older games on the newer system not the other way around.

  18. witcher tv show is where its at… not gaylo

  19. Best combo ps4 switch and pc. Xbox pointless. R.I.P. xbox

  20. I went from a galaxy s8+ to a pixel 2 xl and i had it for 10 days and returned it because using the pixel 2 is like driving a base model car as opposed to the fully loaded one. Yes you get to brand yourself an android purist but so what… that just means you have no extra features. Screen isn't as pretty, no wireless charging, no headphone jack, need a special cable and charger to fast charge (can't use and existing chargers with usb > usb c, battery drained faster, and i had more bugs and slow downs on the pixel 2 than the s8+. If you are paying $800-1000 for a phone don't get the stripped down model when you can get the one with all the bells and whistles.
    I am not even speaker on apple because i had one of those and it was even worse than the pixel 2.

  21. I want the new generation to play the old generation games. I don't care if the old generation can play the new gen games.

  22. To destins comments on Xbox having a problem explaining how next gen games won’t be playable on Xbox One….. how is this any different then any other new generation…….? Most hardcore gamers are hungry for the next generation and have no problem grabbing it.
    People that don’t feel compelled to get the new consoles don’t really care anyway. They will still get all their maddens and Fifas……

  23. No mention of the JRPG release of Shining Resonance Refrain ? Waiting for a score on IGN

  24. They were supposed to go in depth about the rumors of Xbox "Scarlet", but never did. All I know is the code name sadly

  25. Damage numbers is a good indicator of the type of gamer you are IMO. If you dont want to see them then you probably are solely into story and presentation. If you want them then you are likely to be into looter shooters, progression and maxing your gear.

  26. 52:40 Blacklist should BC and the free games with gold for this month.

  27. Not trying to be mean, but I would prefer if Destin remains a sub, not a regular. He tends to interrupt more than the other hosts, and remains less informed than the counterparts. Destin, if you read this, I hope you view it as constructive criticism rather than a personal attack. Fireteam chat plays better to your strengths, imho.

  28. You forgot about Double Agent for the Splinter Cell list.

  29. When that bloke on the left suggest the old Xbox One playing Scarlet games using cloud based gaming, that is easily one of the dumbest questions I've ever heard. He should be fired for being so ignorant. I think in general they talk about tech too much compared to games as well, the ratio is off IMO. On this topic, I hope Halo infinite is an Xbox One title not a Scarlet title.

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