The Wolf Man (1941) KILL COUNT -

The Wolf Man (1941) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat
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The BRIDE OF CHUCKY Kill Count was supposed to be out yesterday (9/9/2022), but a copyright claim has it blocked worldwide. We’re releasing this episode a day early so you can still enjoy a Kill Count throughout the weekend.



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“Darkest Child var A” by Kevin MacLeod (
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  1. In the world of darkness RPG series there are about a dozen other werefamilies of Lycanthropy you can play as such as Werebats, Wereboars, Werebears, Weredinosaurs, etc.

  2. When marvel's special werewolf by night comes out you should do the kill count for that since it's inspired by this movie would be cool to see and you could draw cool comparisons IDK would be cool to see.

  3. I really hope you do the 2006 movie Big Bad Wolf it’s so bad but so good 😂

  4. Romani traveler is interesting. As a man from Michigan I thought you would have run into some Romanis.

  5. Lon Chaney and Lon Chaney jr were from my home state of Oklahoma

  6. I think the Creature from the Black Lagoon has a fairly high kill count

  7. I recognized this from the scene in the sandlot when the beast rips through the screen at the movie theater right when she's explaining how to kill a werewolf 😅

  8. Can you say happy birthday on your next kill count on Friday because Friday is my birthday

  9. The wolf man is a classic as well as Dracula Frankenstein The universal monsters they will always be classics

  10. I have always, and will always, prefer the fully-wolf-head version of werewolves.

  11. Anthony Hopkins is so cool. He was Hannibal Lecter AND Odin in the Thor movies.

  12. I love this old movies dead counts! Keep doing the great job my man! Love from Mexico.

  13. Aww, always happy to hear a Drunk Disney reference!

  14. I'd love to see a Kill Count of the 1925 version of the Phantom of the Opera.

  15. Jesse_EvilAsh_Lycan_WolfCop_Custer🐺🍺 says:

    I can’t wait to see the wolfman remake kill count because it’s my favourite movie ever 🐺

  16. The Wolfman is one of the most famous cinematic monsters of Universal- the others being Frankenstein, his Bride, Dracula, The Mummy, and The Creature from the Black Lagoon!!!! Late, great actor Lon Chaney Jr. portrayed the hairy hairy monster years before Benicio Del Toro did!!!😤

  17. Finally my comments to have James shirtless more have been answered. Came for the horror, stay for the handsome man.

  18. Gypsies? I'm guessing the word is gypsies

  19. I wished you talked more about Maria Ouspenskaya because she should be known for more than just her part in The Wolf Man. She was a student of Stanislavsky, later taught Lee Strasberg, and is one of the unsung heroes in developing what would later be known as "method acting". Even though her roles in movies were limited to supporting characters if you study the history of modern acting she is basically the Big Mama Thorton to Marlon Brando's Elvis.

  20. Love seeing these classic films get some love!
    I know they're not as popular but damn if it's not satisfying seeing them get the kill count love they deserve

  21. Yo, James! Can you do a Kill Count for Deadpool 1 and 2 or maybe America: The Motion Picture?

  22. Omg please do Jack and Diane and Silver Bullet. My favorite werewolf movies.

  23. No plus no equals no, all roads lead to no no no!

    James, pour these They Might Be Giants references directly into my veins. Please keep them coming.

  24. The soundtrack to Dracula 2000 is probably the best part of that movie. Hopefully this kill count means we'll finally see the Ginger Snaps trilogy!

  25. I love the classic monster films- then you ripped open your shirt & I forgot where I was

  26. Wouldn’t the mummy be the first original universal monster?

  27. Lon Cheney plays the first member of the jostar line

  28. Idk why but I’d love to see a van helsing kill count

  29. Though it's not a horror movie, Bullet train seems like a cool movie to kill count

  30. Nowadays, I find the ending very tragic. Sir John sees this beast of a man and mercilessly beats him to death, thinking the brute was just an ancient monster of lore. He won. But at a price. Slowly, the beast transforms slowly and slowly…into his own son. He stands dumbfounded that this seemingly unsympathetic creature that he mercilessly killed was in reality his very own child, his only surviving child no less. And now he has to live with this regret for the rest of his life.

  31. I really hope this kicks off a trend of a bunch of werewolf themed kill counts!

  32. If they wanted to appeal to American audiences why was the house set in Wales…

  33. You should do a kill count for the Wolfman Remake

  34. Sad that when she said “The pentagram, the sign of the wolf” that the song didn’t start playing

  35. Everything has to be perverted I bet your who** lives that

  36. Lon Chaney Jr. is actually one of my ancestors. I used to think why I was weird and why I didn't fit in but I looked at him then I found out it's OK to be weird. Now I'm one of the most popular kid at my because he taught me that lesson.

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