The Halo TV Show Made a Massive Mistake -

The Halo TV Show Made a Massive Mistake

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The Halo TV show made a massive narrative mistake, which we’re going to discuss in today’s video. All that and more!

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  1. Funny enough my grandpa fell asleep watching YouTube and the live action Halo movie Auto played

  2. The problem is that they and with that I mean Bonnie Ross an 343 dont think they are making a mistake. She said in not to misunderstood terms the serie wasnt made for the current fanbase. Sadly this the case with so many other entertainment franchises, and especially in gaming I think most gamers really under estamate how much the industry doesnt give a damm about the "classic gamer audience".

  3. They better Sonic the Hedgehog this shit. Or wait til the game is actually finished.

  4. Thank God Halo already exists as a game. This abomination of a show is a real FU from Hollywood.

  5. It's sad that in an 8 minute video, you came up with a better story line than the series has in two episodes 🙁

    Halo: a sci-fi space opera about exploring a ring world (and killing aliens on it)… so naturally the tv show turns it into how the Master Chief was abused as a child.

  6. So if the homeless dude realised it’s a weapon on the covenant capital ship by overhearing them (and somehow learning their language), it means the elites prophets and the rest of the covenant know the great journey is a lie. And they don’t care? They don’t want to destroy the weapon since it would indiscriminately kill humans and covenant in vast areas of space alike? They aren’t even reconsidering their worship of forerunners?

  7. I dont think its a problem or a mistake, fans of Halo KNOW what the ring is, they already know the plot twists involving it. So change a little so us who have played halo from the start have a few twists for us as well. Nothing wrong with it, 1st episode was awesome, 2nd episode I think sets up the series pretty nicely. Cant wait for the next, the only issue I had was I kept saying "PUT YOUR DAMN HELMET ON!" lol.

  8. Kinda wish they did another unknown character in the halo tv show master chief have enough screen time

  9. So fucking glad I decided to completely ignore this show masquerading as a "halo" show.

  10. Yep that was pretty much my reaction as well. It would have been fine for them to hint to Halo as some kind of holy relic the covenant is searching for,, even do the name drop of it. But outright telling us it is a Weapon really saps away a lot of the mystery potential going forward. When (or even if, because I feel like they are going to hold off on us reaching the Ring until the last few eps, or maybe a possible Season 2 lol) we get to the rings, everyones perception is going to just be that this is a weapon. They probably will hold off on revealing how it will kill everything in the galaxy (though the way they talked about it already feels like they alluded to that), but the mystery of wondering what this strange ring world is will be nonexistant.

    I get why the story is starting at a relaticve point before Chief arrives at the Ring. A mysterious ring world barren of any sentient natives and full of alien invaders to shoot at is a great setting for a game, but in a tv show it isnt great for the drama that is required. Like they might have been able to pull it off by having a rag tag group of Marines and maybe even rescued Civilians stranded with the chief or something, but that could be difficult. But given that they did take it this direction, they have completely squandered the potential of setting. 2ep in and the Covenent feel like just some rando aliens that are at best a minor nucence. Like sure when they are first introduced they slaughter every human they come across with ease, but considering these are just some rebels it doesnt feel very impactful. Then they lose pretty much anything the had that made them feel like a threat when the spartans came in and curbed them. They showed us High Charity (which as an aside, I really hate that they call it the High Command rather then the Holy City or something similar, really takes away from the vibe and feels super generic) which gives some sense of the scale of the covenant, but we are not given anything showing just how much of a threat they truely are. They tell us humanity is losing the war on the grand scale, but they don't show us. It would have been super easy to implement into the first episode too. They could have started the episode with a big space battle where the UNSC is getting completely routed. Have some panicked radio chatter, then give us a zoom in on a ship or space station that is getting boarded. First Person view from some Marines helm cam. Aliens are breaking through a bulkhead, and we only catch a glimpse of them as they break in, before we pan out to see a few rebels watching the recording, then shrug it off as UNSC propaganda. Bam the Covenant feels like a threat, even with the rest of the events of the story falling pretty much in the same place. The only thing this might mess up is the reveal of the elites, but I mean that is why you don't clearly show them in the beginning.
    Hell, instead of Silver team chasing off the elites with little issue, we could of had them narrowly escaping with the stolen artifact as the planet is invaded by the covenant, their pelican making a daring dash to a orbiting UNSC ship which is getting pulverized in a duel with the invasion carrier, getting chased by banshees all the way there. They could have quickly dispatched a group of the elites to make the spartans still badass, but show that even they can't go up against overwhelming odds.
    Like I don't know, it doesnt have to be either of these options, but at least do something. The only thing I can think of is that they are just cutting corners on any expensive CG animations they can avoid.

