The Most BRUTAL Scenes in the New Halo TV Show -

The Most BRUTAL Scenes in the New Halo TV Show

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Halo TV show Most Brutal Scenes By elites and Spartans
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  1. My god the CGI in this show is cringe level 9000. Seriously I cant remember the last time I saw such a halfassed job of cgi and

  2. Wait, does the Assault Rifle from Halo has a special bullet to it? That AK did jack shit lol

    Though the brutality is quite fun no matter what

  3. This is a halo series I been waiting for lol

  4. 0:47 I would've just let go and let the energy sword do the work.

  5. Review this review that, F reviews
    This Show is awesome!!!!!

  6. Say what you will about the show, but they definitely didn't pull any punches with the violence

  7. This better be in the next Halo Infinite update, knocking Elite's down and executing them or blowing limbs off.

  8. Honestly they are going more in the books direction with some game details .

  9. I love how you just have never forget playing in the background while people are literally getting slaughtered.

  10. 0:21
    Me: That's War Crime!
    Covenant: Hehe War Crime go brrr…

  11. There's literally a cut scene that has master chief holding a prop 🤦🏻‍♂️ What a hot mess this shows turning out to be

  12. Not going to lie, while it made the covenant feel like a threat with their brutality, I couldn't take it seriously with all the explosions with every plasma bolt. It was like watching an episode of Power Rangers

  13. Why are humans 500 years in the future using AK-47's?

  14. Sad how a a webisode promo for halo 4 forward unto dawn looks better and has better acting than this show lol Paramount should be embarrassed at how corny the covenant look. It cost them 10 million to make the hour and 30 minute long short movie in 2013. Guess it pays to hire the right people for the job because Paramount halo isn't it.

  15. Very glad this is non-canon, few rights, many wrongs

  16. 0:30 wtf, is that an unpainted prop? What is this shit show? These graphics look worse than those from Halo2.

  17. Brutal as in this show sucks? That's literally what I thought it meant until I read the comments. The CGI is truly awful holy shit.

  18. It looks really cheap like a c movie or something. Straight to dvd.

  19. THIS is how Halo is supposed to be! Not that Rated T crap

  20. Wow those effects are dog poo, this looks terrible…..if only they'd not rushed this out

  21. Man this thing had so much potential. If they could just nail the writing.

  22. wow dude , considering the game wasnt so brutal
    this is crazy

  23. They decided to cut brutes out entirely they combined the two

  24. I though that elites were more interested in UNSC objects or forerunner artifacts and not just some random villages
    Also we got elites that are sometimes slow and with armor similar to halo 5 one

  25. Not as brutal as the writing & some of the cgi….

  26. Okay, I'm noticing a trend here with all of these halo videos.
    1. Music overlapping everything for some reason, always from the games.
    2. Rapidly changing colour grading.
    3. Aspect ratio keeps changing. Random zooming in and out all the time.

    Fucking stop please.

  27. Bro power rangers dragon force had better cgi then this fuck

  28. Absolute trash, garbage, feces, poop, gutter dumpster, train wreck of a show

  29. It’s shocking how violent they made it, given how goofy the show is and how the majority of their audience would’ve been kids had they toned it down a bit, probably would’ve had more people watching

  30. Mawfaw didn’t have to put the sadass soundtrack 😂

  31. Thank fuck they finally tried that, referring to activiting the energy sword next to your target so that it would form inside them instantly killing them without needing to stab or slash.

    I've been waiting for an assassination like that in the games but I'm finally happy it happened even if it's not in game.

  32. 0:33 Elite takes a whole magazine without shields but if it were a Spartan he'd be dead.

    This show is like watching The Last Jedi. At first you might not notice logical flaws in the action because everything looks pretty but when you watch or think about it again it just gets worse.

  33. No matter what the movie and show is about you can always see the AK 47 and thats not even in any Halo game

  34. Idk man some things look goofy and cheap and others look fk amazing and respectful to halo

    For example from 0:40 to 1:00

    The entire impale and look of the elite officer in that scene alone is fk great

    The energy sword is well made

    The armor of the elite is so off

    Then 0:55 comes in and the entire motion of knocking him off is so …. Unatural it goes against everything I know it's like one fo those heavy scripted qte in video games … Cheap asf

    But then at 0:59 the motion of chief emptying his magnum at the elite is so brutal and cold I fk love it

    So in a nutshell

    High motion scenes = bad
    And low motion scenes = good

    I hope they improve upon it if they can make all the show feel consistent to the public eye it will pay off highly

  35. “I remember how this war started- what your kind did to mine. I can never forgive you, but- you have my thanks, for standing by him to the end.”

  36. Needs strafing, jiggle peaking and tea bagging lol. Jk. Can you imagine if one of the Spartans tea bagged and Master Chief goes "hey. stop that" lol

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