The Scout Warthog Looks SICK in Halo TV Show Episode 4 (Halo TV Series) Fan Edit -

The Scout Warthog Looks SICK in Halo TV Show Episode 4 (Halo TV Series) Fan Edit

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The Scout Warthog Looks SICK in Halo TV Show Episode 4 (Halo TV Series)
I added memes, music, and sound effects into the video. Meme made by SpartanMatt117 (myself)

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  1. Immediately takes his helmet off because helmet bad

  2. -I understand the actor needs to take off the helmet to show some emotions but to be honest it is becoming annoying since there are not always a good reason to do it so.

    -I mean the helmet increase his vision, sounds, situational awareness, etc. Why would you take such amazing piece of technology off in this especific situation?

    -I support 100% this show but please never give fans support for granted.

  3. I wanna know if the warthog has 6 pedals in the Halo tv show.

  4. They should add sounds for the helmet pressurizing/depressurizing. I bet if Pablo Schreiber Chief was ejected into space he's suffocate in seconds because the showrunners forgot physics exists

  5. They could not of messed up his character more, I don’t see chief I see a goof

  6. The way they shot Vincent D'onofrio in Hawkeye for Kingpin is how they should of shot Pablo Schreiber. He doesnt even look tall in this series.

  7. Chief: proceeds to put on helmet before driving Halsey around in a really good looking Warthog that has a windshield.

    Also Chief: "Yeah I don't need this anymore." removes helmet again

  8. All I gotta say is if a car company starts making these I’d buy one in a heartbeat

  9. This shot in special really makes Chief's armor look like plastic

  10. Tbh if they are going to realistic y’all need to get over him taking off the helmet . IMAGINE wearing that thing all damn day. Sweat and shit. Plus He has a waaaaaaaaaaaay better field of view without it on. In this scene it makes sense if he’s looking around his surroundings. I feel like we all played the games and never saw him take it off so we’re like CHEIF DOESN’T DO THAT WHAAAA WHAAA . Like maybe I’m wrong is it Spartan code to keep your helmet on as long as possible or we just assume they do.

  11. Dude's really asking for a bullet thought the skull by a jackal sniper

  12. They… Didn't even properly show him when driving the Warthog… And they showed his legs (which that shot looks awful btw, he's so still, it looks like he fell)… And he took off the helmet again looking backwards…
    It's like if the producers are ashamed of the Master Chief's image and don't want to show his helmet.

    And I don't mean that by "Oh, they don't know the character" I mean, it feels like that they really DON'T like Master Chief from the games and don't want to be associated with him. For them Game's Chief is that one person they're ashamed to be around with, like "Not this guy" "Oh, that annoying guy" "I hate that guy".

  13. That’s the problem. Everything looks Halo, but it doesn’t FEEL Halo

  14. Lmao dude puts his helmet on to drive a warthog just to immediately remove the helmet

  15. Máster chef cannot have the helmet no more of one minute

  16. I don't mind him taking the helmet off when he's at barracks on Reach or on his ship. But not when he's supposed to be in the field on a mission.

  17. Microsoft are so desperate for that face for chief. Like how RDJ is ironman, Chris Hemsworth is Thor etc. But it just comes so forced and void of any artistic merit. It's disgusting really.

  18. Look at all these good props that could be used in a decent halo show

  19. Puts on helmet for car ride, takes off helmet after arriving.

  20. A multi million dollar helmet that increases your perception and senses

    TV chief: takes it off

  21. Lool that setting just doesn't work for me 😂
    It's literally just my backyard in Autumn 🤦🏻‍♂

    And chief just taking every chance to take off the helmet now huh….

  22. sick! Wait whos that guy with Spartan armor?

  23. Takes off helmet every time😂then puts it back on in seconds

  24. Where is the Elite who sniped Kat when you need him

  25. That’s the slowest I’ve ever seen a warthog move

  26. Master Cheeks sure loves to take off his helmet for no reason.

  27. I'm just waiting for the scene, where he pops that helmet off and gets his dome split in two by a Jackal.

  28. Helmet on, helmet off, Helmet on, helmet off Helmet on, helmet off, on, off, on, off, on, off.🤣

  29. Why put the helmet on and then take it off not long after 🤣🤣🤦🏽‍♂️

  30. No me gusta que cada 3 segundos se quite el casco. Los sparta originales en mision jamás deben quitarse el casco. Ni para tomar iré fresco.

  31. I could smell the rubber In this episode

  32. At least the chief has a fresh ass fade. 😂

  33. I love the part where he takes the helmet with the super advanced reconnaissance and surveying features off to survey the area.

  34. the fact ive seen just clips of this show and only about 4 seconds of the clips ive seen has his helmet on and the other 5 minutes its off has made me know for a fact ill never watch this garbage

  35. Halo tv show scout warthog scene with master chief. Halo tv show episode 4 is out now! ( If you enjoyed this video, please consider subscribing! It's free and you can always unsub! 🙂👍 Follow my socials in description and leave a like! I don't make money from this lol

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