The Halo TV Show Just Got GOOD -

The Halo TV Show Just Got GOOD

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The Halo TV Show on Paramount plus finally gets good and Master Chief is no longer relatable to fans, fans mad now uh wheres kwan, need more KWAN
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  1. Fun fact: earth city actually exists irl (somewhere in America)

  2. The more of this show I watch, the less of this show I want to watch

  3. Chief got sick of the haters hating on his new no helmet swag. He said fuck it went nudist

  4. I bought P+ to watch Seal Team and NCIS. Getting Halo and Star Trek was a nice bonus.

  5. Chief did NOT had sex, he was teabagging some Covenussy my bois.

  6. Great title. The contrast between the title and the amount of videos with titles saying it got bad made me lol

  7. What? You mean Paramount+ requires a subscription to watch Halo?

  8. “Clapping Cheeks!” Jeff is a national treasure! Protect him at all costs!

  9. First they kill her off, then they turn her evil, then they kill her off AGAIN and replace her, now they make her get cucked.

    What did Cortana do to deserve this treatment?

  10. The Boys doing everything they can to not get copyright strike from daddy Paramount 😂😂

  11. they need to add master cheeks to the cash store pronto

  12. “Sir… FINISHING” 🤣

    Actually dead, guys.

  13. Can't wait to see Master fade to slay more bitches this is the content I pirated this show for

  14. The halo tv show is good since the beginning but y’all are too purist and blind to see that, stop comparing it to the original lore, imagine youre new to the Halo name and accept it, Halo infinite is failing while tv show is raising like my c0C in your mouth.
    What a bunch of 343 simps

  15. People are annoyed because you're paying for a crappy product.
    But you do you. Someone has to prop up crappy companies.

  16. Master Chief in the games: virgin who has a crush on a virtual woman

    Master Chief in the show: pussy slayer 9000

  17. If before I had doubts about the theories that this TV show was built off the script of a generic sci-fi show that never got picked up and just had the Halo theme slapped on to it, after the last episode I'm 100% sure.

  18. Steltzer saying "Clapping cheeks" killed me

  19. You guys are the best coherent shitposters I've seen in a while. Hilarious, but concise. Keep it up.

  20. Funniest vid in awhile boys! Loved it
    "Mind telling me what your doing on that ship?"

  21. You forgot the best headline "Halo’: Master Chief Loses His Virginity While His Mom Watches"

  22. At this point I have switched from anger to disappointment to finally hoping they keep going. There's no chance at redemption for this series, so I wanna see how low it can go.

  23. i bought P+ for the show, but i think the price was worth it to see how bad this show and jackass forever are

  24. In all seriousness… the Halo TV intro has more content than Halo Infinite

  25. Been a fan of the lore since day 1 and taking his helmet/armor off is fine. He does it all the time in non combat in the books. There's just 0 reason to do it in game. There's plenty of other things to hate about the show, like how in the books you're not supposed to be able to tell a spartan's gender in their armor – they're all 7ft 300lbs. That would be cool to see women be chief size in the show.

  26. This show is so ass, bruh. It’s just… bad.

  27. Masterchief will fuck his way through the fall of reach and all other encounters can't wait to see the flood

  28. I bust up laughing when he said you better not have gotten PARAMOUNT+ for this lol cause I definitely did and my subscription is definitely getting canceled.

  29. Coming soon: Halo season 2, the Adventures of Master Child……

  30. People was expecting chief to teabag and punching her in bed while wearing his helmet

  31. might start watching halo show after it finishes

  32. Why couldn't they just make another movie like the Halo 4?

  33. He wasnt asexual he was just busy with his sigma grindset, saving the world and his a.i friend

  34. The MJONIR armor is literal perfection. Err, I meant it will be perfection when it fits a woman. Err, an AI woman…

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