The Halo TV Show Gets A New Director...Again - IGN Daily Fix -

The Halo TV Show Gets A New Director…Again – IGN Daily Fix

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In today’s Daily Fix, the Halo TV series gets a new director, the Haunting of Hill House gets a second season, and The Division 2 gets a new trailer.

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  1. This was announced back in 2013, during the reveal of the One. There are already talks of the next gen console. Is anyone actually still interested in this?

  2. I wish they wouldn't even bother. I know it's going to be a boring military drama about a brown-haired marine or an ODST, with three seconds of Spartans per season.

    Just get ahold of a decent animation studio and make a cartoon about S-III Headhunters or something. That would actually be hype.

  3. She kinda looks like Sasha Gray in that thumbnail. SCHWING!

  4. Sydney seems very immature and over acting unprofessional replace her ASAP

  5. Pls keep Sydnee away from DailyFix. Shes just a sexobject for 90% of your community…

  6. I like Jacki, but Sydnee must come back.

  7. Seen Jacki do the Alita premiere. She did excellent.

  8. Controversial – I prefer Jacki to Sydney 😮

  9. Halo tv series? Just watch Red vs Blue

  10. Why American/British/European mixed Asians are more beautiful than Pure Asians…always wondered

  11. Daily fix featuring 1960s newscaster voice

  12. i think francesca rivera should be here, shes funny

  13. No No, Jackie is just fine too! Hair looks great Jacki.

  14. It would be cool to have an actor from Hill House portray or cameo another for Bligh Manor! I’m excited to see it take on an older novella!

  15. Petition for jacki to become the new daily fix host! Let’s make it happen

  16. Jacki ( sching!! ) I mean what a very nice woman 🤣

  17. I second that comment on Sydney haha ^-^

  18. at least 30 percent of all the favourite fictional titles is going to be a tv serie why not put them on the big screen will be better that way.

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