The Halo TV Show is Terrible... -

The Halo TV Show is Terrible…

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Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar again! This time we take a look at the television show based on one of the biggest gaming franchises in the world and how completely off the mark it feels. Thanks for watching!
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  1. I dont understand why the covenant are just a little side note and aren't a problem to anyone and that the UNSC is the big bad

  2. The writers are basically following the plot of Mass Effect 1 and pretending that we're not going to notice.

    They even included an Easter Egg that alludes to Commander Sheppard in a line of dialogue in Episode 1.

    Chief touching the forerunner pillar then getting visions is literally Commander Shepard touching the Prothean beacon from ME1.

    All the shots with Chief walking around in just the black undersuit look alot like Sheppard walking around in that N7 undersuit.

    The random nudity. The forced romance story between John and Makee.

    These are all elements from the Mass Effect universe that were completely absent from the Halo games or novels.

    This shit is clearly not fucking Halo.

  3. “I like halo, I think he’s a pretty cool guy”

  4. Thought it was a good show, seems that most people agree it's good as well, but if you guys wanna be cool and hate things because your fictional Sci fi TV show loosely based off of a video game you mostly screamed the n word in 20 years ago showed some butts you do you I guess. Personally I tend to look at literally everything else instead of the 5 minutes of the show everyone likes to rant about. It's not a masterpiece and has alot of cheese but that's literally halo. The most interesting part of the entire video game series plot wise was driving a warthog and blowing shit up dramatically. Let's be honest no one gave a fuck about the sub plots until the show. None of us when we were 14 were up in our seats WISHING cortana would talk another hour. Stay mald

  5. I am constantly reminded why it was a good idea that i decided not to watch this.

  6. This is one of the dumbest things ive seen in tv history.
    "We like the halo universe but we dont know anything about it"
    So youre too lazy to make your own story so you take a well known franchise, throw everything about it to trash and try to sell it with sex… This is beyond pathetic.

  7. Just think, if they made a show based on Halo Reach, call it say "Halo: The Fall Of Reach" it would've smacked so hard if it followed the Halo Reach seriousness, narrative, and plot.

  8. The fact they the writers admitted that they were not going to look at the games for inspiration or basic info about the Halo Universe told me everything I needed to know about the show.

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  10. I work as a supporting artist (background extra) in film and television and I often get to met people working on upcoming projects and releases like (hair and makeup and AD's(assistant directors) as well as other SA's (supporting artists)), as a fan and a player of the games and extended universe I couldn't be more glad I got to speak to a few people on the production before all of this came out. The conversations I had with everyone I kept meeting whom had worked on the halo series gave me so little confidence in the show that I honestly had lost all interest in the series months before the series launched, they kept talking about how the show would be more for "everyone" how much chief would be taking off his helmet (which even they thought was odd even as halo casuals) and when id mention lore they'd tell me stuff like "That sounds cool but I think they're more trying to do their own thing" big yikes

  11. Wah, I love how bad dweebs freak out over movies and TV shows that don't take their cartoons and video games seriously enough 🤣🤣🤣

  12. Bruh i swear if she turns out to be pregnant and the child is the chosen one im giving up on this franchise 😂 anyone want to place bets 😂😂

  13. The real Chief would slap this guy around like a bitch

  14. This show is more absurd than the halo plasmaposting foot fetish…

  15. The show struggles with not sticking to the source but it isn’t entirely bad, it’s just really different, hopefully season 2 they finally play the games and actually work with it

  16. The halo TV series is basically lily's garden and lily's garden ads.

  17. Halo Infinite cost $500 million to make, that's where I think you confused the $500 million budget for Halo 2 with since Halo 2 only $40 million which is still less than half the $90 million dollar budget the Tv Show got.

  18. 11:00 close your eyes and see if you can tell whether its joe rogan or muta 😂

  19. Basically 90million down the drain, while also disrespecting the community and lore of this great series.
    I'm disappointed and annoyed a series I grew up with, is having their name used to shill this hot garbage.
    Shouldn't be renewed for a 2nd season, needs a start over with an actual director/production team that is invested in the series/lore and would do it the justice it deserves.

  20. the show was made….

    just for master chief to get laid…

  21. Seems the only youtuber that actually likes this Is Installation00

  22. From a sci-fi guy who only played a bit of the single-player of the first Halo, on PC 20 years ago, I LOVE this show. Sure it has some cringy things, but it is giving me the Stargate SG1 tingles with its sets, deep lore and (most) characters it squeezed out of its budget, going beyond just being a guilty pleasure.

  23. I think you meant, with the show going the other way, "baffles the average gamer", not person..

  24. Muta, could you pleassse add the podcast channel to your channels tab. I always want to go over to there podcast after watching your videos and it would make it a lot more convenient

  25. Imagine making a TV show while proudly saying “yeah, I don’t care about the source material. What you gonna do about it?”

  26. I really like the tv show. I care about halo, played all the games, read some books too. I dont think different neccesarily means bad. I actually kind of enjoy seeing chief out of character.

  27. If I didn't know any better I'd say this is a mass effect live action

  28. Originaly the ONI is who helps dr.halsey to create the spartan project, also the ONI is guilty of a lot of shady plans and war crimes in the original story, here in the paramount series its the ONI doesnt exist.

  29. You know shit's bad when even Mutha says it's bad.

  30. lol seems to me you and moist are using each others stuff….

