The Halo TV Show Looks UNREAL.. Here's What We Know So Far! -

The Halo TV Show Looks UNREAL.. Here’s What We Know So Far!

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The Halo TV Show Looks UNREAL.. Here’s What We Know So Far!

Welcome back to Show Plug. For the channel today, we will be talking about The live-action Halo TV show looks extremely expensive in its newest trailer. Paramount Plus finally premiered the first trailer for the much awaited Halo TV series.

Halo will star Pablo Schreiber and Jen Taylor who will reprise her role from the game as Cortana. It is set to premiere in 2022. Make sure to watch this video till the very end as we feature The live-action Halo TV show looks extremely expensive in its newest trailer.

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The live-action Halo TV show looks extremely expensive in its newest trailer – The Verge

Halo TV Series – Official Trailer | Game Awards 2021

HALO Trailer (2022) TV Series


  1. I have only one wish. Please… Please… Plsssss…… Don't be a flop. 😢

  2. It’s already giving me woke vibes and all I’ve seen ins a trailer 😂

  3. Guess this show isn't for White guys?? Don't see much representation for us. Oh well, plenty of other things to watch.

  4. They only had one real job and that was to assure us master chief would be MC. He is not. Some rando. Gunna be hard to sink into the world when you don’t have probably the most iconic voice actor of all time.

  5. I can squint my eyes and swallow the race switching.

    But if they pander to the gender fluid mob or the LGB crowd it will FAIL!!

  6. Lol thought the black guy was Dave Chappelle

  7. this looks like ass. did you even play the halos growing up? XD

  8. I'm scared of what the story would be. 😑

  9. Dude… three forty three??? One seventeen?? Jeez. You’re right about one thing tho, this does look unreal… in a really really reallyyyy bad way!!! I find this trailer extremely off-putting!! Cortana looks… lets just say wrong. Masterchief looks like he was given a budget costume from eBay. The universe looks wayyyyyy too generic. Human protagonist. No Halo music… I can go on and on and on and on. This looks too generic! I get a really cheap sci-fi vibe watching this trailer. I really don’t understand what part of this trailer looks expensive to you?

  10. This is gonna suck on so many levels. It looks so bad, I don't know where to begin.

  11. Super Soldiers? Dont make me laugh. I just saw the Female Spartans in the new trailer and they would not even make it through basic training. These individuals need to be 7 foot tall hulking men and woman in their 20's…The blond chick looks like she will break in the summer wind…

  12. I hope it doesn't turn into some woke disaster, with MC taking back seat to some Mary Sue.

  13. “Halo had come to life” then put it out of its fucking misery. This is such shill garbage

  14. Why is captain keys black, they just had to do that smh, I mean they’re already showing chiefs face so idk what I’d except, I hate this show already

  15. Shame the movie went all woke. Producers decided that going woke was not enough so they went one step further and "kick" the so-called patriarchy in the balls by having Makee, a female protagonist, reportedly easily defeat Master Chief in a battle. It will then be up to another female cast character Quan Ah (a 16-year-old Asian girl) to defeat Makee and save the world. Won't be watching.

  16. I think it's obvious… The fans WANT the story to be canon; it's pretty simple. Yet they do the opposite. This show is probably going to suck; especially if they decide to proceed with the face reveal. But I'll give it a shot anyway.

  17. The covenant had one leader and that was a human

  18. Pretty sure Jacob Keyes and Miranda Keyrs are white and Master Chief has been with Fred, Linda, and Kelly since jump street. Who the fuck are these other Spartans, I've never heard of them.

  19. Sorry to break your hopes, but this series will be absolute trash.

  20. It’s absolutely wrong and it’s a big insult to the halo universe they are making everything too soft and woke and left wing theses days it’s pathetic 🤣😂 they should not make captain KEEYS and Miranda KEEYS black make them lore accurate and true to the real original characters ffs

  21. 40 million is a drop in the bucket for Microsoft, they just spent 68.7 "BILLION" for Activision /Blizzard

  22. Well, im gonna miss the old master chief voice

  23. I kinda hoped that they would make someone else the main character or a new character oh well

  24. Bokeem Woodbine might be Sergeant Johnson Maybe?

  25. It’s 3,4,3 not “three hundred and forty three”

  26. If chiefs voice is not on point this flops, Steve downes voice is Master Chief.

  27. 6:09 Master chief will fight against the Covenant Shows picture of Prometheans

  28. "Three forty three"… "One seventeen"… DUDE

  29. Keeping my expectations low.

    I dont trust the trailer

  30. I really hope this Blows up and does well cause that means more seasons More Halo as long as they are making money

  31. No, the fans do not want a “fresh take”. FO

  32. Okay okay if the show is ANYTHING like Halo 4 Forward Unto Dawn then it WILL do amazingly and i do have 1 minor disappointment nothing major or terrible but i do believe changing Jacob and Miranda Keys's ethnicity is a little bit of a downer but i have seen those actors and i believe they will do the characters great justice either way

  33. I was kinda hoping it was cannon but if they’ve made Keyes black then it’s impossible for me even to make it my own head cannon. Ffs why do we have to change every fxcking character’s race, hang on? Is Sargent Johnson Asian?

  34. "Three forty three" , why does this make me snicker 😂

  35. Got 2 minutes in and there was already three things that just weren’t correct information. I see why your channel has nothing to offer.

  36. Did they just classify the Halo RING-WORLD…. As a space station?
    Dear god

  37. 6:04 Spartans were all genetically augmented, that’s what makes them Spartans. John 117 is not more powerful than the other Spartan II’s, in fact he’s neither the strongest (that was Sam-034, then Jorge-052), fastest (Kelly-087), or the best shot (Linda-058) of them all.
    Yet he is considered the best overall because of his leadership talents, and still being one of the best in everything else.

    And no, he’s not considered the best because he’s lucky, cmon we all know luck isn’t scientifically a thing, bungie tried to canonize his plot armor by saying « you know, he’s actually exceptionally lucky in the lore blablabla » bullshit. Luck does help but it’s not a quality.

  38. Hopefully this is good, they made halo legends. Which is literally one of my favorite "movies" of all time

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