This Movie is BETTER than The Halo TV Show -

This Movie is BETTER than The Halo TV Show

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This Halo Movie Made by Corridor Crew is better than The Halo TV Series


  1. Microsoft, take notes, hire directors and writers who love the games, not directors and writers who hate it and want to butcher it into some random plot with a Halo skin slapped onto it

  2. Watching paint dry is better than the halo TV show

  3. made by people who actually love the halo franchise and know what its about

  4. I just saw the making process for that trailer, it was absolutely awesome these guys deserve a lot of support

  5. What the hell is this, why am I just now hearing about it? Looks absolutely incredible.

  6. corridor is basically gods of vfx, i love those guys

  7. Not having watched this clip yet, I just want to say being better than the tv series is in no way a high bar.

  8. Go support Corridor Digital and Crew. They are the ones working on this project. It’s gonna be a long one but this trailer alone shows that they know what Halo is and actually will respect it.

  9. Just finishes watching their video and I just now saw this, this is gonna be so good.

  10. To be fair anything is better than master cheeks but this looks amazing.

  11. Aye, I was the 343rd viewer, how ironic is that

  12. Was that a flood elite at the end? I saw a long arm and long neck stretching towards the back….man I'm getting CE, 2, and 3 PTSD

  13. Where did this come from? It looks like real Halo

  14. Watched their clip when it first was posted, and man am I excited. I didn't even watch the show because of all the clips I've see and mistakes they made. I'm excited for this and all the older fan made videos

  15. Lol no it isn't. Take off your nostalgia goggles for once.

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