The Halo TV Show Looks... Not Good :( -

The Halo TV Show Looks… Not Good :(

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We got the first trailer for the Halo TV show from Paramount, and it looks not great. I’ll give my thoughts and more for this Halo video.

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  1. Joking, you are entitled to an opinion, I'll give you the like back 🤣👍

  2. That marine handing Chief a gun must be about 6’8” since Chief is supposed to stand 7’2” but that’s fine.

    The dark green plastic Mjolnir and an AK47 give me doubts about the production values. I’ll still watch but with tempered expectations.

  3. They probably are making chief another Hollywood "SJW" and then they'll make white people the enemy cause it was a white broad that started it lol that's all I see, just more bulshit inspired by "diversity" even though that means the difference of ideas, sure as shit there is none.

  4. I saw this trailer and all I thought was. Oh no, they fucked it up. They somehow managed to make it look shittier then some of the classic trailers for Halo 3 and ODST. Those games came out like 15 years ago

  5. Show looks great. I don't care if Cortana isn't blue she looks really good.

  6. So seems like they are doing to Halo what they already did to Star Trek. Dumb it down and turn it into mass produced action/drama set pieces for a main stream audience. Which is bad for a franchise, but good for a short term money grab. Unless they decide that this is going to be like the Kelvin Universe for Halo, in that nothing matters because the main line in game universe is separate from the show. Which would be smart, but also dumb for anyone who wants more Halo lore. Then again you are always going to piss off some part of the Halo Fandom, so why not go for broke?

  7. You could kill a person with my projectile vomit when I see this trailer. And cheifs voice is soo bad

  8. The trailer comes across as a mix of Edge of Tomorrow, Prometheus/Aliens, and a random "good guy working for a secretly evil group who learns this and goes rogue" mishmash. I'm not saying that's going to be the show. I really do worry about the people who make trailers and if they even understand what they're putting together or if they just try to appease to the majority.

  9. Not even gonna try to watch it when it comes out, this is just a sad money grab or something. Has to be cause this is not Halo at all, everything is so off or misunderstood. Feels like 0% of people who had a part in this actually liked or ever played Halo longer than an hour, even if they just watched the other doo doo Halo movies to learn a bit they could've been better off

  10. The moment I saw Cortana in that trailer, I was like…"ah fuck."

  11. Should’ve left chief in the games and made a show about ODSTs with the gloomy, no-hope struggle that they faced while being hunted by the covenant.

  12. At this point if something was created animated originally i don’t think it needs to be brought into live action all the time bc for the most part that just fails and ends up looking cheap, limits what the characters can do physically or the plot almost seems rushed and many details are stripped from their original storyline. Don’t get me wrong some live action material has been delivered well. But Halo was introduced as a video and having its official show is a dream come true but i honestly feel like most Halo fans would agree that a animated show like the clone wars & bad batch would be way better. I just feel like live action either needs to have a HUGE budget for creativity and goals to be met or resort to a well designed animated show or movie, just a thought.

  13. I think it looks good, but sometimes the cinematography/color correction looks weird

  14. I have mostly 2 issues with this show:
    1. Cortana. It's okay if they want to display her less "sexist" than the basically nude Cortana in the games. But this Body Suit looks like from a retro Sci-Fi. Kinda like Raised by Wolves. I wish her appearance was overall just more…creative. More digital.

    2. Certain scenes feel a little like…perhaps too Anime-inspired? Clean and young-looking people, posing around while actually being super tough fighters…
    (Ok, the games have their fair share of posing, as well)

  15. Just my opinion but I strongly dislike this trailer, I may sound harsh but I honestly can’t find anything redeeming about this trailer. I am so attached to the games and this is has almost nothing in common

  16. Cortana looks like 90s era fake CGI, like when they tried to ape what a game would look like with real actors…

  17. Spot on. I thought my comment on the official trailer was a bit too harsh and pessimistic, but after watching this and thinking about how they portrayed John in his first major cinematic debut, I realize I wasn't harsh enough. He is mythical in stature, and his heroism invoke a sense of wonder rivaled only by the mystery of the Forerunners and what they left behind. In this trailer, he's basically just a RoboCop or John McClane. I will still watch the show, because that's how much I love Halo, but I am deeply disappointed in that this appears to be a standard corporate polished turd. I wish someone that truly loved the source material and what it represents to generations of people around the world had been more involved in this show's production. I also wish it had a production budget more akin to the upcoming LOTR tv show. I genuinely think the story, the characters and the awe-inspiring factor are that big.

  18. Things that annoy me the most is an insurrectionist with a AK and another one with a AUG.. That and seeing a Chevy Tahoe in the background… I understand that they would use what they can but those guns are like 600 years old now… It's the 26th century… I feel like they could get better weapons other than equipment from the 20th and 21st century…. It's not uncommon for militia's to use old tech and weapons but nothing that's 600 years old. Between that and Cortana that's where the budget sticks out the most to me.

  19. I would have been way more harsh to this. It just doesn't even look like a Halo show80% of the time. Too much cheap recognizable props and just weird changes that do not make any sense to me.

