The Halo TV Series - What Went Wrong? -

The Halo TV Series – What Went Wrong?

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The Halo TV show…. What Went Wrong??

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  1. The perfect example of this show is with my boys the hunters it's like so cool. To see what they would look like in live-action but we never really get to see the hunters only get to see it is the worm things and not the actual Hunters

  2. The show looks like if someone tried to write a book report on a book they didn't read.

  3. If you can make Halo 5 seem like a better story than you really fucked up bad…

  4. You're a stronger man than I. I couldn't finish it. I love Halo, it's easily my favorite FPS and one of my favorite sci-fi properties in general. If they made an entire series of just Chief saying "I need a weapon" I would have creamed my pants. I couldn't even finish the freaking show…

  5. Prophet Of Truth: Your inability to safeguard Halo TV, was a colossal FAILURE! 😑

  6. I haven't been happy with 343 ever since they took the franchise.
    They are incompetent. They ignore all negative feedback.
    They admitted to hiring people who hate halo to form the core of the studio….

    They have a Kathleen kennedy/Anita sarkessian in BONNIE ROSS WHO EMPHASIZES DIVERSITY HIRES!




  7. Just scrap that shit from memory its not a real halo show they even say its not part of canon

  8. I would say scrap the 1st season start all over again correctly using the source material to be in the universe with no "alternative universe", have people passionate to give a dam about making something for the fans maybe for themselves too without alienating anyone, have the story not necessarily be about John 117 and idk what other time i can be missing but got dam this was a W A S T E

  9. I would've preferred to just simply NOT get a Halo show…AT ALL. If I would've known that THIS is what we were gonna get? Holy shit, man.

  10. The show is shit from wall to wall. The soundtrack is laughably bad. Also, the Asian girl is kinda hot with a normal haircut. That mullet is a war crime.

  11. Hot take: the story is weak in Halo games more often than it is good, so being overly "faithful" was never an option for a show. In my opinion, they should have stayed faaaaar away from depicting MC in a Reach/ODST kind of way, maybe a cameo or two. Also Halsey is really more of a space-Mengele than a space-Hitler.

  12. They already had a script that had nothing to do with Halo ready to go. They changed a few things that make it """work""" and then bought up the Halo IP for an established market. They are doing stuff like this all the time recently and once you recognize it you will see it in everything.

  13. I liked forward unto dawn, i dont like this, i loved that odst short film, now that… that was fuckin awesome

  14. true this TV series sucks well not really but its not in it of my expectations

  15. Dear Halo 5,

    I am sorry for all of the insults I have hurled towards your campaign's story in the past.

    Sincerely, Bio Goji 1989.

  16. Honestly, I would have preferred a slow burn show. I happen to like the Insurrection more than the Human Covenant War, so I honestly wanted to see more of that. I mean, we've seen the Human Covenant War already.

  17. Omfg thank you all my friends defend this show like its what they grew up with

  18. I hope they cancel season 2, and a completely different crew starts a fresh Halo IP after a year or two, when the memory of this debacle has faded.

  19. I think politics, as per norm with Paramount+ is the big problem… the writers took this assignment and identified the minor subplots that should have been touched on in season 4 (separatists) and instead of depicting them as a gray-area, they became the underprivileged group to play up as victims. Instead of complex ONI / Halsey / UNSC with great tension, clearly a Last Jedi fan decided to apply First Order to UNSC as they routinely decide to kill Kuan…. and BEFORE all the fans want it to happen… desperately. Someone that saw the movie Upgrade applied that to Spartan-AI relationship… some fans of Clone Wars decided to apply the brain-chip to the Spartans. If this series consists of humans suddenly getting their asses kicked on Reach, escaping with Cortana and desperately trying to regroup… this series would have made so much money… but that took a back seat to meeting political goals so the writers can brag to their equally clueless friends about how virtuous they are. Sad, and a total waste of the IP. I was very worried when I found out MS decide that Paramount+, the studio that made a 100 billion dollar Star Trek IP into a billion dollar Star Trek IP was the right group to entrust this project to. I'd like to see this series with better writing and ret-cons of the grossest screwups, and tie it into content releases in Halo Infinite…. Phil Spencer should take this project over because nobody else seems to have a clue about how to do anything right.

  20. Me after following this show: Hi Covenant, where's your glassing beam? I would like to use it.

  21. This show was just, character assassination and cringe. I don't even know why it was made. I just wish it hadn't be made. I was so disappointed.

    I also want you say, I didn't like any of the battles. If I were to rank them, the second battle was best, but even then I found it too small and just silly.

