The Halo Tv Show: Everything I've Found Out -

The Halo Tv Show: Everything I’ve Found Out

Ms Precursor
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Since 2013 I have been following the Halo Tv show, and even after interest died off almost entirely on the internet after the Xbox Entertainment wing was shuttered. As the years passed I stalked and theorized and watched… this video is the culmination of that stalking. I apologize for this video’s length, and the rant, but this was simultaneously a theory video and a bit of a cathartic release. Also, I just got adobe editor this week and so learning how to do text tracking, etc was…an interesting experience. I apologize for the rougher parts but I know I’ll only get better!

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  1. I just finished the Halo trilogy and I'm in love with the game. This video has got me excited for the series. You got my sub.

  2. I wonder how dark the show will be. I still remember in halo new blood where buck is tramaitizing himself by watching videos of jackels and grunts eating children and babies on drago 3

  3. Not gonna lie, Soren having the choice kinda ruins the point.

  4. I don't think she was raised by the covenant. There was this weird group of rebels who claimed they were working/aligned with the covenant in the books. They weren't.just looking at the timeline, I think it's these losers who raised her.

  5. Pablo is such an incredible actor that I've always thought he was born and raised in Ireland from his Mad Sweeny performance. However, I'd hoped they would just use Steve Downes voice and not show us Chief's face as always. But since I'm sure they are looking to show us Chief's face, I think Schreiber is perfect.

  6. I love how you figuratively use 'in cryo' and 'adrift in space'.

  7. I’m impressed by the sheer amount research you have put into this, I have no idea why it’s taken you tube this long to recommend this video, I have Sub to many Halo YouTube channels. I’m worried for the TV show, they may try and make it something along the lines of caprica and make it more of a drama, and changing characters makes it non-canon, which annoys me more than it should.

  8. Even 2 months later, this video is still up to date sadly. I greatly appreciate the effort.

  9. I think that Pablo will do fine. As long as he'll stay buff and move like a soldier, his face won't matter behind the helmet.

  10. The editing with Charlie was spot on. Great vid 🙏🏻

  11. My biggest worry so far is the lack of advertisement about the show, I literally just so happen to stumble upon an actor who is in the show and i flipped out when i saw "Halo Tv Series (filming)" on IMDB.
    Side note i just say a video from IGN, saying Cortana has been recast to have Jen Taylor play her!

  12. I know I'm a little late, but thanks so much for posting this. I got my first Xbox in 2002 when I was in 10th grade and Halo came with it. Been a die-hard Halo fan ever since. I've been waiting for a Halo movie/show for almost 2 decades and seen multiple projects fall through, bums me out every time. REALLY hoping this one doesn't fall through as well. The fact that they resumed filming in Budapest and the cast of Spartans are posting workout pics together tells me its FINALLY going to happen. Its real this time. I am so pumped now. Keep us posted.

  13. Thanks for posting this. Alas, finding information on it is rather difficult and trying.

  14. Oh good, now I can jump on this hype train. Thanks, I guess? 🙂

  15. The main thing I have a problem with the casting for Miranda is her being a scientist. She was never a scientist, and had no interest in being a scientist, so much so Halsey put her in a scientist vessel while a covenant skirmish was happening, what did she do? Ram the vessel in a Covenant ship, so showing she wants the front lines in space.

  16. imagine if they add the flood to the tv series, it will be terrifying

  17. How many seasons y’all think this will get?

  18. The idea of a halo series is about the only thing that can excite me at this point. I've seen every single franchise I love crash and burn in the last 5 years, so I really just hope they can do justice to the source material. I'm very cautiously optimistic about new movies and shows in general, but this has really got me hot and bothered.
    Halo is my favorite franchise, and even after halo 5 viciously mouth raped the story moving forward I still can't help but feel giddy like a child at the idea of this show. I always say that halo is like the Lord of the rings of the video game industry. Not that they're similar stories at all, but the depth and care put into the backstory of the universe surrounding the main story is incredible, and the amazing expensive universe full of stories to tell hasn't been touched at all. Really hope they can pull it off.
    Thanks for the info dump, it's actually really nice to know that work is being done on the series because I remember being excited for the announcement, but then it just kinda dropped off the radar and they stopped talking about it.
    Great vid, keep up the good work!!

