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Waypoint Radio Live – The Halo TV show

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This week we’re bringing you our thoughts on Halo, the Paramount + TV show based on the immensely popular Halo video game franchise. Join as Patrick, Rob, Ren, and Cado discuss the ways this show landed in very different ways for each of them, why it probably shouldn’t have been about Master Chief, and how more interesting characters are pushed to the side because of that choice. Then we answer listener questions like “does Cortana still have a dump truck in this” and “what would you do on a date with Master Chief.”

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  1. As a big Halo nerd I have some pretty complex feelings about the show. I think it had some really cool moments muddled with some poor writing and frustrating potrails of certain characters that felt really out of character. The acting was great, the music was good but I wished it evoked the Halo music more, and I wish they kept certain elements closer to the core Canon. Stuff like Halseys and John's relationship, and the Spartan 2s turning on each other. All frustrated me.I think it's harsh to call this the worst TV show ever. Definitely don't agree there's some really good character acting in this series.Kai is indeed my favorite character as well.I really hope they learn from this, I hope that the lack of a chaotic production will help too for a season 2. Hopefully pacing will be better too

  2. Can't believe they made a show about that one Beyonce song.

  3. Didn't realise this came out, so it's about master chief, who (in the games) is intentionally a simplified human? That seems like a stupid decision.

  4. Love the waypoint crew. My favorite waypoint chats are when the crew steers away from hyperbolic “this is the best thing” or “this is the worst thing”. The space between the two ends of the spectrum is the most interesting discussion for me. Thanks for all the work you do waypoint.

  5. I saw this went up and quickly binged the whole series like Ren so I could check this out.

    I get the vibe I'm at the same level of interest in the lore as Ren and I mostly agree……..I don't know who this show was for.

    But I turned my brain off and enjoyed letting the weird alternate universe wash over me. Wish they had done more insurrectionist stuff, though.

    However yeah, the Kwan Ha stuff was POINTLESS GARBAGE.

  6. I ended up enjoying the show quite a bit. Frankie himself (who is also involved with the show) said it's the "silver" timeline, referring to the silver team, and is not considered canon or related to the game's timeline. I think it's a totally fine scifi show with decent production, even if it's messy. But for the love of all, please no more first person action scenes.

  7. Not gonna lie, I don't know much about Halo the video games, but was fun to hear you all talking about the show.

  8. The thing about removing all the ideals and politics from characters is something people do a lot in TV and I think it's because they are afraid of even showing ideology, from fear of alienating audiences or whatever.
    It was less magical there, but in Star Trek Discovery they seemingly removed every vig idea too, I guess they swapped it for interpersonal violence

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