    Great video, wish we could have had fun with this show, but the whole show just sucks. So, where does it go from here? Hopefully it goes away, but S2 is already greenlit so more horribly written bullcrap.

    Anyways, great video just noticed I wasn't subbed to you, but I am now haha. Always enjoy the content keep up the great work

  22. I found the show amazing. All these kids crying that it's not like the game. Appreciate and move on mfs

  23. At this point i dont trust anyone associated with this project to be able to make anything of value, just can the show and focus on the games.
    Lord knows Infinite could use the extra money and resources.

  24. Everything. Should have been set on a small story and not the entire franchise crammed into a few seasons.

  25. EBR's thoughts on the Halo TV show: ranting for 11min about how sh!t the characters were

    My thoughts on the Halo TV even though not having actually watched it because I knew they would screw it up: Its sh!t 😐

  26. I watched whole show and its makes me feel so bad. This show must be stop rn. If they continue to season 2, it's definitely almost like mass effect game. And continue it as a soft core porn show like game of thrones. This game is huge cultural impacted game and my childhood I so much loved it,if you play this you feel you going to save the humanity and you gonna love cortana and master chief. I don't have Xbox so, so many years I waited to finish the fight. I started it on 2007. I read most of halo novels… finished all games except 5 and infinity. This game is not gta, this game not be compared with even mass effect. This is greatest game of the all time. I mean story. I is honorable.

  27. Forward unto Dawn did hall better than the show… Sad they had the money as well as sponsored by the Marine Corp as well. The show was just unnecessary talking and less action.

  28. Halo Shit Show (shitting on paramount halo series) is my new favorite YouTube genre.

  29. Is it possible to just remake the show and redo season 1 again but with people who actually know Halo

  30. its woke too… this show suspiciously have a lot of female lead roles that has a LOT of screen time.

  31. They made changes to "subveet expectation", which makes this series a bad way of being introduced to Halo, and it was made by people who don't understand Halo.
    Halo isn't about human vs human conflicts.

  32. Let me just tally all the shit I'd like too focus on real quick spoilers included

    1, forerunner objects only being able to be used by select people, literally the opposite they allowed a whole species I mean shit even human based AI could use forerunner technology

    2, the covenant are literally just halo 4 elites grunts and brutes but outfitted with ACTUAL covenant armor

    3, the chip implant I think anyone with basic knowledge of the suits and spartan program knows that these super soldiers weren't born with 12 lbs of muscle off the bat they were all given special enhancements and a chip implanted close too their brain so the armor they use doesn't commit a five nights a Freddy's reference, these suits had too have neural implants too function

    4, master chief isn't a fuckin teddy bear snowflake this mf got caught lacking 3 different times, like my boy has been trained too not act out of hand that's why he's not on the unsc's most wanted list he has acted out of hand multiple times

    Just goes too show how dumb people we expected a forward unto dawn type show then we got hit with a sike and now John's getting his dick sucked by some lady who got kidnapped by the covenant

  33. This is the most accurate review I've seen.

    The problem was not only being a bad adaptation. Its a bad sfi and drama..
    Looks proposufully made to fail. I just cant belive someone test watched this and didnt cancel it.

    The only solution I see is ''Special Editing'' this mess to reduce damage. Make it into a 3 episode ''pilot''
    and reboot the series from there.

  34. the whole reason Halo TV show is still holding up is that it's fanboys and fangirls and people who never watched halo and for those who like the show, YOU are the problem that its garbage for just liking it and inspiring them to do more. so 343 industries either wanted this to happen to us or they just let paramount do whatever the hell they wanted with halo I mean I was so excited to see my favorite game in the world be in a show but after all, they just ruined everything about halo…DAMMIT

  35. Not gonna lie. This show became kind of a guilty pleasure to watch. I knew it was bad but I couldnt wait to see what else they would mess up. The sheer stupidity of it kept me engaged.

  36. I can’t get over quans hair style at all 🤮

  37. This is how I felt after the new Uncharted movie.

  38. It went wrong Mister Cheeks took his Helmet, and show his "feelings".

  39. Halo has been mediocre for a long time. Halo fans accepted its blandness and has made it what it now is.

  40. Quan Harh is obviously the star of the series. The way she goes from being saved by the UNSC back to hating their guts in the blink of an eye, just shows that she's more complicated than my brain can comprehend. In the silvertime, line, doctor wholsie is the Rick Sanchez of the Halo series. There is no countering her genius which is so unbelievably complicated, she can Batman escape any possible real world danger. What people don't understand is the genius of the writing, which is soooo advanced the writers didn't even have to play any of the games to make it make sense.

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