  11. Another point: their depictions of mental illness in the scene is absolutely atrocious. I have studied psychology to the point where I considered taking the couple extra classes that would have made it a minor. The way they chose to have him act would have been extremely damaging to how people understand mental illness if anyone actually watched the show.

  12. Sounds like the usual… "interpretation".
    …no, haven't seen it, but have played halo.
    And it sounds like the production of the series is akin to a noob to the series reading a synopsis and going straight into production!
    (Best place to start such a series? In my opinion, just prior to Reach, set it as a "social drama" that escalates into near extinction levels of war and retreat… retaliations and failures…
    Culminating in the "discovery of a weapon", and subsequent story of through the Covenant and their social contexts of the Forerunners. And for season 5?
    ….343 Guilty Spark…. ending in season 7.)

  13. I do agree that the show has some flaws, but the studio made it very clear that they're completely going to diverge from the main story to give it it's own merits,it's not all perfect, but it's not completely bad. I am rather open about this because I'm on for a completely different plot line for Halo in an A-U for a new story, it's not perfect, but it's still a decent watch.

    Fyi: I watch it illegally, just in case somebody disagrees with me, so that might factor in .

  14. I was worried about halo turning into another game to tv failure, and what we got was another last air bender…

  15. Glad I didn't waste time with the show. If you're gonna make something like Halo, do your research, stick to the lore, inject your "creative liberties" only if/where the lore allows, and make it with the fans in mind. Otherwise its just gonna be a waste of time and money.

  16. Gerryko Malaysia Media Events & Food says:

    It was an ok episode. Regards from Malaysian utuber

  17. I haven't seen the show…
    …but I don't intend too, either.
    I think they made every misstep in choices relating to this Halo show, that I think I would be a waste of my time to devote any time too it.

    And frankly, as Iv been noticing when it comes to Americans with YouTube channels; your hopes, predictions, and dissatisfactions seem to be at odds with the rest of the world. But then, America is odd compared to the rest of the world. So I think this show is triplely screwed.

    That's just my opinion, though; no need to shank me.

  18. movies and tv shows should ALWAYS stick to the original games or books
    example 1 Eragon good books really bad movie that did not stick to the books only 1 movie made
    example 2 Harry Potter great books good movies that stuck to the books and 8 movies were made

  19. whoah woah woah…hold up. WHO is this game footage from? Did whoever it is SERIOUSLY just take out two hunters WITH A PISTOL?! 😳

  20. companies Need to stick to the fan base instead of making it for everyone pissing off the fans gets bad reviews and no one wants to watch it anymore

  21. a show based on the animations cutscenes in halo 3 would have easily become one of my favorite shows

  22. At this point I hope it fails
    I mean they said they didn't look to the games for the story..

  23. So thumbnail is basically crackhead johnson?

  24. This show is a joke and is meant for no one.

  25. Bring on nude blue transparent Cortana! Hey Seven of Nine saved Voyager so..

  26. You're one of the few who gives actual arguments in complaining about the show (most of the others sound like angry children), but for once I fully disagree with you. The reason is that Reth does not seem to be convinced it is a weapon, not even fully knowing what he is saying. He said only that the ring is a "door" and "the end of life as we know it", which in fact works for transcendence. It is Master Chief, military-minded, who can only imagine this thing being a weapon. Reth says yes, but to me sounded and appeared like an answer from someone who does not know what he is talking about.

    Well, the part where the UNSC gets info about the ring misunderstanding Covenant description but accidentally getting the true nature of the ring is EXACTLY what happens in Halo: CE, when Covenant never says Halo it's a weapon but prisoner Keyes guesses its nature (mission 3). Only Cortana, later on, will confirm that.

