The Marines Looking Pretty Accurate in the New Halo TV Show -

The Marines Looking Pretty Accurate in the New Halo TV Show

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Marines in the halo tv series looking lore accurate (halo reach like)
What are your thoughts ??

Halo paramount tv series episode 1

Are you hyped for episode 2 ?


  1. Hate how short these Spartans are like they’re Gen 2 they should be towering over the marines

  2. I watched this show with the same feeling I went into 343's takeover of Halo. Which has changed how I feel about this whole thing. Like, I'm actually pretty happy with the whole thing. I could be nitpicky, but i'm not going to. It's a whole different studio handling this. There was only ONE point that ruined my immersion and that was when Chief jumped onto the roof to cover cat. That whole animation was bad

  3. Instead of a mystery-faced soldier that obeys orders and is a kick-ass role model…. A random guy, disobeying orders?

    Halo tv show has already made plenty of mistakes.

  4. The scene where they're all gearing up and running down the stairs is just Halo porn.

  5. was still so many aspects to explore of the actual canon

  6. Not sure why they thought "Lets just have 1,000+ marines in there for no reason."
    At no point is it even practical.

  7. If they're lore accruate then they have to look completely different every story arc.

  8. I feel it wouldn't suck as much if they just had a different spartan team

  9. the f is that tactic ? who in their right mind would form a formation like that ?

  10. The marines don’t look like halo marines. FUD had great armor and hell I’ve seen better looking cosplayer gear

  11. This comedy is getting better and better, I'm laughing a lot

  12. Looks like a combination of Halo 2 and 3 Marines. The helmets on the other hand resemble too much like the ones in Starship Troopers in some angles.

  13. Those shoulder pauldrons makes them look goofy af

  14. They really spend money for costumes and stuffs but cgi i dont know some look good some look really bad

  15. Looks like only the Prop and Costume making Department was the only competent part of this shitshow. Why does Game Movies always have the right feel but the WRITING completely fucks it up all the time?

  16. The show just feels like I’m watching a knock off sci fi show based off halo

  17. I gotta disagree here. These marines look like knockoff Starship Troopers wearing plastic armour that doesn't even fit some of the extras properly. The old school live action shorts that came out with H3 and ODST were the most accurate and distinctly gritty looking armour and uniforms I've seen. The guns in this show wouldn't be half bad if the CGI wasn't dogshit though.

  18. I think the marines are cgi when they are running at 0:12 kinda reminds of arcade npc in games like terminator or halo fireteam raven

  19. Nah I don’t agree the halo forward until dawn marines were 100% game accurate

  20. Yeah lets put as many soldiers around this plane as possible so that if it explodes it killls as many people as possible.

  21. Honestly. That college project of halo someone made over a decade ago was Hella accurate then this nonsense.

  22. Patxi Patxikoetxehandimendiburuna Zarate says:

    They look better than Marines from Halos 4 &5 .

  23. I like how they chose to use Napoleonic close-distance line formations over using cover from a distance.

  24. For one, I say there are too many Marines with utility covers. Two, the Marine helmets' brim is too short, looks too close to the helmet from Starship Troopers. Other than that, they look pretty cool for a live action take on the Marines.

  25. Why are they always walking in sync?? They look like fucking power ranger villains.

  26. The helmets look like they're from starship troopers ngl.

  27. Something is off. It feels like watching a real-life action show for kids.

  28. i looks great. unfortunately that's about as far as it goes. shows pretty bad so far.

  29. I mean, it's kinda hard to mess up the art direction when you have access to two decades worth of assets and designs…

  30. visually most of this show looks amazing then a few small decisions the show runners take ruin things..

  31. Por qué cojones hay 4 anuncios en este clip!?

  32. Would have loved it if the Spartans were a tad bit bigger but pretty spot on so far

  33. Haha well they look more like a bunch of troopers getting ready for a bug attack, they look like starship troopers, seems someone drop the ball in the props department… Aaagain

  34. They forgot to add on how hilarious mexican and aussie marines was when they saw the spartans with them.

    PS: Just kidding, there's no way that the marines would only consist from Mexican and Australian.

  35. If you ever say anything good about this show again, I will report this account

  36. Am I the only one that noticed they are using old Army Acu camo ?

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