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we watched the Halo TV Show and this is our review…

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After nine long years the Halo Television Series is finally here and we watched the first episode. And we decided to review the Halo TV show, or at least the first episode. (Of course Spoiler Free)

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  1. I totally agree, master chief needs to keep his helmet on , he never takes it off in the games……I’m sorry, but the show has wayyyy to many scenes with humans in them…..LAME!……adhere closer to the war between Spartans, and the covenant…….more cgi action, and ALOT less human people…..PLEASE!

  2. The show obviously doesn’t care about staying true to the games…..just another lame sci-fi, with the majority of the scenes about different humans, and their interactions…..who cares about that….and master chief without his helmet on, DESTROYS any sense that the character has of the strong, mostly silent, lead of the show……whatever…..I’m not asking for perfection, but they really missed a chance to do this right…..not enough action, and wayyyyy too much human bs……..

  3. I'm not sure what you watched but the Halo series on paramount plus is a dumpsterfire. I dont care about the source material but this is honestly a 5 on IMDB and if you are allergic to wokeism its gonna be closer to a 4.

  4. Gonna disagree on things making sense out of the gate.

    Kids find a covenant ship and instead of them being obliterated without so much as a chance to breath… they're allowed to run from TWENTY elites with no grunts in sight. The TWENTY elites then chase the child back to the camp, ignore chain guns and all forms of weapons fire until the "spartans" arrive. Like the two chain guns on the gate do NOTHING to the elites in human hands, but the moment the "chief" picks it up it shreds them like swiss cheese.

    Then the battle makes no sense with elites ignoring spartans, demons, to chase after humans that were quite literally NO threat to them… and spartans that have no functional motion tracker allowing for elites to wonder and chase a child. Then again an injured elite instead of running like any intelligent person would when all 19 of your buddies gets shredded… chases after a child ignoring the spartans….

    This makes little sense to me because they would have known of the camp well beforehand and could have leveled it from the phantom without breaking a sweat, but instead chose to ignore it to be "stealthy?" aaaand then disregard that entirely.

    Moving on we get the lovely line "Chief" points "covenant phantom" as it AUDIBLY hums in the background and wasn't heard by a single one of them…. The most intelligent thing was when the last remaining elite runs… Then another cringe line "this cave is not a natural formation" proving to me that they at least watched gameplay, and cutscenes(especially Halo 4 cutscenes…) but chose to not bother with the rest?

    From there we get that "chief is having memories" when they were never erased in the books or series, because Halsy was afraid of problems later with their brain or loyalty… and just like the books… when chief starts getting memories of his past he goes awol. This would make sense only if they intended to use that bit of canon, and had actually read the source material.

    Kwan or w/e is mind numbingly irritating the entire episode with so much plot armor she doesn't need mjolnir to survive against twenty elites.

    It's not halo. It's generic scifi cosplay pretending to be halo by someone that watched a few youtube clips.

  5. The acting of Kwon is fine but that was an awful opening for a character imo. This is a lady who saw her planet slaughtered and given chance to do anything said basically "f u". She'd rather every colony end up like hers then cooperate even a little

  6. They took way too many liberties for me to give them anything more than a 6 but it is watchable

  7. The show is bad it looks like halo but dosnt feel like it one bit it feels more like a generic cw space show… lost a little respect if you truly think this is a good HALO show

  8. Recognizable names, visuals, and sounds mixed with gore and generic action plus some terrible cgi is not enough to make this halo. They made a new timeline saying "you dont want to see the same story again do you?" just to give us a generic scifi story weve seen 10 times over. This isnt halo. This will never be halo in anything but name only. And the fact that they had to put the first episode on youtube for free kinda tells me this isnt as well recieved as theyd hoped…

  9. I think the alt timeline was hot garbage. tried the first two episodes and the story just kills everything else for me I want to like it but I can't.

