This is getting fixed - Halo Infinite -

This is getting fixed – Halo Infinite

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  1. only up to 94 on the battlepass. glad i never used boosts

  2. Will they address the rest of the game soon ?😂😂😂

  3. I'll be glad when this one's fixed, its so annoying lol

  4. Don't get me wrong it's annoying but it's not the end of the world literally just a button press. I do wonder how stuff like that even passes cert, i guess it's not game breaking but man is it obvious lmao. I bet their test accounts dont have completed battlepasses and that's why thos slipped

  5. So uh, when’s the 152 Coating getting Fixed? It’s ridiculous that they can make a Coating with the same metal if red, Grey and Black yet they can’t take two seconds to fix the armor coating. All the have to do is Copy and Past the Colors from the 152 Weapon Coatings or just tweak the Shininess and Coloring of the coating.
    I’m baffled that this and many other coatings haven’t been fixed yet tbh. Ik there’s a lot that they have to do before hand yet this should be the easiest thing to do in halo yet their failing on it? It’s been almost a Year since they said they’d fix them.
    Sorry to be a bummer but I just wanted to get this topic up again, even tho it’s not the most important thing on everyone’s mind.
    Also they need to fix the Body Type System as well.
    Well anyway have a Great Day everyone.

  6. Adjutant Resolution’s theme intensifies

  7. 🤔 So they basically said

    “We hear you 👊”

  8. When it first came i was like why and then it continued, because i dont even have premuium BP

  9. this message froze my game once. very annoying

  10. How did that update even get approved in the first place? How could they not have thought that to be annoying?

  11. I get it after every single ranked match. Very annoying, but also hilarious… sometimes.

  12. What they need to do is let us save levels for the next battlepass like in MCC

  13. Wooooo exciting stuff!!! Halo infinite is on fireeeee

  14. Meh… it wasn’t that big of an issue

  15. I didn't notice this yesterday st all while playing but at least it's getting fixed

  16. This game is toast. I'm jumping ship when mw2 comes. We all know forge is gonna release without lobbies so to hell with it. The only thing that can save this game is the BR mode that non of the old fans want. I've been experiencing server/network issues sense the drop pod.

  17. Dude 343 is aware of 3v4 matches in ranked since launch and haven't fixed it

  18. I have a bug where, while playing 4v4 games whenever I press select to check my kill/death ratio, I mostly get a blank white list meant for big team battles and it hardly ever works properly

  19. I haven’t gotten any of these alerts but I’m close to completing s1 ( s2 is already done). Is it only for people who have it completed?

  20. Halo has more videos about bugs and stuff getting fixed than videos not related to bugs and fixing stuff.

  21. Can you talk about how Quickplay is literally attrition 4-5 times in a row and nothing more. It’s sooo annoying that One Flag, CTF, he’ll even Fiesta isn’t even included in the supposedly ’random’ game mode. And I know some of those I mentioned have their own playlist but I don’t wanna choose them I just wanna play. But not the same damn game mode consecutively.

  22. 343 are nothin but bots. instead of hiring because you like halo how about hiring on the person skill to code ever other game studio dose!

  23. What about the packet loss/desync/jitter/rubber banding that they talked about? When do you think they’ll fix that because all of the sudden my Xbox connected thru Ethernet has had connection issues

  24. Oh god.. probably the greatest updated over the last year will be fixing this… do they not test anything?

  25. I was more than sure when I first saw this message that it will show at the end of every single match. I've joked about it to my friend so when it comes again at 2nd match and again after next ones we were laughing that they are so incompetent that they did not checked that much obvious thing as "show only once and never show again". Their bugs are so predictable it's hilarious and sad at the same time.

  26. guys, as a community, we should all stop focusing on such stupid shit when it comes to issues. it's like we're grasping at straws and the developers are suffering from the constant whining. this issue has been apparent to me but i can live with it until it's fixed.

  27. What's that's music in the background??

  28. It’s an annoyance but definitely not an issue. It only shows if you’ve finished the BP s2 and after every game. What an inconvenience you have to press the A button just once more after every match 😂 again, it’s only annoying, nothing more. If only y’all were this quick to resolve real issues……..

  29. The reason Bungie era games felt so loved, was because EVERYONE on the team was playing them. The texture artists would play a level, see an issue, and fix it. Not many development teams have that, especially now.

  30. It was a mildly annoying thing to have to click out these. I'm glad to know it will be taken care. Thank you for the brief video

  31. If they just let us "rank" separately from the BP that'd be the only fix we want.

  32. With the Thumbnail and Caption I was hoping it would be about the grey armour pieces.
    Kinda disappointed

  33. Thank you for all the positive updates/constructive criticism FG. The game has made MASSIVE improvements even with the lack of content at launch. We’re slowly getting there to Season 3 but your videos always give me hope.

  34. damn i was really feeling good about myself being congratulated everytime i finished a match😔

  35. "This is getting fixed" is Halo Infinite and 343i's motto.

  36. It was literally a quick pop up. Why are we mad about this when we still have desync and Blank hits, etc? Like yea fix it, but the fix doesn't deserve its own video either.

  37. You and mint blitz keep my hope for halo infinite

  38. By the thumbnail I thought the armor attachments that stay metal grey would finally be getting color added to them like in every other game

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