    Also you have a very nice soothing voice btw, I'd love to hear you do audio versions of the halo books.

  19. Subscribed! Just discovered the channel. Excellent quality. Good work Ms Precursor

  20. Halo VFX directed me here, you're a really underrated youtuber

  21. Damn, they are all huge…even the women!!! Perfect!!!

  22. You should be voice actor. You’d probably make millions.great vid btw

  23. Hollywood and it's capitalist cronies will ruin it. Just like they did star wars. 😑

  24. Well this is major BS ! Unfortunately I can't sub to EVERY DAMN Video Channel out there, as it is I pay 200 + $$$ for Internet and Cable. I have HBO GO, MAX and Netflix.

  25. neil blomkamp would honestly be perfect to direct a halo movie though

  26. This was an amazing video and it makes me happy to see other people so interested in a Halo TV show. The potential for a Halo TV show is so unreal I just hope it gets treated with care and gets the budget it deserves.

  27. Nah he’s perfect he’s a good ass actor especially in den of thieves just hope they don’t take the helmet off

  28. You need to watch Ex Machina or another Alex Garland film if you believe that. With the assets from District 9, they would have made an excellent Halo movie. You're underestimating one of the greatest writers of our generation when you doubt the pricelessness of Garland's Halo movie screenplay – it should still be made today.

  29. Awesome video. Appreciate the rollup on this much anticipated show. I hope we get to see the Spartan IIs in Mk1 MJOLNIR in a Sicario-style raid on Insurrectionist territory, being the boogeymen the UNSC made them into

  30. Is the movie Canon? Thanks for this breakdown.

  31. I wont lie, i think I'd be far more confident in the quality of this TV show if Bungie was overseeing it rather than 343i.

    After all the disappointments we've had from 343i in the games and even the films so far (though they were good, they were far from what they could have been), my biggest concern is whether they will use the correct art style for the time period (aka halo reach/halo 3 covenant species, vehicle and weapon designs and marine armour designs).

    I am fully onboard for this TV show, i just dont wanna get my hopes up and be disappointed because 343i clearly dont understand the Halo universe like Bungie did.

  32. Danny Sapani would be perfect for the role of Sergeant Johnson.

  33. A human being raised by either a sangheili or some splinter group of the covenant does not completely strain the bounds of canon.

    It was mentioned in either one of the video games proper, or in one of the Eric Nylund novels, that some sangheili are wondering why the humans have to be eradicated? Why can't they simply be inducted into the covenant? If the unggoy are worthy, why not humans?

  34. When you do intelligence for a halo tv show. And you use ONI as your background……… noice job.

  35. I don't understand how you only have a few hundred subscribers! Also, Ms Precursor. I'm wondering if you ever plan on reading to us more Halo books? I very much enjoy your narration

  36. Oh dear, no trailer yet and it looks like WOKE has risen its ugly head before we've even seen a bite from it.
    Why do I get the idea that it'll be just a very few CGI action scenes padded out with people talking about their feelings, just like everything else we are meant to lap up without complaint. (example – The Expanse season 5)
    Why is it impossible just to create a series around the game lore universe?
    Ah, budget of course and agenda politics.

  37. This is an awesome video.. was looking for something exactly like this..
    Honestly i am happy that its a tv series and not a movie… much more time for individual character arcs (make no mistake i want 117 as the main character), more time for world building and introduce floods at the end of last episode for the next season.. que warthog run theme song

  38. I feel there was an missed opportunity to call Chief's new team light blue team.

  39. Great video. I think the people the complain about the Chief being a main character are really people that only played the games. The Chief is a great character in the books. Bungie really tried to deny the Chief any characterization in the games when compared to the books.

  40. I was expecting a post credit scene like in Ferris Buellers day off

  41. I would much rather have vin diesel as the master chief more than Pablo mainly because 1st off vin diesels voice despite it not being as raspy as Steve downs I still think vin diesels voice would hit it dead on, and 2nd since vin diesel has played as a badass in a lot of the fast and furious movies including blood shot, would fit master chief perfectly

  42. Been waiting for the halo movie/series/anything since 2006 when Peter Jackson was supposed to be on it. 15 years of waiting for this

  43. 25:00 a bit?! I'd say most of the fanbase is royally pissed off and rightfully so

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