    In the show, episode 2 realizes the very same scene, with no confirmation on being a weapon or not so far (not even the UNSC sound sure it's a weapon, probably because the source of the info is not reliable).

    Also, I do not agree with the statement about the show not giving a sense of mystery and wonder. We need this once we see the Halo ring, not before, and that will happen likely by the end of the season one or in season two. But they could not have started where the first game does, they need to set a background (whether they're doing it right we can discuss but we need to see more) and there is so much to do that this will take probably the whole season. It is like starting from the novel Fall of Reach, but honestly, that story tells a list of intriguing events with a superficial analysis of the themes, I am glad they chose the direction the show now has.

    Apart from that, I agree that the show fails at giving the scale of the Human-Covenant war, but I'm starting to suspect they did it on purpose, and we will see the war escalating later in the season. Even if that's the case, episode 1 would have been better if the starting scene was a glassing.

  27. honestly the shows a joke at this point i bursted out laughing in episode one where everyone dies cause it was just handled so poorly for a show that has 200 MILLION budget, all they had to do was pick up a damn controller and play the games but nope cant possibly do that

  28. man halo the flood and ce mastered the setting yet the show drops the ball

  29. What if they made it accurate to the game

  30. The problem is pacing. We seen Chief being a terminator for 15 minutes before he started the emotional journey. We saw him reveal his face in the first episode. We saw this "blessed one" reveal two episodes in (tbf though, at least it explains why the covenant keeps a pet human. Clever, actually).

    The only story element that looks like it's moving at a good pace is that of Cortana

  31. This show could have been amazing. Instead it is simply forgettable.
    Mystery and wonder are just as important to the story as characters and plot. An entire show built upon the first game could have been done if it had been created by people who knew and understood the franchise.
    Instead we got a generic sci fi show that wont be remembered fondly, if at all.

  32. Using the pistol to one-shot hunters does not honor them

  33. Cancelled my paramount plus subscription cause I kept it cause of halo and now I don't care for it.

  34. I didn't even make it 10 minutes into ep2. The whole "John and another SPARTAN were contemplating desertion" choice was ridiculous, and when that was added on top of the previous episode's "the UNSC is EVIL" (cuz anti-military sentiment is all the rage currently) just made me lose all interest. Early Halo took a much more neutral stance, especially in the Nylund books. There were bad elements in the UNSC, there were good. There were assholes amongst the Insurrection, and there were many just going about their day. That nuance seems to have been completely stripped, and they seem to have completely removed any actually personality from Master Chief or the SPARTANs. I just wanted a decent military sci-fi, but no, we get this garbage instead. I could keep ranting, but will stop for my own sanity.

  35. Its not a mystery to you because you already played the games and know everything.

    But imagine if this is new to you. You still wouldn't know what they are talking about.

    All you know is that the Covies want a ring that is a weapon. But what kind of ring is it. Something you put around your finger? A door sized ring? What does it do? Why do they want it?

    You wouldn't know that it is:
    -A planet sized ring with a surface like Earth
    -It releases a pulse 25000 light years in all directions
    -Its build by an ancient civilization known as the Forerunners
    -The purpose of the weapon
    -Who is contained on the ring

    Its still all a mystery. Easy talk for you guys who played the games.

  36. I’m disappointed Reth was the token “abducted by aliens and I’ve gone crazy” dude.

  37. I think the show is pretty badass amd of course there is some things I dont like in the plot but other than that since its not canon its pretty good

  38. This hit me left field when I saw it as well.
    The fact that Halo is a weapon, was a plot twist held for late in the game, yet this crazy boi has turned it into a simple maguffin for the show to use as a plot driver.

  39. Never played game or comics but I did everything else with lore and watching videos.


  40. Can't say something positive eh? Gotta find one thing to nit pick even in a show that clearly is a deviation of the universe we know from the games.

  41. No one is watching this show if they haven't played the game though.

  42. One of many. Chief taking his helmet off. Chief in general. Poor cgi. Poor attention to detain. Race swapping Keyes. The whole thing is a mess and a disgrace. Infact, it is a betrayal to all those fans who have waited so long for a halo series.

  43. They should have followed the first novel, then at least been faithful to the first came maybe leave a female spartan with Jon, or add a female marine who is secretly in love with Jon maybe make him oblivious and Kortana jealous.

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