The Lekgolo worms look really familiar in the Halo tv series -

The Lekgolo worms look really familiar in the Halo tv series

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Are these the same creatures ?

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  1. They screwed the halo tv series a lot of bullshit that shouldn't be in there.

  2. The halo TV show looks absolutely terrible

  3. I don't understand this new trend. "___ looks familiar." And then show a clip from the same franchise… yes it's almost like it's the same exact thing from other halo stuff. Does the assault rifle remind you of halo CE, 3, ODST, 4, and 5 too?

  4. The worm thing never made sense to me (especially as you can one shot a hunter from behind) 😂

  5. Imagine being in the first wave of grunts just being told you are here to ask the Hunter to join us. Then just screaming as soon as the dropship doors open.

  6. Wait .. so it was actually a human I heard in the trailer telling the other humans to surrender to the covenant???

    She's turned on the humans.?? Where the fuck was this in the novels or games or anything else???

    Oh jeez….. is there at least a decent enough explanation???

    I'm about to watch the first episode… tomorrow… but still….

    The fuck am I about to walk into?

  7. $10 milion per episode? Yeah this is a money laundering scheme for sure.

  8. I was thinking of something “else”

  9. It appears the leak golo worms are made of leak golo worms

  10. what is this trash ending of this video?

  11. When seeing the worms I thought it was the flood but seeing this it actually makes sense that it isn’t

  12. Looks like the tentacle thing from the new buzz light year movie

  13. It would be an interesting yet horrifying concept if the worms used the people they attack as a skeletal structure to form into hunters

  14. I am not at all happy with what they've done with the worms. They should move excessively slow, making blending into a larger creature a smarter move. One worm on its own could be an easy meal, but a mass as large as you is not worth the trouble. It's the exact same reasoning fish use.

  15. Bruh, these sre more terrifying than the flood .

  16. Oh that reminds of- that sence in night at the museum AHAHAHHAHAHAH

  17. Is that Spartan Locke? Or just cast the voice actor a new role in that universe?

  18. well they're both fucking god awful adaptations so.

  19. How did the flood not adopt the worms into their bio-structure? Surely these worms would be so much more effective than the infection form.

  20. CGI looks really bad in parts, and really good in others.

    Don't care though, because Captain Keyes is not a black man. They could've introduced a black man that could have been awesome, like Sgt Johnson (one of the best characters in Halo). But that would be hard, and they were lazy, so they sought their virtue points at the white man's expense. 343 is dead to me.

  21. For everyone asking the Nightfall Worms are very much different from your regular covenant armor wearing worm, these were uncontrollable,violent, carnivores subspecies that had to be locked away, these aren't the ones from the Covenant/Arbiter event of "The Taming Of The Hunters/worms, they'll eat everything including their armor wearing/forming cousins.

  22. Looks like they looked up Japanese tentacle porn and decided to use that for the Lekgolos

  23. I thought u we’re gonna compare it 2 the Moon Knight suit lol

  24. Why does Nightfall look better in every way besides the Elites

  25. Man you guys are really, really reaching for ways to critique the show. It has its flaws, but this comment section is laughable

  26. Wouldn't it be cool if when you killed the hunter it became that next

  27. Yeah, thier both lekgolo. Thier also both from the worst halo media ever conceived….well, other than halo 4 and 5 of course

  28. Yeah feel like a cheaper easier work for them to just have something like this

  29. The entire premise of the Blessed One alone makes me not want to watch this show. Her existence makes no sense what so ever. It's suppose to be us Humans vs the Covenant, not this fucken garbage. After the shit stain on my Visor called Nightfall I still have a hard time cleaning it off because of this show.

  30. I'm glad that nightfall is getting recognition finally, that film is sick

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