The Halo TV Show Concerns Me -

The Halo TV Show Concerns Me

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The Halo TV Show is making some interesting changes to Halo, and while some aren’t that big of a deal, some do make me question why the show is even being made in the first place.

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  1. Honestly i'm glad it won't be canon to halo. My reason for this is that if they decide to change multiple things about the show that differ from the games completely, it won't ruin the game's canon.

  2. Anyone else notice the spearhead looks like unit 1 from evangelion?

  3. The amount of bionicle references in this video pleases me

  4. Wait a second, A black man as a white character? HERESY!

  5. I pretend that Red Vs Blue is canon because Caboose was an easter egg

  6. Pre existing characters designs usually don’t have ethnicity or genders detriment at all to their.. well character. So a race change of a minor character doesn’t matter in the slightest (imo). Halsey could easily be a man and the character wouldn’t really change or impact anything. Obviously there can be exceptions to this but in modern media, racial and gender diversity is often desired when casting. Look at the Witcher Netflix show. I’m a huge fan of Witcher and changing races of minor characters like fringilla Vigo doesn’t bother me in the slightest and has no detriment to the universe. Especially not to a sci-fi universe such as halo. Bit of a long winded in but there u are.

  7. Calling it : the "it's not cannon" thing will be here only to justify the cast "diversity" , everything else will probably fill inside the canon… oh man this smell bad

  8. I do gotta say though, I completely agree with what you have been saying about the show with both the non-canonicity of it and the lack of proper portrayal of their characters…but you can't have both. If it truly is set in an alternate universe, then something like Keyes being black shouldn't be an issue because that might be one of the defining characteristics of that alternate universe. Sure it's not exactly true to the source material, but you already acknowledged it wasn't going to be true to the source material by stating its disconnection with the games and the rest of the Halo universe. If it is okay for new characters to be played as both white and black actors (and any other race/gender/orientation/hot topic trait of a person), then it might just be wise to consider this new Keyes to be a different character. One that may in some ways resemble the Keyes we know from the games, but is ultimately a new character with a fresh and clean slate.

  9. I now want cowboy chief to ride a missile in the games really bad now

  10. the ethnicity change for keyes' voice actor is relatable especially towards me and other fans of the god of war franchise. im a huge fan of god of war and when i found out kratos was gonna be voiced by a person of opposite race, i felt hesitant and reluctive thinking that a black guy voicing a white guy wouldnt fit well. i thought that they would ruin the voice for kratos and to my suprise, Christopher Judge did an excellent job and it was a fitting change; so the voice change for keyes might actually be good and fit very well. i would say to have faith but dont get your hopes up.

  11. Can I just ask, i haven't watched you in a while, what are these weird bionicle things

  12. A at least halo isn’t going through what Star Wars is going through lol. Thank God. Knocks on wood.

  13. Now if the flood absorb Keyes they’re racist

  14. Ultimately, I feel like I don't mind the casting and liberties they're taking with familiar characters. Canon or not (as it seems, not). As long the storytelling and world building is good and still honors the overall "Haloness" of the universe, I'll be fine with it. End of the day I'm glad we're still getting a Halo series and am curious about the creative liberties they'll be taking for their take of Halo.

  15. I will wait and see myself as you say this upcoming halo tv show could be a master piece. But based on whats been said and heard they don't give a rats ass about canon or the lore. Nor do they care about the community halo already has. They are messing with a lot of shit in the show and i feel the halo fans will watch it but wont call it halo. Just another sci-fi show with halo assets in it.

  16. Does anyone care that Johnson looked 20 years younger in Halo 2 Anniversary than in Halo CE Anniversary?

  17. I couldnt care less if the guy playing chief was black brown white or whatever as long as he doesnt remove his helmet show any skin and sounds like chief and the exact same goes for everyone else stick to your true colours and god no white johnson please that would be so cringey but then again look at what theyve done to the little mermaid dont like the film dont care for it but the bitch is supposed to be a white ginger bitch come on !

  18. Next up :
    Period drama where Nazis raise Jew to hate Jews

  19. You hate the Duel? 😮
    That’s Blasphemy.
    I’m guessing you don’t like the Japanese style?

  20. I could not have said it better myself. This show has all the red flags of being a terrible dumpster fire. There lack of respect for their core audience is so stupid on their part. They are throwing continuity out the window and taking a shit on it, and banking on the fact that since it has the chief in it nostalgia will be enough to sell us on this show. It definitely won’t be. There literally making the same mistakes 343 made in halo 4 and 5. In regards to the casting I honestly

  21. I loved all of the halo legends shorts eeeeeeccept for one involving a said IMPORTANT soldier

  22. #DaveRead Genuine question: so do you not like that Samuel Jackson plays Nick Fury, a character who was originally white until Sam played him first in Iron Man?

