THIS makes Spartan IIs Look DUMB in The Halo TV Series -

THIS makes Spartan IIs Look DUMB in The Halo TV Series

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Imagine Spartan IIs behave like that – Halo TV Series

Halo tv show (Paramount) Episode 5


  1. Remember this is her FIRST battle without the chip. It makes sense that it'll take her some time to get used to fighting without it. Imagine never feeling anything your whole life, then all of a sudden you experience multiple brutal deaths right in front of you. That would be shocking af. I don't get how people don't understand that.

  2. For f*ck sakes..
    She removed her emotional inhibitor and is feeling overwhelmed for the first time in her adult life, is it so hard to grasp? Stop boycotting this show or it WILL get cancelled.

  3. Instead of making the halo TV show about chief, they should have done Spartans III's. Would have been far more interesting and won't have to rely on the emotion blocker chip trope. Spartan III's were basically a bunch of pissed of kids whos families were killed by the covenant and were trained by Oni to be a suicidal army of super soldiers. Plus they were on pair with Spartans II's, maybe even alittle stronger in some aspects since they had more augmentations..

  4. people tend to forget these are DIFFERENT VERSIONS of the same characters in the main canon lol

  5. This is my problem with the series these are super soldiers doesn't matter if it's centered around the Master Chief in his crybaby f**** moments there is literally a three man spartan that nova bombed a whole planet and they're only a three-man team if you know you know having said that why are the Spartans so soft they were brutalized and literally meant to be emotionless killing machines look at the ending of Halo 4 the master chief literally struggles with the concept of being human considering the fact he was a soldiers entire life

  6. Every time I see a Halo tv short I prepare to cringe.

  7. Not going to watch the show, but out of context it looks like she's having a seizure. Eye's rolling back, and I think that those are supposed to be muscle spasms when she's on the ground. Not saying its well done either

  8. They not only wants us to know the Spartans but explore them you are wrong the writer is answering questions to the Viewers why Spartans should get rid of their Emotions. This show isn't just for halo fans but for those who are new to this universe and doesn't know a thing about it. This is clearly the A example of what's is Spartans and what makes a Spartans why one should not let their Emotions control it. People have lost sense to analyse a storytelling.

  9. isnt the idea that because shes removed her regulator all her senses overwhelm her its triggered from her seeing all those soldiers dying.. usually spartans ignore their pain and focus but she cant if you cant control your own body you seize up

  10. She took out the chip so she started having feelings. She got traumatized prob

  11. "b-bb-b-b-b-b-but SHE REMOVED HER PELLET OMGGGGGGGG"

  12. This is why girls shouldn't be a SPARTAN SUPER SOLDIER

  13. The inhibitor is a tool for drama between silver team and unsc. I am sure before the final episode ends the other 2 will have removed theirs to (from writers) show a facet of their personality.

  14. That's because this show set out from the start to be a mockery of Halo and its lore. I still can't believe MS let paramount make this shit show. Just shows how little MS cares about Halo and the Halo fanbase.

  15. Can't believe there are people actually defending this show lol

  16. Was expecting and an energy sword to go through to her when that Elite got to her.

  17. She was being overwhelmed by a lot of emotions she had never felt before, got distracted and took a lot of damage. I mean… It's consistent with the emotion inhibitors being there to supress any distractions and let them focus on the battle.

  18. They just copied the plot off equilibrium.

  19. She wasn't mentally fit because she removed the regulator

  20. Ok it’s episode 5 stop watching it or stop complaining. I didn’t like to first and still don’t . But once you nerds get it through your head THIS IS NOT CANNON STOP. Just imagine it’s a different universe and master chief isn’t the same as the one we know. I mean you shouldn’t have to imagine because they explain that but yea just do that . Then MAYBE MAYBE you won’t compare a show to a game they specifically said it lol want going to try and be like . At this point y’all Sound like Karen’s . It be different if they said we’re gonna make this like the game . Half you nerds complain and act like you know everything yet didn’t even see the brutes legs are more like elites . Good eye to detail .

  21. This highlights why the inhibitors are such a dumb part of this series. Spartans were as mentally tough as they were physically tough. Spartans see and know the horror of the battlefield, they are just masters at not letting it affect and degrade their performance.

  22. It makes them look downright weak, incompotent and a liability. Yet another instance of this series being far removed from it's source material.

  23. Covenant invasion and Elite missing his weapons. Great writing(Sarcasm) like why? They’re in a battle field and elite suddenly doesn’t have a weapon.

  24. That doesn’t make them look dumb at all that makes them look human. She was in shock

  25. Well to me the whole show is dumb its sad that they just decide to make this show for money rather than for the fan of the halo saga, you can see that some poeple still reserched the lore but only the big line

  26. She could have had that chip as early as age six. Meaning she could literally have the emotional intelligence of a six year old. Is that a design for a cool charatcher? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  27. What's with entertainment media now a days trying to push for so many main characters to have emotional problems and panic attacks? I've seen it more and more, but seeing Spartans do it now made me realize on how far they've really gone.

  28. This is indeed very dumb. They were not augmented or programmed to be repressed of their emotions. They still have the capability and the capacity of handling emotions like any normal human being would have – they just behave like a super soldier should. See, that's why these writers have no fucking idea how to properly humanize their characters in the show, only making them look funny (in a bad way) and weird.

  29. This is not a video game, they charge and tried to adapt to tv series.

  30. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that a few Spartan candidates died in training, and like 30% of them died in Augmentation, so even without the emotional regulator she should not be acting like this is her first time seeing death/pain.

  31. The tv show has to be following an alternate timeline. As someone who played the games it might seem like they're ruining beloved characters but really they're just telling the story of a different chief from a different universe and when you frame it that way, it's only sorta meh instead of appalling.

  32. The fact that they had an "emotional regulator" to make them follow orders better just makes it sound like they wanted to be Star Wars The Clone Wars.

  33. So in the show universe they completely screwed everything up

  34. Someone doesn't play on legendary… she got shot like 50 times!

  35. That's the entire point of thos scene. To show that Spartans are humans too. She removed the regulator from her back and and can feel emotion now. That's the whole point of the show bro.

  36. It makes it a lot worse when they still kept the "kidnapped and trained by military for whole life" aspect of Spartan II's.

  37. What’s this about emotional regulators?

  38. Petition to cancel this abomination and sue paramount?

  39. This is why they need the emotional suppression, if not they gonna have ptsd

  40. I know it does not line up with what people think of Spartans or ODST units, but realistically, Spartans where as much in the core of all the brutal war tragedies as one can possibly get. Her removing the emotional regulator after fighting and functioning with it for decades could have triggered a combat shock ( the visual symptoms align with that perfectly), that is a real life issue for many highly trained and even experienced soldiers. So rarely in the writers defense, completely possible scenario even for a supersoldier with enhanced fighting abilities.

  41. She froze in combat because her pellet was removed, it's totally normal.

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