The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD -

The Halo TV Show Is Extremely BAD

The Act Man
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The Halo TV Show is one of the worst video game adaptations to cinema I’ve ever seen. I simply had to rant on it’s existence and everything wrong with it. It would have been so easy to follow the original story instead of all this phony crap they came up with.

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  1. Careful. Steven Spielberg might call your mom.

  2. Here in the UK, we have yet to experience this turd of a show.

  3. I played Halo 4 when it came out. Haven't so much as thought about playing 5, and you couldn't pay me to watch this fanfiction.

  4. If they reveal chief face, atleast do it like mandalorian did

  5. To paraphrase about how I feel about this show: "Thanks chief, you know your a real pal for throwing margarita salt on the wound there, perhaps you would like to poke me in the eye with a umbrella straw while your at it?" -Ash Williams (Evil Dead: Fistful of Boomstick)

  6. everyone who worked on that show is willingly and grossly incompetent and should not be allowed within 100 ft of any production ever again by court order.

    the only somewhat good thing is that this error isn't considered canon so let's just give them what they deserve: utter contempt and disgust

  7. Yeah this Fake Halo show is literally 2 out of 10 !

  8. Reads title
    Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes

  9. Couldn’t even finish your video after you pulled the “he took his helmet off” hysteria. It blows my mind that grown ass men really can’t understand why in reality nobody would live in armor because it’s cool. Chief took his helmet off because he’s a soldier he’s not fucking Batman. I’m glad paramount isn’t bending to whiny joe and these other fuck boy YouTubers who cultivate an incel audience. I realize now why 343 and paramount ignore you people.

  10. 343 portfolio is just disappointment after disappointment when it comes with Halo
    Also isn't Master Chief technically mentally a child still due to the fact that of the indoctrination as a kid never actually growing up mentally or am I just wrong which makes that sex scene very very wrong

  11. Honestly I haven't seen the show but I know what's in it because if how much people are complaining. I'd rather watch The Room. I love that movie.

  12. I think they could've gotten a lot out of showing how the master chief became what he is, like the abduction, the training etc and work its way up the timeline until it gets to the events of CE.
    I really enjoyed reading The Fall of Reach and I think a lot of the stuff in there would've made for great content to watch.

  13. 5:30
    Acting Male : "I don't bow down to copyright abusers who don't understand fair use"
    Quantum : "Huh, wonder who that's for…"

  14. 9:10 or even in fucking Mandalorian, do you think the serie would be as good if Mando took his helmet off every 5 seconds

  15. Dragon Ball fans be like: If I have to suffer, so do you

  16. Anyone notice that captain keys is black instead of white

  17. 13:22 around the time halo infinite came out, Microsoft released a mini audio series on spotify that featured foehammer

  18. Alicia※※LOVE※SEX※🅿️🅰️rty says:

    “We want halo to appeal to a brother audience” is the stupidest excuse to give in today’s tv era. Doom patrol and the Mandalorian show us that you can have interesting characters with mask and talented body actors. And if they wanted to do a game of thrones type show then just retell reach, yeah you would blow your load in the first season but I take one amazing season over a stupid and mediocre show.

  19. 3:38
    Uh… Master Chief always commits war crimes. Not of that nature though, but yeah.

    How many surrendering grunts does he bathe in the blood of?

  20. It’s gotta be Microsoft fucking this up, right? Like, I can see 343 really loving what halo was but we’ve got Microsoft pushing and pushing everything as far from what Bungie made as possible. Probably just because they’re petty as fuck. The problem is BUNGIE MADE SOMETHING INCREDIBLE WITHOUT MICROSOFT’S CRINGY HOVER-PARENTING. It’s almost like Bungie was telling the story of themselves(Chief)making creative successes happen while being under Microsoft’s(UNSC) demanding and completely unimaginative tyranny.

