The Halo TV Series: What We Want -

The Halo TV Series: What We Want

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When, where, and who: IGN Halo fans Sean and Ryan discuss what we want from Showtime’s Halo TV series, which is confirmed to still be in the works.

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  1. really want halo back on pc again!
    cmon bungi with destiny we know you can do it bring it back!

  2. A show about Johnson with the book as the source would be great

  3. What i want to see is Red Team & Banished from Halo Wars meeting Blue Team, Fireteam Osiris & Swords of Sanghelios.

  4. Good god, I hope it starts with the contact harvest story adaptation!!! That would actually make me cry with joy!

  5. Hurry up man!! I'm getting OLD you know!! HURRY before I die!!

  6. I think they should focus on the Spartans upbring in The Fall of reach with John and Halsey. Get a Stranger Things vibe to it

  7. Unrelated, but a dispute between my roommate and I… is that super metroid in the SNES in the background?

  8. If it's anything like the trash pile that 343 has made it will be horrible

  9. I hope that this series deal whit the events from halo 1 to 3

  10. The series should be about Blue Team's missions before the halo series started

  11. It would be nice if the Halo series did a series following a squad of Marines. Or even ODST's Rather than the usual spartan stuff. Would be an interesting spin on it

  12. It needs to feel like humanity is actually on the losing side!

  13. I'd love a Band of Brothers type feel. Set as a group of Marines or ODST. Keep it grounded so casuals don't get overwhelmed, I doubt they have the budget to fully realise the story of the Master Chief. Let the legend surrounding Spartans build up from the bottom instead of just throwing them at the screen. Also Marines and ODST can actually be in Danger, spartans. Not so much.

  14. Season 1: Halo Combat Evolved
    Season 2: halo 2
    Season 3: Halo 3 ODST
    Season 4: Halo 3
    Season 5: Fall of reach

    And maybe throw some of halo legends shorts and make those stories into one season, that's how it should go imo

  15. The Halo TV Series: What we want…

    …The Halo TV Series

  16. I just want them to do focus largely in space battles with cole because that area is so important but rarely touched upon

  17. Halo needs Bungie? No thanks… Bungie is not the legendary studio it once was. Destiny is garbage.

  18. You can't do Halo justice with a TV series. It has to be a film or at least a HBO mini series with a MASSIVE budget.

  19. Making a Halo TV series would be like shaving off Ryan McCaffrey's dodgy beard: a good idea in principle, but it's a little late now.

  20. I have a feeling 1.17 will be the date for a teaser trailer

  21. Halo 2 for me will always be the best in the franchise. Bungie outdid themselves with the main content, especially the transition from story to Xbox Live…credit lads, my childhood was in your hands.

  22. lets get some extended universe stuff, and some different perspectives

  23. Fall of reach, if there is multiple seasons you could do chiefs origin in flash backs, do much you can do.

  24. So would it be called just Halo, or are they going to go with like Band of Spartans, since if its done even remotely decently it will basically be band of brothers in space. (Not that, that would be a bad thing.)

  25. Watch Halo Fall of Reach on Netflix
    It tells you how Master Chief was trained/created and what started the human/covenant war

  26. a movie is a better choice if you tell me.

  27. I can't see this show on showtime , if its gonna be a more adult theme show it should be on starz or HBO but for the pedigree that showtime has with their shows like shameless, smilf, the affair , I doubt a halo show would fit in with the rest of the networks programming.

  28. Make it like Halo landfall I think it was called. The live action trailer for H3, or short stories like Halo legends

  29. Neill Blomkamp and Oats Studio better be behind the wheel! MAKE IT HAPPEN SHOWTIME PEOPLE!

  30. It needs a movie a real motion picture movie

  31. I want a Halo netflix series that focuses either on the covenant, Thel or Jul's rise to power or the final days of the Reach being glassed and exploring how Red team survived like in the book

  32. Why dose no one have any interest in halo anymore this video has so little views i miss when halo was the biggest game in the world

  33. Make it humanities first contact with the covenant and how the reacted to the invasion from the ground point of view( as a civilian) since the fall of reach showed us the Spartans point of view

  34. Please set it on Reach or Harvest! PLEASE!

  35. I like how the one guy brought up The Fall of Reach novel and the other guy thought he was talking about Halo: Reach the game. 😂
    But the show should totally be about John 117 and the rest of Blue Team early in the war with the Covenant.

  36. Here is what I want
    1. The flood
    2. The Arbiter
    3. Yapyap the destroyer
    4. HALO soundtrack

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