There are literally SpongeBob Easter Eggs in The Halo TV Series -

There are literally SpongeBob Easter Eggs in The Halo TV Series

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Halo tv series SpongeBob Easter egg

New halo show episode 2 – unbound

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  1. I do believe its like the Easter island head carvings, might not have been an intentional spongebob refence but who knows with this show.

  2. I mean his house is an easter island head right? how do we know it isn't just a model of that? lololol

  3. Look halo and SpongeBob connects to each other. Squidward used to fight along with master chief. They’ve been hitting it longtime

  4. "We need props for this set"
    "Just get some of those little things you put in an aquarium, those look cool and old"

  5. Squidward's house is actually lore accurate, as he is at least 10 inches tall

  6. Who's in lives in a ship getting ready to fight the Covenant!
    Master Chief!

  7. Sponge boy me Bob the flood has taken over bikini bottom and I can feel them crawling under my skin AGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAGAG!!!

  8. I hope people aren’t taking this too seriously, because squidwards house is an based on an Easter island head, which is a real thing that exists outside of SpongeBob

  9. next season they'll have a poster of sandy in the background doing something unspeakable.

  10. I looks like aquarium terrain. Not sure how their propmaster missed an object from one of the most popular animated shows of all time

  11. uh yeah, its an easter island head, not squidwards house

  12. I love how Master Chief already just sounds like a straight rip off of Christian Bale's batman and then he goes and starts throwing the Dave Chappelle crack head around basically yelling "WHERE'S RACHEL?!?!"

  13. They'll use any material but the source material lol

  14. Dude it’s an Easter island head, it’s been around a lot longer than SpongeBob.

  15. Y’all think Nick is still releasing shitty new SpongeBob episodes all the way to 2552?

  16. Is this the guy that’s supposed to be a Jackal, not a human?

  17. "Spongeboy me Bob, mind tellin' me what ye be doin in the alternate Halo universe timeline?"
    "Sir, living like Larry."

  18. “Spartan SquarePants reporting for duty!”

  19. isn't Squidwards house just based on some sort of ancient human carvings/statues?

  20. "Well John me boy, I just thought it would be fun to kidnap ya, then turn ya into a weapon. For money. Ugh haha ha ha ha"

  21. Chief screams and bursts out in anger.
    (skeletor voice) what?

  22. Why the Silver Chief always so emotional, he hasn't even removed the pellet yet

  23. Que all the "um, actually it's not his house because Squidward's house is based on this ancient historical…" type douche comments

  24. "John's a regular cumming and killing machine" woah

  25. When there’s more references to pop culture than halo in a halo show lmaooo

  26. I’m calling this the SpongeBob timeline instead of the silver timeline now.

  27. 🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿

  28. This show is ass. It really shows that it was made by people who know nor ever played a single Halo game… Who the hell sat in the board meeting and said that this was gonna be good. They were probs pressured due to political reasons sadly just like SW- they need to stop thinking shows need to be political, it just doesn't make money 😩

  29. Goddamn that is NOT Master Chief. John Halo at best. Actually, no… Jon Halo. He doesn't even deserve the H from Master Chief's real name.

  30. Halo trilogy master chief: Never takes off helmet even to shower to give impression he is an unresting, unwavering death machine and to encourage fellow soldiers
    Halo series master chief: Takes off helmet to sip a macchiato and ask how the marines’ day is going

  31. I feel like paramount just wanted to make a Batman movie, but completely skinned it to be halo…

  32. Whoever made this halo series is on my hitlist ngl

  33. Fun fact: The director wanted to make a Live Action Spongbob movie about the Battle for Bikini Bottom but the producers had other ideas…

  34. That's just an ornament for a fish tank

  35. Pretty sure there’s a Type-1 Energy Spatula somewhere.

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