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Videogame movies?

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Josh Strife Hayes and Callum Upton discuss on @Tangent Tavern if you can and should make videogames into films? Or into any other media, is it possible to convert the story and the option of choice from videogames into other media for consumer consumption?


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  1. A common theme in bad video game movies is "we didn't want to be restricted by the franchise" or them hiring people who have no familiarity with the series to write it, or just inexperienced writers (I was horrendously pissed when I found out both WoW movie writers had about 5 C-tier movies between them as experience). Also trying to jam in an awkward love stories or other Hollywood BS. Basically flaying the series and draping it's skin over a frame of generic Hollywood cookie cutter garbage.

    Halo: Okay just tell the story of Harvest contact, or the Spartan 2's through to the Fall of Reach, or adapt The Flood and focus on the marines for your human element and Chief for action. "He did what? Spartans have no sex drive you morons! Don't try to humanize the badass cyborg!" Also…Halo universe already pretty diverse but it feels like half the casting was diversity picks.

    Assassin's Creed: "Don't mention the Pieces of Eden, don't mention the PoE, don't mention the PoE…or at least make it a last second reveal like in the game." Central plot point "Fuck".

    Warcraft: Good job aside but AWFUL writing and a jammed in love story. "We must go, to the floating city of Dalaran!" Sonofabitch Dalaran isn't floating yet and that basically nixes any future re-enactment of the Archimonde destroying Dalaran scene. Also they used Alodi instead of Aegwynn in the cube. Also the casting was awful (Lothar's supposed to be mid 50's not early 30's), Garona is half Draenei and has a fling with Medivh, they made her lover her dad.

    Monster Hunter: "Oh wow they've got so many options and great locales, and good timing on a message of working to protect/manage nature and……..what in the f*ck." Don't think I need to comment much more on that one…

    Not a video game movie but dishonorable mention to Interstellar, great movie up until "Love crosses time and space" keep your love story half assed mass market appeal sentimental bs out of my science.

  2. If you wanna see the Halo Moovie, go watch all the cinematics from Combat Evolved till 3. Do not bother with the later garbage. That's what we wanted from the series. They gave us garbage.

  3. I'm going to rewatch Chronicles of Riddick and replay Escape from Butcher Bay now. Thank you….

  4. Imagine watching someone play a video game….so youtube gameplays? The thing that made a shit ton of youtube carrers?

  5. The issue is most video games don't have good stories to adapt in the first place. I actually think most video game movies are decent, but fail to faithfully adapt the source. The Resident Evil movies managed to be successful doing their own thing.

  6. I disagree, I want a resident evil series where at least 4 episodes are dedicated to people figuring out which keys open which doors.

  7. Aviators' Dark Souls tracks are actually part of my workout mix. They're so damn good!

  8. I might sound like a complete idiot here, but I think the main problem about shows in general being written with pre-written lore is that the Writers think they know better and they don't respect the source material. I've seen it again and again, always the same. If the animated Mulan movie was a game, we'd say the same thing about the live action remake.

    The DOOM movie is garbage, but if you only played DOOM 3, the DOOM movie is pretty enjoyable if you turn off your brain a bit.

  9. calum obviously hasnt read the original eric nylund halo book trilogy. INCREDIBLE books.

  10. Georg Rockall-Schmidt has a great video on this.

  11. An example that I really like of a video game gone to a board game is the Dark Souls game. My sister in law got it for my brother for Christmas last year and we've had a blast with it. I feel like the mechanics on the Souls games translated pretty well to the board game format.

  12. I think that game movies or shows would be better if it's jot about the main charector but more "lore" or building on the world in some way

  13. Having to explain chronicles felt like a nerd bonding moment and its what im here for

  14. They should make rust movies.. oh wait there's plenty of them already!

  15. MFW I actually enjoyed the Prince of Persia movie 💀
    I'd give it a 4/6 TBH, even though I also loved the games.
    Also can't believe they didn't mention the Tomb Raider movies for this!
    Also how absolutely hilariously bad the Resident Evil movies are!

  16. I've never seen anyone enjoy league of legends, to this day, i don't understand why so many people play it, every time i run into my friends playing league they're either mad, sad or somewhere in between, even when winning

  17. Callum…

    You can't seriously say that multiple shots to kill is in film. There are PLENTY of scenes where characters take twenty shots to kill.

  18. I raise you: the LitRPG genre of writing.

  19. Detective pikachu seems like its mostly good if you have nostalgia from growing up with pokemon

  20. The newest Doom Movie to me is a good example, not of a good video game movie, but of a movie that did "some" of the things right.

    It did a fairly good job of capturing the overarching story, introducing how the demons started showing up etc. It just had very poor "Doom feel" so it could have been about just about anything, it just didn't capture enough of the game's essence for it to matter that it was set in the Doom universe.

  21. I think Warcraft was a good movie at least for me as a fan. I was hoping for a sequel because I really love Grom and Thrall. Arcane was boring, I never made it to the second episode.

  22. I haven't played Uncharted, but I did watch the movie. I thought it was good with no knowledge of the games, maybe that would change if I played the games?

  23. A lot of push and funding for the later Riddick movies came from Vin Diesel himself. He was so passionate about developing the lore around the Riddick character that it became his tabletop roleplaying character.

  24. chronicles of riddick came out before riddick

  25. have you seen a film called Hardcore Henry ? I couldn't find the guild wars 1 song.

