This is HOW the HALO TV Series Should have been like... -

This is HOW the HALO TV Series Should have been like…

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The Halo TV Show was a huge mess and does not feel like a Halo Show at all. Not grabbing what makes a Halo, Halo, is a huge miss. I hope one day that season 2 for the Halo Tv series will recover from it…

Please 343i…

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  1. Master Chief’s luck got him conveniently-placed weapons and vehicles.

  2. I may need medical attention for this furious boner

  3. Master Chief beating the shit out of Freeza is something i wasn't ready for today

  4. i don't give a fuck how much it would cost,

    this video alone is more entertaining than halo infinite

    And I'd fuckin buy it

  5. I would like to believe that when broly got tired punching freeza in the movie in that hour, John got tagged in. This is the directors cut of what we didn't see.

  6. Lord hood: Master chief mind telling me what your doing
    Chief: finshing the hunt for the dragon balls

  7. Sooo play like a bitch, spamming the same broken projectiles over and over again while running away?

  8. Halo TV show should've been like this. Why 343?!??!!??!!!!!?

  9. Goku: Okay Chief, this is how you do a Ki blast.
    Chief: pulls out shotgun with malicious intent

  10. "master chief, you mind telling what you're doing in a dragon ball fighting game?"

    "sir… i may be lost."

  11. Yeah with master chief flying around and the sky and fighting Frieza, I understand completely.

  12. I'm sure that with the Halo CE pistol, killing Frieza would be somewhat possible.

  13. NAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Why is this some ANCIENT 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. The turn around Killtacular took me out 😂😂

  15. Such a shame they didn't include Chief's all time arch nemesis and renowned Halo villain: Frieza

  16. Vanguard guns have less recoil than Mw guns in Warzone…

  17. It should’ve been master chief fighting frieza? That would’ve been cool

  18. But it wasn’t…. So shut the fu*k up, stop complaining about the show… no one gives a fuck about what you think of the show.

    If you didn’t make it, or paying people to make it, then clearly your input doesn’t matter. Just shut the fu*k up with ya bitch asses. It’s annoying when all ya do is cry, & complain.

  19. It's all fun & games till Frieza gets composed.

  20. This, is creative garbage, which is just regular garbage with extra steps.

  21. love how chief doesnt even look like hes trying

  22. can't believe freezer got beaten by mister beef

  23. This is actually fucking awesome looking, especially with the modded weapons n' warthog too lol

  24. This has more effort and thought put into it then the TV series writers put into their work. Can't say I'm to surprised when compared to something an actual fan put out like this.

  25. This would have been closer to cannon compared to that TV shit garbage

  26. People are amazing. This has to have been so much work

  27. I don't think anyone would've complained about a sequel to Halo Legends

  28. Video: Is clearly a Dragon Ball-Z game.

    YT: "Sorry, best I can do is Halo Infinite…"

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