  10. Master chief takes his helmet off in an unnecessary moment he does this to demonstrate that he is human but also that he is vulnerable. I hate this because the point that the scared girl was making is that she wants to kill him because she doesn’t trust him and he quips back with even if you empty that magazine I’m still going to be standing then shows his face. If I was writing it I would’ve had him say something like “if I wanted you dead, you would’ve been a while ago.” or “you’re going to do something that the covenant couldn’t do?” She could’ve asked what the covenant was and he could’ve explained it to her and the audience members who are new to Halo. Dr. Halsey was extremely disappointing because she was very ignorant compared to her intellectual mind from the books and video games. Remember she was one of if not the most brilliant mind of humanity at the time. So explain to me why she didn’t respond back with the exact same statement that just about every single fan had when they heard that they were going to cut funding for the spartan program… you’re going to cut funding to the one program that has reliably been able to kill the covenant, a feat that we haven’t been able to do with consistency or staggeringly high losses… you want to cut funding to the program that is currently saving humanity?… you are a moronic buffoon of a human being. Miranda Keyes was never a scientist why is she all of a sudden a scientist and also an ignorant child? Where are the rest of the covenant species? Too expensive? Why is this ignorant child risking instability between humanity factions amidst an alien war that she has seen firsthand wipe out her entire group before the Spartans arrive and obliterated all of the enemy forces???? They need to read the books and they need to get better writers and directors. It could be a really good show but all of the human characters in the UNSC feel incompetent, the child is an idiot, and the only thing I’ve liked about the show so far is silver team minus master chief because he so far doesn’t fill me with much hope other than the action scenes which is just key dangling. 3/10 get help.

    Props are 9.5/10 could use a little less dark and a little more small lights but other than that, fantastic!

    Also I forgot to add that the condor was shot by a fucking Mac gun which is designed to destroy ships! Why would you EMP a vehicle with a rogue spartan and a target designated for termination??? Blow that fucking shit to goddamn smithereens.

    Also also the music is 1/10 just pay the damn royalties and give Marty his fucking money so you can have decent music. What is the bastardized dollar store version of the Halo theme song that I’m listening to it feels like a generic sci-fi film with light sprinkling‘s of halo which is utterly depressing for a halo show with the name halo in the title.

  11. My opinion

    -Costume Department and Prop
    i loved the spartans armor and the elites armor as well. Mercy looks good and all in all great job.
    -Casting and Acting
    Im happy to see a british halsey. I also liked Paleminsky or however you spell it, as well as Keyes and Miranda. Also chiefs actor fits him well.

    I didnt hate it to the point that it hurt but needs to improve overtime to keep audience in action
    Like the CGI I dont hate the plot entirely. I liked chief going awol. I do wish that the reclaimer thing is handeled correctly and hope that Makee isn't a stand in Arbiter.
    -Chief Takes Off His Helmet
    I didn't hate him removing his helmet but in episode 2 he rarley wore it and his armor. I hope they don't get comfortable with him helmetless.

  12. 🤓Hey, I'm watching the show and then looking for your full spoiler included thoughts..Keep 'em coming…Thanks👍

  13. Okay I have to say it. Screw you guys. This is such an obviously disingenuous review. Maybe you're part of some marketing tactic, I don't know. But that show has some of the absolute worst writing I've ever seen. If it wasn't in any way related to Halo it'd still be seen as the garbage it is. The fact that it's supposed to be Halo just makes it even worse. So many of us wanted this show for so many years and it's been proven a few times that the show can be made and made well on a low budget and yet this is what we got??? The list of things that are wrong or just done very badly is enormous.

  14. Show is a big B.S master chief whithout helmet destroys mistery of his carakter,cortana in fizical form?dont be suprised if down the line we find out master chief is in fact gay

  15. Bro, Forward Unto Dawn is a way better Halo live action content that this shitty Paramount Halo show.

  16. late but as far as the video formats for other reviews, I think this first one was handled well and will get nonviewers somewhat interested. going forward, I think the reviews could be consolidated to episodes 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, or however the plot segments to make an adequate video review length. this first video is good as a spoiler free first impression but after watching episode one, everyone is mostly just watching for the plot now.

  17. I went in with low expectations and was a little let down with some of the characterization and writing. I LOVE all of the new characters that we've been given so far. I am not a fan of the portrayal of the characters we already know and love. I am going to watch it just to try and give it a chance but I just wish they had created all new characters for the show instead of using established characters for hype.

  18. This show made me Uninstall halo infinite I was already bored of it's lack of story and content and now there's this shit. Whoever keeps writing the shit scripts for shows and casts the shit actors need to just learn how to write read or have conversations with actual people not in Twitter threads or safe spaces before they make decisions that involve people. It feels like if game of thrones is the perfect example of how to fuck up intelligent storytelling and everyone did it anyway because they didn't noticed how shit it went

  19. Good video, but I can can only imagine discussing later episodes spoiler-free will become more difficult. I only watch videos after seeing the episode, so my vote is for video reviews with spoilers.