  23. You already have a show its called red va blue

  24. The plot is most certainly the worst part but diversity is all the comments are focusing on. I remember these triggered anti sjw cry babies when the witcher cast was announced..and now everyone loves the show whoop-dee do it doesnt make a fucken difference what the writers or producers agenda is as artists always have one, It matters if they can actually tell a good story.

  25. Why tf would they make a non canon halo show rn

  26. 3:55 lmaooo I remember how awful that looked. You’d think with all that Microsoft money they could afford better CGI

  27. I much rather have had a halo TV show that followed a marine or a ODST and shown what the covenant war was really like that showed the devastation and hopelessness that war brought with it. It’s cool seeing the chief and Spartans but we’ve seen that enough through the games this could of been a opportunity to show the war from a different perspective.

  28. Oh god this is so embarrassing. Im ashamed to be alive during this woke bullshit.

  29. I just hate all this constant black washing. Captain Keyes is white! If they wanted a black character they already have Stg Avery Johnson! Me and all my friends hope that the show is cancelled!

  30. Also it should prolly be better than a 13 year old's edgy fanfic

  31. I just did a recap video on where the show is myself, and was getting a little self conscience that my positive take on it would be at odds with the greater community. (Judging by reddit and twitter…big mistake there) I came across your video and was so impressed and relieved by your take. It's analytical, logical and doesn't demonize or sensationalize the show hate. I respect all the points you made and they're fair ones. I know you're a staple of the Halo community judging by your subscriber count, so I have no idea how I never came across it before I don't think. But awesome job… and I hope you're wrong about the show in the best way possible! Subscribed!

  32. But I think the most egregious sin this show's gonna commit is having a human on the Covenant's side. Literally, the whole point of the Covenant's hatred of humans was that they were a threat to the San'Shyuum's power, therefore the San'Shyuum lied and ordered the genocide of the human race to cover their wrinkly butts. The whole of the Covenant (that aren't San'Shyuum) despise humans and think of them as blasphemous vermin. WHY THE FUCK WOULD THEY WANT TO ADOPT ONE?!?!

  33. The thing is they claim is to be "progressive" and "diverse" but it's literally only ever a black actor replacing a white character. If you're really trying to be diverse then why is it never an Asian or a middle eastern. Not my main point but still. It's so infuriating because they try to spoon feed you that bullshit when they couldn't give a toss about diversity, it's all about their image to the public and black representation is such a big thing is the 21st century that it wouldn't make as big of a splash if it wasn't a black person. Basically they shouldn't change already established characters but they will as long as it gives them a positive image.

  34. so, people are bitching over 1 character that got changed?

  35. Oh, so we’re not gonna see master chief, or Johnson, or anybody from the games…. whelp I’m out.

  36. I just can't wait to hear how they DARE to explain Makee. If it's a wider Covenant initiative to capture orphan humans, that would just never happen and the Prophets would never approve it. If it's a rouge group or individual, doing so would be practically impossible to hide and who would even risk it. Brutes would just eat her and Grunts are too subservient and simple to be able to do it. The only ones who could even conceivably do it would be a pirate Jackal, but they would most likely just eat her or keep her as a pet, or (and in the context of her role this is the most likely option) an Elite. But then why would an Elite risk his life, his family, his clan, and most importantly his HONOR, just to raise and protect one human girl. What a shitshow.

  37. Its not racist to be upset about ethic changes people this goes for EVERYONE. Dont let them guilt trip you lmao

  38. I swear to god, that human probably would've killed themself or kamikaze'd into humans due to their hate.

  39. My biggest problem with changing lore even if non canon, is that people who like the show and want to get into the actual lore of halo will be confused why Keyes is white and why no humans at all are part of the covenant thus leading to certain idiots calling for retcons in official lore to fit their needs.

  40. It's been some time and so far, nothing's come on the topic centering the Halo TV series, I'm have hope for the show but, the recent news surrounding it is just too, worrying 😔

  41. its obvious that I am black man but I am huge halo and comic, anime fan and been watching since the 80s. I agree with what he is saying leave the damn characters ALONE! All this sensitive bs is getting out of hand.

  42. 2:23 Haha get it? Paramount? Because those are the guys making it?

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