The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD | Asmongold Reacts to The Act Man -

The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD | Asmongold Reacts to The Act Man

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Asmongold Reacts to “The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD” by The Act Man

The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD

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  1. The funny thing is that the guys making the Halo Wars games are apparently the only ones who understand what the Halo fans want these days. Have you seen Halo Wars 2's cutscenes? They are more Halo than this show and all recent 343 Halo games combined. And all they did was giving a spartan a hand full of one liners and showing him off as a total badass that wrecks some brutes.

    That's all this show needed to be.. and instead they decided to make it into such a mess. From a story perspective it's even worse than Halo Infinite, which is quiete an achievement as far as I am concerned!

  2. It really became obvious that we were getting a live action adaptation of someone's fanfiction when they decided to have a John sex scene.

    They did everyone dirty in that one scene getting rid of the chip that represses sexual urges, John getting stripped down in the open being hunted by military, having his partner be a known terrorist and covenant supporter, and F*CKING MAKING CORTANA WATCH WTF🤮.

  3. I am not a huge fan of Halo since I didn't grew up with but Something that has been bothering me are these adaptations.

    And also Did Master Chief ever show his face in the games ? I never saw it I didn't play them but from everything I never saw his face like shown online for the most part aside from the backstory.

  4. From 2001 to 2009? Lol, maybe on consoles. Couldn't even hold a candle to Quake 3, CS 1.6 and Unreal Tournament. Nobody even knew what stuff like Halo or God of War was outside of a tiny self-enclosed demographic of console users who were perverted enough to enjoy being fucked in the ass by using a controller in an FPS game.

  5. bro master chief was never face less he has allways been john siera 117 , this is following the books that came out when games did . read them back then as a kid and this shit all pretty mutch matches besides the chosen one bitch and the sex ect.

  6. Man I was sayin that about warcraft from the beginning. I got into Warcraft’s story at 3 and understood everything fine despite not playing 1/2.

    They should’ve started with the wc3 story first then done 1 and 2 later as prequels when it got the precedent of success to do so

  7. Seems like they've done to Halo what Amazon did to the Wheel of Time, that was a shockingly bad adaptation.

  8. Now I am imagining a live action naruto series where they show Kakashi's face 20 minutes into the 1st episode for no reason and its just John

  9. To me the worst thing about the Halo tv show is the addition of Kwan Ha. I hate her character with a passion, its reasoning, its attitude, the acting itself, it makes me cringe. I mean, the show writers actually gave and entire episode (ep 7 if I'm not wrong) to this character for no reason, and half of the time in the other episodes is dedicated to this worthless and dumbly written "diverse" character that no one cares about.
    Just….why? I wanted to see the Chief or the other spartans in action, or even the military top or lower brass chatting and maybe building up the lore of the situation, not some idiotic kid trying to fuck up everything she touches, trying to build up her character to maybe establish some growth in the future. Or if you want to do that, at least create an interesting character, not some dumb "diverse" female character with little to no personality trying to act like a child that is not even capable of critical thinking……
    I didn't mind too much the story of this "John Halo" *coff coff*, I mean, it was obvious they were trying to do something different, and I was open to it, but stop inserting some random "diverse" character to push some stupid message about girl's power….. as a wise man said, "Show, don't tell".

  10. 22:3723:08
    That's why i love Ash vs evil dead, every sad moment, every buildup was turned into a joke on purpose, to mock other shows.

  11. I always pictured myself behind the helmet.

  12. It's like making a spin off of "the man with no name" and sharing his name, he has a wife and kids, and is struggling with the bank.

    Who tf asked?!

  13. Holy shit I did not watch any Episode of it but I'm glad I did not after watching that Video, this is horrible

  14. I would have been fine with the x scene if MC had his helmet on the entire time.

  15. I never played a halo game because I'm not an fps guy but I would have loved to watch the show if it adapted the game's scenario.

  16. Option 1: Research all the lore, books, games, demographic, and every other thing that would contribute to make a better series
    Option 2: YOLO it

  17. Lmao I spat out my drink when I first heard Chris hansen 😂

  18. Riot released arcane, stuck to the real lore and managed to greatly broaden their audience. Almost as if you let what created the fan base in the first place shine.

  19. I'm not watching a LOTR series when it has female dwarfs without beards!!!!
    Female dwarfs should have beards!!!

  20. Keep Chiefs helmet on and not many emotions from him. Add Spartans from lore that are fan favs or Spartans that have good characteristics that an actor could play.

  21. Halo TV series summary:

    A messed up adaptation which 'appears' to be a 'miscommunication' between the series's fans, and the lack of passion thereof. No originality, just some default tv series meta; nudity, feminism, and diversity(not a problem in by itself since the series was already diverse to begin with)

    The writers of the script seems to be more passionate about male nudity than some pewpewpew and bang bang(which the series fans expected the most), and turned an action figure into some erp mf…

    this is no longer an epic action series where lasers and shredded aliens because, "excessive violence"….

  22. I'm not a Halo fan, never played any of the games. But given my experience with other adaptations and their failures I think the most common problem is – creators of adaptation just do not get the core of the characters and stories they want to adapt. They do not even try to do so. Asmon is right – it's often the adaptation creator's ego that causes it. I would also add one more thing – the disdain towards the source material. It's something that can make live-action adaptations of animations and film adaptations of video games/books/comics crash and burn in the end.

    Ah, the relation between The Witcher books and games is complicated – given the infamous, enormous ego of Andrzej Sapkowski. It's a well-known shitfest here in Poland. And yeah, the books came waaaaay before the games – the first short story is from 1986!

