The Prophet - Halo TV Show -

The Prophet – Halo TV Show

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Prophet halo tv series vs Prophet Halo 2

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  1. one of the ugliest things ive ever seen, nothing like the game.

  2. Dude look like he's been high for the past 200 years lmao

  3. i see the similarities but still ugly compared to halo 2 anniversary

  4. He looks….ok. They could have done worse. I'm not a huge fan of the design, but it's not terrible. Just meh. Now are we going to talk about how the covenant (who are violently anti-human) have some chick in their ranks?

  5. hijack the badass story of space Marines kicking random alien ass, and replace it with Shakespeare-English speaking, religion-and-politics guided creatures, and you've turned Terminator 2 into Star Wars.

    They're two VERY different genres. How do Halo fans appreciate both at once? And for clarification, I say Halo CE and Reach are the "badass Marines/Terminator 2" games. 2, 3, ODST, Halo Wars, 4 and 5 are the "Shakespeare/politics+religion Star Wars nerd" games. This 'tv show' falls into the latter.

  6. Kinda mixed on the prophet for some reason I don’t really know why but that warthog scene was really cool

    (Kinda reminds me of that reach cutscene)

  7. the prophet looks pretty good actually, this show is probably going to look mostly good but with mediocre story at best.

  8. They really should have had Blur make a halo show. I would take animation over live action any day.

  9. I wish they would use the real halo music

  10. The actual physical model looks surprisingly pretty good, the eyes are the only thing throwing me off

  11. Don’t give him a nose, it makes him look less alien

  12. I'm more bothered the minigun's barrels spin so slowly.

  13. Pretty damn good job. So far I'm pretty hyped about the aesthetic in the show. All of the covenant look pretty good

  14. If it looks good, I couldn’t care less about the story, this is promising tho

  15. Looks like he went to a bad nose plastic surgeon.

  16. The show is going to be visually stunning, but will most likely have a terrible story. It'll be a "cHaRaCtEr DrIvEn NaRrAtIvE", meaning that it will focus more on the over-acted melodrama between side characters, instead of an action packed story driven narrative that focuses on what we all really want to see: Spartans kicking ass & taking names, & awesome space battles.

  17. is it just me or does everything look like plastic?

  18. It's not bad but the human-like nose throws it off a bit for me.

  19. The design look like it's pulled from Rick Baker Night Skies alien designs that Spielberg stole.

  20. They should have just gone and made a completely digital movie using whatever software they made HL2 Anniversary cutscenes with. Would have taken a lot of time but it would be good

  21. Kinda looks fake and unconvincing that I'm looking at a prophet from the TV show

  22. How is that the old bungie live action trailers that have little to no dialogue is more pure halo compared to this 343i, woke, incompetent garbage 😂

    Idc how many episodes they make. There’s 343i employees leading the stuff behind the doors and the show already proved that it’s incompetent asf. They couldn’t even keep rule one in check…don’t show master chief’s face. This is garbage. It has 343i written all over it.

  23. It looks really fucking good. Far better than Blomkamps design.

  24. He looked decent

    Not top tier cgi but he looks like the one from Halo 2

  25. A bit fuzzy but yea give him the crown and he should be good

  26. He’s looks like perfect all we need now is his voice he better sound like the ones in Halo 2

  27. My only question is, what is the prophet of?

  28. I’m assuming it’s the prophet of regret. Because of the blue-ish, green-ish robe.

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