The Insurrectionists are DUMB in the new Halo TV show -

The Insurrectionists are DUMB in the new Halo TV show

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  1. Then proceeds to take his helmet off in front of an entire station of terrorists.

  2. I love that they're using location's, characters and Lore from the books, but the fact that master chief was out of his armour for most of the episode is just out of character, a lot of actions that chief has taken in the show actually.

  3. Hey, so, what is this channel going to do for content when it runs out of things in the show to complain about?

  4. This honestly felt like one of the only tines master chief felt like the real master chief in the show

  5. I can tell that the actor for Master Chief watched quite a few Halo cutscenes to at least get the general physical movements of John 117 down and ready for this performance. But yeah this show is mid…

  6. Well they’re pretty dumb in the main continuity to begin with, so…

  7. What did they expect? It's a 7-foot tall man in a one ton suit of power armor

  8. Insurrectionists: Spartans are killing machines. They tear through entire armies. They're unstoppable. They kill until nothing's left. We should know, we have Soren as a living example.

    Also insurrectionists: park a forklift in front of him and make him go around, wouldn't that be funny? And let's just allow him to walk through the base unchallenged too. We'll just give him mean looks and occasionally spit when he's not looking.

    The writing man, my god.

  9. I just stop seeing this show . Looks so cheap and stupid.. this isnt halo.

  10. I thought they are just outlaws and misfits. Not insurrectionist.

  11. Great example of actions speak louder than words!

  12. They need to make the weapons more futuristic. They're using AR's and AK's 500 years in the future.

  13. I find it hard to believe they didn't look at the games for reference. This ones pretty obvious

  14. Chief was literally like: hold my beer. He should of pushed the forklift with a pinkie to really ad insult to injury. Better yet with just the middle finger.

  15. Everything in this shitshow is dumb

  16. In the Entire Scene Master Chief was acting like The Mandalorian

  17. Because a forklift is so much stronger than a mrk 6 sparta armor

  18. If only master chief did an awkward laugh back

  19. Ok I’m still confused at the timeline of this show so far. Covenant are blaring down on humanity and this insurrectionist girl wants to make humanity die faster by threatening to turn the outer colonies on the UNSC after seeing her people wiped by the Covies and saved by the UNSC…
    Can someone fill me in how this show is supposed to make sense long term

  20. they're not as stupid as chief taking his amour off surrounded by enemies, let alone how did chief get his amour off without the unsc machine

  21. Of course they are fucking dumb. 27 years of genocidal war with an alien coalition bent on exterminating humanity, and they still think Covenant are ‘propaganda’.

    Not to mention that damned Innie who decides to demand independence, for her colony where she was the SOLE survivor. After watching the Covenant tear through her band of hillbillies like they were wet tissue paper.

  22. 500 years in the future the general level of education in humanity will have fallen by 10,000 years

  23. Did they not see how high he can jump in the very same episode?

  24. This definitely gave me a chuckle when I saw it

  25. bro i can just push that ANYONE CAN DO THAT PARAMOUNT

  26. Considering he can flip a tank, he's being pretty gentle with the forklift.

  27. Are you fucking kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? These writers know fuck all.

  28. That is why they deserve to be crushed by the UNSC

  29. What was most laughable was that there was still a gap between the crates and the wall. Still enjoyed the episode though but I still have my criticisms

  30. ….man this looks bad, i think Guyver Dark hero looks better then this.

  31. To be fair rebels aren't trained soldiers

  32. It's not about actual blocking his path. It's more of a powerplay to show him who's the boss here.
    And well, Chief is still the boss.

  33. This scene fucking physically hurt me, all these people laughing confidently as if they've just won a decisive victory against the Chief despite the fact that there's enough space for him to literally just fucking walk around it. What the fuck did they honestly think a Forklift with a couple of crates was going to accomplish? This whole scene felt like some shit straight out of a low budget 80s comedy where all the dumbfuck henchmen of the bad guy grossly underestimate the main character protagonist hero or some shit. Fucking Christ.

  34. How are they even still alive if they’re this stupid

  35. Robocop with slap the shit out of master chief any day 👋🥴

  36. At this point, I wouldn't mind the master chief just going berserk on either innies or aliens that would make doomguy clap with proudness.

  37. 0:04 hahaha boxes make you go stop
    Master Chief: I should kill you and do the universe a favor.

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