  31. It not only isn't a good halo tv
    It's just not good at all.
    It's full of cliché and they managed to show mc like a really stupid character
    I hate every single character in the show
    As a whole and as an adaptation of halo

  32. honestly halo wasn't even that good.
    360 owners felt like they had the cutting edge.
    Sony PlayStation forever.
    having 3 -5 good games on a system is depressing.
    ps2 era best era.
    upgrade to pc.
    Consoles are just the retarded brother.
    i care about halo as much as alec baldwin.
    alec is a reverse oj case.
    have a nice day.
    and stop caring about halo.

  33. "… We didn't look at the game and we didn't talk about the game. We talked about the characters and the world. …"

    And this is why we should stop caring for any Game-related movie, because it is just anything, but that.
    This is a huge issue that every new entry of game-related movie, has. They probably just look out for the quick cash grab and shut down critics.

  34. People would enjoy it more if they understand its not supposed to be so similar to the games.

  35. Sjw leftist pyschos ruin every singke thing they get involved with

  36. Did not really play halo except for halo 3 multiplayer but i love the show. Think it is pretty great.

  37. Hey I really liked this video. Personally, I grew up with the halo games and it is perhaps one of the most sentimental and nostalgic pieces of media in my life, so of course having a tv show got me real giddy. And I'll be honest… I actually enjoy the show? I think going in, knowing it deviates from source material, makes it easier to enjoy (I believe they did say they looked at the novels and take a lot of inspiration from there, so imma give them that one.). Would it have been good if they looked at the video games? Fuck yes, considering, as you said, most of the halo fans come from the video games. But they are associated with 343 Industries which isn't as bad as having 0 affiliation to the halo games imo. At least there is some kind of input or voice or something about the video games happening, albeit small.
    I think what I really like the most is that so far we're seeing A LOT of exploration on morality with the UNSC and such. Particularly the early halo games, there isn't too much of that — it is very much more so action-y, which of course isn't bad, but it isn't nearly as nuanced as the tv show has delivered. I don't mind some deviations personally, I think creative freedom is very important and if I wanted a carbon copy of the story, I'd just play the games. Unfortunately as well, media that doesnt cater to an outside audience tends to tank, look at blade runner 2049 for example. But I do agree with the masses that Master Chief takes off his helmet way too much. The face reveal should have been built up more, and I mean, at least keep the helmet on when out in combat duty ya know? Discovering their budget was only 90 million does make me think that they may have taken it off more often due to budgeting reasons.
    I also really enjoy the brutality the covenant show, which really makes them feel more terrifying, and the spartans only more cool when they drop on site and kick some asses. It really gave me that feeling of, these are the heroes of humanity, we're saved. Makee has me a bit disappointed though. Covenant human doesnt sound all that bad considering Reclaimers are needed to activate forerunner tech, so it seems logical and strategic to have a reclaimer indoctrinated into your religion to willingly activate these keystones for you. What I had hoped was that Makee would give us the Covenant perspective of the story, I'd hope we would see more of the San'Shyuum, True Clarity, and the foundations of The Covenant Religion. So seeing her pretend to be this prisoner and share scenes with the UNSC and master chief so quickly was just. Disappointing. After the latest episode I do hope that changes.
    I excuse Chief's irregular behaviour since I do get the feeling that experiencing emotions for the first time after being suppressed for so long very well may make him prone to extreme emotions, and maybe explains why it was so easy for him to boink — new sensations, new experiences, heightened emotions etc.
    I just really appreciate that your critiques were that. Actual critiques. Not ranting about how much you hate Kwan or something for some dumb reason (and dont get me started on people getting pissed off that 'Cortana isnt blue!' and 'why is Miranda and Jacob Keyes not white?!'). The hate people give Kwan feels eerily similar to the hate Rose got in Star Wars — which yes for sure Rose was poorly written, but the hate the actress got was ridiculous and unnecessary and just felt like misogyny on roids. Some comments I see about Kwan just give off that vibe. (I also like that we get a perspective of the insurrectionists through a young naiive freedom fighter. Really interesting and kinda pog. Dont understand why people hate her? I get the feel it is the m-word people tend to hate.)
    And some of the 'suggestions' Ive seen people give to try and 'fix' the show would seriously just make it worse (Saw someone say that they hope at the end of the season the real master chief shows up and Pablo was just pretending to be chief? Srsly dumb.). For some on the internet, it does feel like people are hating it for the most miniscule reasons that it really dilutes actual conversations of serious critiques and praise. The show certainly has gotten things wrong, but it has definitely gotten some things right too, and I really — truly hope that season 2 we see the showrunners take on the serious critiques and fix them to really make this show special and great (firstly, please let Pablo wear the helmet at least when on the ground in potentially hostile territory.) because if there's one thing the show got it, and you mentioned it, the show has the feel of halo. Hopefully they seriously consider looking at the games, at least for inspiration, and take on board some of the online critiques.
    Maybe im just too optimistic, but I really do what to see this show continue running. If this gets cancelled, I dont think we will ever see another halo tv show, so I want to atleast give this show a try and hope it improves more and more. (also lmao sorry to readers who see this train wreck of a comment. I'm terrible at being coherent.)

  38. I know this ain't made by UWE BOLL, but gonna punish him for this too. Just because.

  39. "oh cool a Halo series I'm goin- aaaand his helmet is off 😒"

  40. Within lore, yes, Spartan II's can have children.
    There was one female Spartan II who does have a child but that's it.

    They don't have large/massive sex drives because they're more brainwashed and set on being obedient soldiers to follow orders

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