  23. Apparently, this was a such a huge success that the second season has already been lit.

  24. Funny stories, i leanred recently that my boss loves the show. You will not believe how hard it was to hold my tongue in that conversation. I just let him recommand it to me and moved on.

  25. The absolute sheer audacity to even hint that one of the MOST SUCCESSFUL video game franchises is holding you back in terms of narrative is fucking ridiculous

  26. Its funny to see all those hardcore fans malding 😀 show was 8/10 nothing exeptional but not bad either.

  27. What annoys me are the people who will watch anything and say "yeah that was good, I liked it" when whatever they watched is actually pretty bad but you can't argue with them because they inevitably bring out the "its just a show dude" card.

  28. Look up the directors of shows like this who have perverted these franchises on Wikipedia and you'll start to notice a pattern.

  29. So glad you saw this, it wraps up the current state of adaptations these days and it should be called out for what it is. We’re getting so tired of disappointment that can easily be prevented if they didn’t let their ego get in the way

  30. Truth is, Bungie got tired of being forced to make Halo games by Microsoft and wanted out after making Halo 3, but were contractually obligated to make one more game so they made Reach. They wanted creative control back to make what they wanted to make; ODST exists and was made purely because there was a big demand for such a game to be made on the forums, it was a game made purely for the fans and it's sales reflected that, it wasn't a big deal and not much of a budget was needed as it used the Halo 3 engine. Not going to go into details but yeah Destiny and Bungie would of both turned out very different if Destiny got source funded by the fans like Warframe did, but instead Bungie turned to Activsion and their run in with Activision destroyed the company. It's been 4 years since Bungie has been in control of their own company again, but now everyone who mattered is gone, the Bungie we knew died somewhere between 2013 and 2015. Anyway, I'm going off topic… very few people from the original Bungie still cared about Halo, so very few of them jumped ship to 343, those who did jump ship either soon after left after making Halo 4 or only cared about using it as a vehicle to climb the corporate ladder in Microsoft to a well paying lazy management job. 343 has been since it's inception a rotating door of exploiting underpaid tech school grad students, underpaid post grad students, industry vets who work only by contract who all come and go who often came from backgrounds of development with zero prior experience with fps games or from working on fps genres which are completely unrelated to arena shooters such as idTech Engine based games such as DOOM or Call of Duty, as opposed to having experience with area games like the OG Halo games and Unreal.

    It's only in the last few years as a lot of ex-Arena Shooter genre devs and a bunch of Bungie staff who got tired of Bungie went back to Microsoft and jumped back into working on Halo that we got finally a good Halo game again, been a decade.

    Then Microsoft does this, hands the IP to Amazon… I mean… what did they honestly expect would happen? It would be getting the writing and respect it deserves? No, It would get the same treatment Wheel of Time and Middle Earth got, with CGI so bad that it made the rubber suits and balsawood guns from the Halo 3 ads look more real.

  31. His videos need a McConnell warning label

  32. Had episodes 1-9 preloaded ready to go. Struggled through 3 episodes and then gave up and deleted the lot.

  33. They could have have hired Halo fans who have grown up with the game. There are lots of them in the industry. Instead, they hired from the pool that probably hate the character. I think they call them diversity hires.

  34. Problem with the emotional and the screaming and the ultra violent behaviour he is showing instead of doing master chief like he is… Is because the narrative is to teach us to be angry and more violent, it even starts in the kid shows. This is how the cabal gets us and will use it against ourselves.

  35. 38:28 Just for all the people in chat saying that Halo 5 was worse than 4; we know, The Act Man knows, everybody knows, that wasnt the point

    To a certain extent Halo 5 DID succeed in pulling in a "broader audience" trying to be CoD, thats why it is the most divisive Halo game and still has its core audience, sure the game sucked ass lol but it is a fact that it did bring a new audience to Halo, as damaging as that was lol

  36. I remember when people thought forward unto dawn was the worst it could get 😂😂😂

  37. The fact that there is so much lore, books, games in the halo universe basically means the story is already written for you!

  38. It was the Arbiter that fought Tartarus and it wasn't a 1v1

    Also in the pre 343 books Chief has his helmet off in scenes and they describe what he looks like. Having the helmet come off in show is not going against the source material, what's bad about it is that it comes off straight away and hardly ever goes back on, he's hardly ever in combat and not even in the armour most of the time. The plot itself is retarded and nothing like the pre 343 games and supporting books, that's why it's shit. I mean Sgt Johnson isn't even the show…

  39. The only good thing about the witcher season 1 is Henry Cavill tho. Only. Rest is pretty much bullsh t, no matter the comparison, games or books or both.

  40. Honestly, they could have kept even that "I take my helmet off to show me I am like you"-scene. Just do not show US THE VIEWERS the face. Hide Chief from the camera with a well placed wall, and next to the wall, you see chief's hands that hold his helmet. "See? I'm a human too." Then the hands pull back and the magic is still there. And after that just rewrite everything to make it good. Okay keep the battle-scenes, they were dope.

  41. It's like the Warcraft story after Wotlk. Established characters suddenly act totally different (out of character) and the story goes to shit

  42. Actually downloaded S1 last night and proceeded to delete it 5 minutes in to this video xD x(

  43. I feel so bad for the guy that play master chief ngl, imagine playing your fave character only for it to get shit on by everyone lol

  44. This show proved to me that IMDB ratings are scuffed by either bots or some third party/marketing company.

    When you look at the rating, it shows so many 10/10 votes. Although continue to scroll down into the actual reviews, there is not a SINGLE review above 4.

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