  20. Will I watch it yes but I am extremely skeptical at this point in time

  21. Cortana looks bad period. What's with all the asians though? Is it me or every insurectionist is one?

  22. Just hoping for the best, it's gonna be easy to critique the show cause we have our own perception of Chief/ Halo is. Gonna go in with an open mind and let cortana be generally momish to avoid her stereotype body figure.

  23. I think you’re hitting a lot of elements a bit too hard. I think this show will be lackluster due to what looks like the story (and not following the actual story at all) and the cinematography. The design and look most of everything though should be highly praised. It’s rare to get designs that look like the real thing and not have their own bad creative spin, and I don’t get that with the trailer. Overall I bet the show will be a 6/10 but hoping it’s not!

  24. There are definitely issues with this trailer but I will try to keep an open mind. Some of the things I did like was that they seemed to have referenced the true nature of Spartans against the insurrectionists as you mentioned. I also love the Spartan costume design and the design of the covenant aliens. I wonder how this will compare with Forward Unto Dawn, another live action adaptation.

  25. Honestly to me this show feels like the let's erase as much as possible so Halo 4 and 5 "work" or just folks who only have exposure to Halo 4 and 5.

  26. I am worried about the human woman working for the covenant and if they try to do some human government not trusting the chief. Otherwise I am optimistic. Hope that some of these lines are from her trying to get oni to fund the program and not important plot point

  27. Dude, Natasha McElhone is 52 years old. She's not "young" by many definitions

  28. Did I hear the word Stargate? Maybe some Stargate ship vs halo or starwars in the future? 😉 😉 nudge nudge.

  29. Unrelated from the subject: Just finished ODST definitive edition (mod). I thought I left the game running in the background because I heard this sound at 9:58. I thought I heard Virgil then I quickly alt + tab.

  30. Man I wish Steve downs would voice Master Chief in this show, the actor for Chief is good but I wish Steve Downs was the voice for chief in this show.

  31. Everything he says it’s great is CG effect 👍😂😂😂
    Baby is mumbling it suck pull the plug
    InGame cinema scene is pretty darn good.
    Why are studios messing that up?
    Track record moving from game(anime) to movies are terrible.

  32. Is it just me or does the whole aesthetic look kind of cheap?

    Like visually it feels one of those fake "concept" trailers or a fanmade one

  33. Some of the CGI looks like a weird Sci Fi channel limited series from the early 2000s, not sure what the disparity here is

  34. Looks to me like the big divergence point from the games/books will be that the Pillar of Autumn will set off on its mission into covenant space before Reach is attacked, or it won't be attacked at all.

  35. The only thing i didnt like was straight away i thought MC dont walk like that but get used to it. There will be loads of stuff not the same as the game and they have said this series is not cannon. For this to work as a film or series a lot of changes will have to happen. Ive Leg every Halo and am feeling positive this will work out ok. Just go in with an open mind.

  36. Yeah lets watch the trailer with no interruptions…

  37. I have high hopes for it personally. I’m hoping we can have that new spartan armor in halo infinite because it is sick as hell!

  38. Honestly I'm surprised more people aren't talking about how ' un-chief' the main actor is, his voice is just not there and he really doesn't seem comfortable with the characters delivery at all. I've done a lot of voice work for things and it gives me the idea of him not only not being used to the voice but also not truly having the vocal range. Chief is supposed to be this gruff battle hardened enigma, not some 70s American action hero.

  39. 9:05 actually when you enlist in most militaries they dye your hair to encourage self expression, they prefer soldiers to be as heterogeneous and different as possible.

    “CSI level explosion” 😆

  40. Too bad the original halo show back in the 2000s never happened. It would have been good. This isn't lol

  41. Show does look disappointing with they didn’t take so many liberties with the story

  42. This whole "woke" BS is just ruining so much. I was reading an article about this show saying most of the lead characters are women and Master Chief is a side character. Also it said, don't know if this is true, that master chief easily gets beat by a woman and gets rescued by another woman. They also went on to say how the studio is so proud of the diversity of the cast. Race swapping characters like Keys is now a black man. A spartan chick has pink hair…..Really? If you don't understand why that's just stupid then I don't know.

    I'm here to watch space marines and spartans fuck shit up…..not to see a space advertisement on female empowerment.

  43. Another complaint I've been hearing from those who seen the trailer is that whoever they picked for the Master Chief role does not have that deep and raspy voice,
    like the Master Chief voice actor in the game series. The Master Chief voice in the TV trailer sounded a bit too young.

  44. This will be story and lore based which is fine but when I’m not looking at actual lore explained on the side I’ll be watching Arby ‘n’ the chief. Perhaps it’ll be good but I can’t be asked to watch from the trailer. I can blame it on knowing how far the lore is already but I hope it proves me wrong along side the uncharted movie.

  45. Natasha McElhone is 52…..she just looks great.

  46. Lol crazy Cortana is the only thing I liked. With that said, why not make a full CGI movie. The halo cutscenes are fire.

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