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[Vinesauce] Vinny plays GuessThe.Game

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Vinny plays GuessThe.Game on Vinesauce!
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Recording date: Aug 28th, 2022
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  1. I like how for the Code Vein entry, half of the images were ruined modern cityscapes/modern metal structures, and yet Vinny guesses the one franchise that doesn't take place in a modern setting.

    Wasn't expecting him to know it was Code Vein, since he's never played the game and it has never been on his radar at any point. It was just funny seeing him jump to that conclusion.

  2. I laughed way too hard when Vinny actually typed Fortnut

  3. It blew my mind that vin knew what project ego was, did yall discuss it on stream or something?

  4. 4:32 I love that I know nearly nothing about Resident Evil but I saw a boot and thought "it's either an RE or a Silent Hill" and then he was slower to figure it out. On that note, this also really makes you notice how many games look pretty similar.

    I also enjoyed shouting "CAR GAME!!" or "INDIE GAME!!" every few rounds.

  5. Furi was also on Switch this quiz is rigged

  6. …God of War (2018) was a sequel, full and proper, not a remake. It was just called God of War, like how Doom (2016) is just called Doom, despite also being a sequel, full and proper.

  7. this was a lot of fun to play alongside vinny! i suggest you try and guess each one before he does, even if youve never played any of them you'll surprise yourself with what you get right

  8. 14:29 (other than chrono trigger right before it) my first failure cause i have NEVER heard of this game lol

  9. It's amazing how many indie games have very unique, memorable art styles you can pick out sometimes from colour or shapes alone.

  10. I know vinny isn't too interested in superhero genre stuff. But, I would love to see him play one of the Arkham games someday.

  11. Just did them all before watching this video and only missed one. Fucking rock band but I did have to make some silly guesses especially for the racing games. It's crazy how you can instantly recognize something based on a blurry image because the art style is just that great. Kinda wish he didn't blast through them so fast but this was still a lot of fun would love to see another video of this in the future assuming the site is still up.

  12. “He looks like the guy who likes the pizza”

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one who remembers that guy, though I remember him for reading the manga and saying “moe…” and then dropping the pizza when blade wolf shows up at the window.

  13. So we have chat, we have one-guys, and now we have NullGuys (chat for YouTube recordings)

    Ngl I’m into it

  14. Furi is actually a good game with a banging soundtrack

  15. Anyone else getting the impression that vinny's getting a bit overwhelmed, stressed, and/or impatient the past few weeks? I've noticed he really seems like he just wants to get through things as quickly as possible now. I dunno. Maybe he needs another break.

  16. This site is cool but it is frustrating how games that look similar like Diablo 1 and 2 don’t count as a similar answer, so you end up missing the first guess even though you were basically right

  17. i hate that i guessed Bloodborne correctly just from the mud on the ground

  18. i guess now is when vinny regrets not playing undertale

  19. idk why, but when Vinny failed the first one of SM RPG i scoffed. Ive never scoffed at a Vinny video.

  20. I wouldn't have guessed Call of Duty for 5 minutes until I started naming any FPS. I'm kind of impressed with how thoroughly I've managed to ignore a franchise that sells billions.

  21. 13:08 We both said ''come on'' at the same time
    This is a certified Vinny moment

  22. i never even played resident evil but i got it first guess lol.

  23. i got bioshock infinite immediately and i played it only for a few hours when it first came out and gave up on it. my memory is just weird. same thing with resident evil 4. never played it. i got it first guess. even knew horizon 0 dawn even though i never played it. i have a freak memory lol.

  24. booti pls play furi its really good and music fucks

    on second thought game can be hard booti pls doint maybe

  25. 39:22 The fact that Vinny knows about this garbage fire of a game hit me like a fucking truck
    Has he played it? Has he even talked about it? I need answers

  26. Man, Vinny did good. He got like, 90% of them; I don’t know if I’d know more than 10%.
    Fake gamer. XD

  27. It's scary how similar Vinny performed compared to how I've done. Recognizing things around the same time, right down to even checking our game library for Deep Rock Galactic specifically

  28. the minecraft screenshots having shaders just made me sad. I like my vanilla minecraft look, I'm old and outdated.

  29. 39:22 Did he just say…..what I think he said?
    Wait, did he just say YIIK, as in, the YIIK, with the best protagonist in the world Alex YIIK

  30. That Hotline Miami one drives me insane because that second screenshot of the two guys in the car is literally from Hotline Miami 2, not 1 lmao

  31. I love that I can recognize some of these by the first image alone, like Night In the Woods or Shovel Knight, breath of the wild etc.

    But I hate that I recognize some as well. I've chased too many survivors through that barn to not recognize dead by daylight right away and I hate that Ive played that game enough to know that. It's essentially become my league of legends, a game that pulls me back in constantly, and yet I can never figure out why I bother playing it each time I do.

  32. I love that "Religious Experience" was enough to get Vinny to guess NieR: Automata correctly.

  33. 34:08 the game is hotline miami 1 and it shows a scene from hotline miami 2

  34. I saw the skyline for Animal crossing and thought "Oh it's Spyro!"

  35. I do kind of feel like this games search engine could do with being a bit more forgiving with not knowing how to spell the title letter-for-letter or using a commonly used abbreviation, and maybe a "Eh, close enough" sort of feature if you get a game in the same series but not the exact installment, like obviously if the difference is noticable between the two game the system is less forgiving, but with certain games where multiple entries in the series look so similar that you could guess the game but not have any clue WHICH one it is and fail because you basically just had to guess "Okay is it grungle quest 4 the crystals of gingledoof or grungle quest 5 the search for snebblaltun, or the spinoff released on the same console using the same engine, Crummy bingus and the scrummy dingus?"

  36. Vinny forgetting the name of Deep Rock Galactic made me also forget the name of the game too even though I also had hours in the game as well. It was infectious

  37. Vinny playing Guitar Hero World Tour: Definitive Edition would be a fun stream to watch, just to see how good vinny is at playing guitar

  38. What does it say about me that the only games I got on first picture were Katamari Damacy, Portal 2 and Gone Home? Edit: and Stardew. Santa lol

  39. "religious experience" is my favourite game genre, shout-out to the big man J-zizzle in the sky for being an epic gamer

  40. I have 500ish hours in bloodborne and I could tell from the floor texture;;;; I am full crazy

    but also I kind of just recognize FromSoft's color palettes. Those orange highlights gave it away for me.

  41. It's crazy how i looked at that boot and went "damn thats resident evil 4" before vinny did

  42. Imagine if Vinny got Undertale and it was like: "Original Platform: PC (later ported to PS4, Vita, Nintendo Switch & Xbox One)"

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