  26. I think the problem with most video game movies is that whoever's in charge of making one often refuses to just take world/story/characters presented in the game and present that to the viewer, unchanged. It probably makes sense in a vacuum, to create a new story for people who have already seen the original story. But fans of the game most likely watch the movies to experience that very story they remember and every discprepancy makes things worse, not better. And people who haven't seen the original story, do they really care if the movie presents a new one or an old one?

  27. I think the best adaptation from game to film I have seen was Silent Hill. That could be because Silent Hill itself is a transition of film to video game in many ways. But there were gameplay elements within the film. The main character was constantly checking city maps when she was running through the town. She would stop at bus stops and check the map. And that's a huge part of Silent Hill gameplay is checking the map. Plus the camera angles they used were perfect.

  28. Callum hit the nail on the head when he mentioned watching someone play a ame but havcing 0 input or interaction during bc Ive always enjoyed watching my older brothers n others play games but a part of it is being able to have input despite not directly playing.

  29. Mortal kombat was actually a preet5 decent movie adaptation of a video game. Slightly cheesy in a few spots sure, overall not terrible though.

    The war craft movie on the other hand, while it did have some cool special effects like mages spell storms , or fight scenes like Lothar jumping off the eagle into a battle.. the rest of it though, for anyone familiar with the lore (at least original lore, not the 300x redacted and retconned lore) it has so many super cringe moments. Even the cgi was cringe. Like the durotan and guldan fight. Which was never a thing in the books or any of the games. Sure.. creative liberty and all but still. It was painful to watch.

  30. How did neither of you mention the witcher!? the withcer is a brilliant show thats literally just like the game. Arcane and castlevania are great, but neither is anything like their game, the witcher is

  31. Didn't really expect to hear Gav get a shout-out here, but the man deserves every bit of praise anyone gives him. 😀

  32. It depends on the game. Some CAN be translated very well into a movie. Looking at you David Cage. But games like Borderlands (which supposedly will have an adaptation) do not. Why? bcuz people who make the movie are not the same people as those who make the video game. That can mean a variety of things. From shifting the importance of some character to basically changing the lore or things of that nature.

    It’s impossible to make a good movie from a great game bcuz great games don’t rely on the story alone.

  33. The Halo show is not the best example Callum could have come up with, that thing was as far away from the games as possible. It was not a "you can't translate a game to a tv show" problem, they didn't even try to do that to start with. More over Halo has already been adapted to different types of media with great success, hell, would have it been an adaptation of a Halo book or comic the Halo show would have done amazingly well.

  34. "A film about just killing (demons) isnt fun"
    The problem with the old doom movie is that is was trying to be another horror film with team dynamics. Watch Madness Combat ffs, watching a guy go around and kill shit in a cool ways is awesome.

  35. When maning a media, be sure to remember that you are going to experience the media, not the "skin".

    The media is often left behind when doing adaptation.

  36. Owlbear Wildshape – Just on the topic of people trying to apply game mechanics to movies, why won't you just let it be a cool thing for the DND movie. Smh….

  37. If you want to make a good doom movie, take a page out of Hardcore Henry, if the action is fun to watch the story can be secondary.

  38. Riddick is just a skin over mediocre fanfiction. Chronicles of Riddick are "what if we make Necrons weak enough to get beaten by one badass without power armor". First movie trailer looked like Aliens vs Vin Diesel. Second had Gothic looking ships so I had to watch it. Completely missed that it had Carl Urban in it, he had no beard and seemed very tall in it.

  39. Does anyone else genuinely not like Callum, but don't know why?

  40. They could easily make a great halo film Or TV show. There is plenty of lore for it and plenty of things established. The halo TV show was hated because it sucks as a show and is even less than the skin of the video game. Legit the first episode was fun seeing the elites slaughtering the shitty rebels, even with the dumb shit like guys shooting at elites doing nothing when chief just picks up the same gun and it suddenly cuts them down. It just got more shit and even less halo as the show went on with dumb changes that make the unsc look as bad as space nazis and a Non-fanatical, non-genocidal covenant. UNSC was already shady enough, are TV audiences too dumb to understand something bad without it being comically evil or something? All in all i serious doubt overwatch will be any better.

  41. How to make a good movie based on the game in two steps.
    1 understand the world
    2 tell a story that happens off screen and is loosely connected to the plot if at all

  42. I'm still frustrated that they took the Riddick games off of digital stores.

  43. Im going to use this prase. 9:20
    Remember in Game X when you meet NPC Y that does something (maybe even impresive then runs off and is never seen again in the game).
    the movie is about NPC Y adventure his/her short interaction whit the player. the story off whats on the other side of the door.

    oh what game was it. where you at the start was supposed to evac a base and you ran towards a group of friendlies that was waving and yelling at you to hurry. and when you get half way to them a explosion happen and the blast door feel down between you and them (they yell from the other side of the door that you need to find another route) you do not meet the other party again. you do find some notes and resive a messeng (video chat call) much later in the game. and it is later stated that they more or less all survived and got out and are safe before you.
    the movie would be about that party and there advanture. because I so wanted to "go" whit them but you can´t.
    even if you cheated as there was nothing beyond the door (exept what you could see).

  44. I do think there's one type of game where you can in some way translate the mechanics to a movie. And in some way this has been done in the movie "Clue". The type of game is "Point & Click adventures". While technically Clue is not based on a video game, what it does is it allows the audience to puzzle along with the characters in the movie.

  45. Okay… I'll give you that Detective Pikachu and the Sonic The Hedgehog films were good, but that's not a fair comparison of "video games" to film. Both Sonic and Pokémon made the jump to other media decades ago with cartoons and comic books.

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