    I don’t know when or how the passion that once guided game development lost its place but it definitely has. Money has usurped passion’s place in the industry and what we get now is an ugly, grey, homogeneous slop only a machine could generate. I fear that if the Halo 3/Gears of War 2 era was the golden era of gaming, the 90s Nickelodeon of video games…it’s been over for a while and we’re just getting syndicated reruns(remaster/remakes) to fund the production of what creative feces that remains after the money monster has broken down a past success to a list of bullet points and eaten all the ones it likes. I’ve hated 343 since reach but I can’t imagine anyone willingly jumping on board this train out of love for the franchise when the destination is anywhere close to this joke the franchise has become. But maybe they were a company of people that was passed up for the latest call of duty and needed a win so they rebranded and became the halo replacements and that’s why they’re okay with making whatever they’re told, even if Microsoft ruins their second biggest IP ever. Idk, I’m mad.

  21. Capturing a "broader audience" should involve expanding on what made you such a success in the first place, if you're as big as Halo. It's obvious that the people in charge haven't the faintest idea what that is.

  22. The devs haven’t played halo or seen the comics/novels

  23. Bungie: We intentionally made him lifeless , no personality, a husk. That way, people could take his role easily and make their own story. It's easier to relate to him this way.
    Show: SEX?!

  24. I try my best to find out about this show without having to see what "Master Chief" looks like, and it's so difficult.
    I will just have to listen to this one, keep it up Act Man ♥

  25. I'm not going to watch the series.
    I saw what happened to Star Wars.
    Why does corporate America hate my childhood so much???
    What did I ever do to them???

  26. I like halo 4 and infinite. Not gonna talk about halo 5

  27. I’ve completely disassociated the show with Halo, the show is just some sci-fi bullshit that I don’t fuck with at all.

  28. Would of prefered the show be a prequel to combat evolved detailing johns story on reach. Have master cheif never take his helmet off and be voiced by the guy who does the voice from the game.

  29. I never played a single halo game so I thought I would watch this as an introduction to the Halo universe, oh boy I'm glad I didn't watch it yet

  30. Take halo out of the name of the show coz this ain't halo.

  31. "Why is Chief screaming all the time ? And don't say it's because he removed his Emotional Inhibitor Chip-"
    If I was none the wiser, I would said they stole from The Star Wars Prequels

  32. I don't know why but this show always makes me feel like I'm looking at a scuffed Mass Effect show cuz seriously if you replaced the covenant with the reapers, the insurrectionists with cerberus and the unsc with the alliance you would maybe have a somewhat decent show about Mass Effect, but idk it's just some food for thought.

  33. the creator said he didn't played the game so making a TV Show out of a game you DIDN"T played will turnout to be a disaster
    this TV show is just another mediocre BS but this time it's using Halo as the name

    it's reminding me of Netflix Death Note

  34. Halo tv show is basically what The mandalorian possible mistakes, if Mando had a sex scene, a 1st episode face reveal, Mando getting angry for no reasons all the time, stupid characters. It would have NEVER WORKED.

  35. My 69 year old grandmother thought the show stunk and she knows nothing about Halo.

  36. When you compare The Mandalorian face reveal and the Master chiefs you can truly see bad writing, what a missed opportunity.

  37. I love how YouTube thinks this video is about Mass Effect

  38. I've got a better question. Why are you ripping on shows like this, when there's Riverdale, The Flash, Altered Carbon season 2 (Had to highlight this, the sex/wokism in season 2 killed one of the best shows I've seen on TV), fear the walking dead, SURVIVOR… Or any number of long-running shows that are absolute dog-shit? I haven't seen the last episode of this show yet, but from the several I've seen so far, there's only one sex scene (which I gladly skipped over). Given that I've often had to skip over entire half-episodes of Riverdale due to all the sex scenes, and pointless, pseudo-romantic dialog; this is pretty timid in contrast. And the action is good in this show. It actually keeps me interested, and watching, and eager to see new episodes. That's more than I can say for most of the content on TV these days.. There's literally entire shows that run purely around the concept of sexualizing women.. But you're ripping on this, of all things..

  39. this aint halo honestly i like watched a few episodes with a friend and we were honestly confused if it was supposed to be halo or some sorda drama using assests from halo

  40. So we taking bets on when this video will be copyright claimed?

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