This First person CGI scene was not it - Halo Tv Series -

This First person CGI scene was not it – Halo Tv Series

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These first person scenes need work asap

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  1. It really is just the lighting on the animation, and how it looks NOTHING like the actual scene. Explains why Chief's jumps and the AR falling look so out of place — because the models don't render the shadows properly.

  2. Bro all
    You need to worry about is that they made a fucking tv series based on master chief 🤣

  3. Y’all ain’t gonna see me complain, we asked for a Halo show and we are getting one… can it be better? Absolutely, but I’ve actually found myself kinda enjoying it so far.. I’ve accepted a long time ago that we ain’t ever gonna see CGI like Davy Jones levels of good from Pirates of the Caribbean, and with a 90 million dollar budget? Given the inflation issue right now, that doesn’t even sound like a very big budget

  4. Yup, anything that required a Spartan to jump looked poorly animated (or unfinished).

  5. I honestly didn't have a single problem with the CGI in this, I'm enjoying the show

  6. they even menage to fuck up the hud color, lol.

  7. I can't get over how Master Chief's running SFX sounds like something straight out of Hanna Barbera cartoon.

  8. It looks alright, just doesn't fit the the budget the show had.

  9. I personally loved it so far. I only have gripes about cheifs looks and voice and the casting for both Keyes not being accurate to the game. Which is explained by this being its own universe so whatever I'm good. Beyond that this is what I wanted

  10. My face watching this.. 😍…😬…😂

  11. Man there's so much hate and negative comments lol saying it looks fan made and terrible and i bet the ones saying that dont have a job in that field or even a degree so either be quiet or go make your own show damn karens

  12. Okay that's it, I'm personally boycotting this show for myself, not going to consume this lazy, ugly crap

  13. Yeah that look cheap as fuck. Looks like it was taken from a 360 Halo game.

  14. Ok…even tho that looked weird, it was still pretty badass

  15. dude really just jumped 50 feet in the air wearing a 1000 pound suit of armor and floated down like an angel

  16. What a punk thinking "let me just shoot the guy who's my best bet for killing off the aliens."

  17. Master Chief gets a text message:
    "Hey little bro.
    I know you're not very happy with what they're doing to you on your show and all the mistakes they're making with your story and lore.
    It will all pass over in time; you saw how rough it was for me in 2010, but seeing how great you were doing cheered me up.
    I'm here for you; how about you come over to my neck of the woods and have a sparring match? I'll call up your brother to see if he's woken up yet and wants to join."
    Love, your big sister, Samus

  18. This legits looks like that scene from the Doom movie starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

  19. They made a point of saying they didn't talk about the game so why do this cheesy nonsense?

  20. Why does chief like stop falling for a second? Shared a left a like

  21. It's a pilot episode. Don't judge the entire series based on it's pilot episode. There's 9 more to come. And nobody knows that 200 million dollars budget was kept for the climax of the series.

  22. I know its halo but, does no one else find it funny how 1000 pound master chief just jet packs in to the air, immediately enters a diving position and lands gracefully with no impact like he's Spider-Man or something.

  23. they just gonna put in gameplay for the cg at this rate

  24. cant wait for the dramatic fall of reach to see some spartans in the background run around with unpainted cardboard suits

  25. I mean, was that even necessary? They could've removed this first person part and let the scene play out from the normal camera angle, and it'd look way cooler.

  26. Why do they jump so high? It looks like sfm Master chief vs elite

  27. It seems like the Cgi shots are done either in 3gs or .5gs of gravity. Always off

  28. The cgi looks like a fake video game a kid plays in a movie.

  29. Idk I like older games even if the graphics are shitty now so shitty cgi doesn't really bother me as much as I thought it would

  30. I don't understand people complaining about the CGI in this show, I mean, literally every other TV show has way shitter CGI than this (Marvel and DC, for instance) and no one cares. I think it looks really good here.

  31. No matter how good your cgi looks, you can't fix awful choreography

  32. The CGI was great… the un-athletic movement of the actors was not… seriously get a trainer to teach them how to explosively sprint

  33. Its the gun…. the models are pretty much Halo CE level of detailed xD you can see it when he throws it aside for the chain gun. Also the HUDs transparency/clarity and or brightness is very low so its hard to even look at for that quick of a scene

  34. Man, it seems like everyone is forgetting this is a TV SHOW. tv shows never have flawless hollywood movie level of cgi fidelity. The cgi isnt the problem with the show, it's the pacing of the plot. The action scenes were great. Im very critical of Halo and hate a lot of what 343 has done to it but man people will complain about any and everything. This is not an issue

  35. I like to imagine that the reason he looks closer to the elite is the zoom in the games for no scope weapons

  36. It honestly looks pretty real to me. I’ve watched this particular episode twice and I don’t understand all the cgi hate. It’s not as stellar as what we get in high-budget movies from Marvel and Star Wars and the like, but duh it’s just a tv show.

  37. All im saying is did it or did it not look cheap asf ? Im not shitting on the shows cgi just this scene FOR ME wasnt it, on a positive note high charity looks beautiful

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