  20. You’re entitled to an opinion, even though the show is total garbage.

  21. after waiting for something like this for 20 years I am happy. it maybe different and you can see his face but its HALO!!!!! I'm stocked. it feels like the halo universe

  22. The original game was a bit of a landmark in gaming history, not bad for a childlike mishmash of well established scifi ideas, the TV show fleshes things out and moves the complexity along to teenage levels. Great show.

  23. Rocket Are u fucking with us they threw away everything from the halo universe this has to be a fucking joke

  24. Kwan is a big let down to this series. Why would anyone care about her revenge when we have so much more to discover in this story that is called Halo… Everything else is alright, I don't have a problem with the Masterchief removing his helmet or his voice ect ect everything is okay except Kwan… Just make her a spartan or something (I really doubt theyll kill her off) in order to join with Masterchief in this adventure why must we experience the same things over and over… Halo is something new and for us to loose so much time for a teenager that wants to avenge her fathers death instead of digging in on why the covenant attacks humanity and why they want to find the ring… come on we've seen so many revenge type films/tv series let it be something *NEW*!!!!

  25. No, they messed up a good thing. This review is wrong

  26. Do the reviews the way you want to… with a "if you build it they will come" kinda groove all your own. And I came and watched the review after watching the show just so I go into it without any preconceived notions.

  27. All the character castings are believable….. hahahah LMFAO r u fling serious?… race swapping no sgt. Johnson the Keyes shitty not like books. Master chief acting exactly opposite what books/games master chief would act!!! This review is a joke!!!

  28. There some cool stuff to look at here but everything else is sooo bad.the characters ,story and the world general sucks. I felt like I was watching something the CW would of made.

  29. Tons of fan boys upset because it doesn't follow single player storyline…I mean I get it, but most ppl play for multiplayer…that single player shit is some dweeb BS. So for those of us who loved multi-player, this show was awesome. Maybe the original storyline was badass and they should have followed it…but someone else still can. This show is its own thing and bad to the bone. Great review

  30. Look, everyone conplaining about chief taking off his helmet. Keyes is black. We know keyes on the game as white. Therefore the physical representation of the characters is not accurate to the game amyways

  31. I personally wish they kept more to the games, like they have the FPP camera shots but then i see jackels with energy swords and I’m like wtf. I see 5 spartans sitting around in the next 3 episodes instead of being out in a mission saving the universe. SPARTANS shouldn’t be just sitting around when there’s covanet to kill! They could have hired my 10 year old niece and had more to do with the games than this tv show. Energy sword nails I think that’s enough said wtf is this marvel? Now I will say this. The fighting scene in episode 1 and 5 are pretty fcking bad ass but it’s to far and from. This is HALO we should be getting a bad ass fight scene once a episode in my opinion. Look at halo wars cinematic, halo reach/CE/2/3/4 each scene was pretty bad ass and meaning full. But in this tv show there feels like sooooo much filler it’s like let me skipp to the good parts.

  32. For people that dont know about HALO, this show is amazing. But for people who have played the games. This show is trash.

  33. would love to see the show continue i like it even tho i have not played the games im a big fan of the lore of halo and i love what they did most of the time i hope im not the only one

  34. I don't like how much the chief talks, and I definitely don't like how often he takes his helmet off. It should never have come off. And the chief frequently says "I don't know" to things people ask him. I think the girl is irritating, and I don't like how they made Jacob and Miranda Keys are black now, they've been white characters for over 20 years. If they changed Johnson from black to white there would be a massive uproar and Halo would get a bunch of flak. I want to keep watching, but it's just so bad I can't handle it. I really like the action and how brutal it is, but the way the chiefs story is going so far (I'm on episode 3) I just really don't like it

  35. Problem with you all Angry Average Joe Americans that you are so low leveled that if you don't get enough pew-pew and bumm-bumm you start complain like a 3 year old…

    If you would have mind and intellect you would see where the series is going!

    And it is a good reflection, critic of our current Western culture, which is the basic of every good scifi since Verne and Asimov.

    But you complain because you lack the education!!!

  36. 3 months later, this video has not aged well…

  37. When you said the first episode was good but to me it makes no sense. The girls father has most dumbest death. But of course they need to have a tragic backstory but at least make his death more believable 🙄. And the part where the aliens attack should they just be up the wall shooting on thier attackers instead of standing on the front gate like….what? Not gonna lie the fight scene was amazing but rest just doesn't make sense to me. As you can tell Idk the lore of the halo game so I don't know much about it but 1 episode just not as good as you said.

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