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Well that was weird – Halo TV Series Episode 3 Review

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  1. Those guards at the beginning were just stupid evil. Why are you burning a child on the ground rather than running from the Covenant? Why are they using child slave labour 500 years in the future, how is that an efficient economic system?

  2. Episode 1: Master chief takes off his helmet
    Episode 2: Master chief takes off his armor
    Episode 3: Master chief takes off all his clothes
    Episode 4: ???

  3. Haven’t watched yet, but just from the trailers I could tell who I wouldn’t care about and I’m sure I’ll completely agree with your opinion here. Will watch once the season is fully released.

  4. THANK YOU. Absolute no urgency with the human covenant war. This episode took the last shred of hope I had and obliterated it. Absolute dumpster fire of a show. Horrible

  5. I can’t stand kwan she’s annoying and immature child. I literally FF everytime she’s on the scene.

  6. i disagree with you 100%! I think the show writers know what makes halo. They know that when players play the games, the key focus has always been on a civilian insurrectionist that has no power. I am loving Quan and masterchief solely because they are not white! Im tired of hearing people say logic and good written characters are needed! Anyway that was my opinion. Im gonna go watch my poop float in the toilet bowl, im on season 2. It's getting good!

  7. This has shown us some of the iconic moments from the books. Cool to see that stuff happen, terrible as it was.
    Kwan storyline needs to go, nobody cares.

  8. This program is just PC garbage! It's so boring as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  9. I don’t like or care about Kwan. Kotana is annoying. I didn’t know she is from the game hehehe. Yeh it is pretty boring for me who hasn’t even play the game. I think the ripped off Equilibrium with Christian Bale. The episode is a bit jarring. This one is worse than 2. 2 worse than 1. The acting was terrible as usual. Hehehe need more action to hide that 😜👍

  10. Yes it's a different Canon, but I've yet to see a change they've made that actually improves anything, most of the changes actively worsen the entire premise of the story.

    Being a new Canon isn't an excuse for being a worse Canon. They should only change something if it makes for a better story, not because they want to cram as many tropes and clichés into the story as possible

  11. The show is underperforming in my opinion. I agree with your points. I want to let them set Chief loose and decimate the Covenant lol

  12. at this point, I'm only really watching this to stay in the loop, since my timeline is full of everyone talking about it

  13. Anything other than world building is a waste of time. Like what do you think people watch sci-fi for?

  14. As of this episode its officially 🗑️ 🔥

  15. I'm honestly not a fan of hardly anything they've done. I'm a huge halo fan so i'll watch it all regardless. I feel like they're all about master chiefs humanity like some episode of vampire diaries. I feel like Chief has always been 100% about the mission, all the spartans have. They barely show that at all. Everyone knew it was messed up what halsey did, kidnapping kids, but the spartans always seemed like they loved what they were and what they were about, not wanting to question it and go rogue and crap like that. This is just a strange take on all of this, and mostly in a negative way.

  16. A show of just master chief jumping to combat with covenant…… how tf would that go 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 that would be shit and over so quick… if this show wasn’t called halo it would have been rated 10/10 🤣

  17. I really hope they end up putting Kwan Ha on the back burner after season one I want more Chief

  18. Human politics, angry women talking – there, now you've seen this shitshow of a fanfiction made by people who are not fans of the Halo franchise. SO HORRIBLE

  19. BANG ON! the Kwan ha story frustrates me, a show about halo and we aren't seeing any covenant glassing planets instead boring sub plots

  20. Lets face it. In this timeline humanity goes extinct. Master Chief gets too focused on his feelings and dies and Cortana says again that she didnt sign on for this.

  21. Why did they put the kids kissing at the beginning, what did that add? The lab assistant trying to kiss the clone? What was the finger letter opener assassin blade ma'kee had? They went from master cheifs helmet, off, to armour off, to NAKED…

  22. When I was watching this episode, I was thinking about how much it reminded me of the movie Equilibrium.

  23. Came for HALO, and found a reboot of Pandora.

  24. Parts of this one I liked, but it felt kind of slow and had some really cringy things. The MC character definitely doesn’t feel like Chief, which is weird. I’m still interested but at this point have am kind of detached and accept it’s not going to deliver how we’d like. This ep. is 6.5/10 for me.

  25. In the beginning we have that got damned slaver or whatever deciding to focus on physically abusing a child (after he just killed another) AFTER the covenant, who supposedly are mowing through human colonies left and right, show up. He hates children so much that he would rather beat them than deal with a literal existential threat right next to him. It's just bad fucking writing. When a Tsunami is about to hit your house with you in it. You don't discipline the dog for wetting your couch. Ugh. I just cant man.

  26. I agree with your take on the Human- Covenant war in this series. It just feels like simple “Warring factions.” It doesn’t currently feel like a “holy genocide” that the covies made me feel in the games.

    Cortana and her being “full sized” is a welcome though.

    Kwan… oh my gosh, I agree she’s really annoying, everytime she was on I just kept thinking, “let’s go back to Chief, Cortana, Halsey… anyone else!”

  27. Anyone else find the opening scenes of the UNSC focussed on killing the girl while ignoring the covenant that are literally landing around them comically so funny? Kinda sums up the show on the whole quite well actually

  28. It was ok..weird was right and master chief having emotions was weird also

  29. The funny thing is I haven't even started watching the first episode 🤣

  30. To me, it doesn't come off as an alternative timeline
    It comes off like a completely different story just yanking surface level ideas and designs from the Halo Franchise.

  31. Whenever Cortana talks I smile cuz that's the exact same VA as the games, and sadly, the only thing it has in common with them

  32. Its not non-canon, its another universe entirely.
    They had to rewrite the entire canon just to fit the storyline.

  33. This show puts Star Wars to shame 😂. Omg it’s like Prometheus, so beautiful.

  34. MasterChief? Covenant? Nah fuck that I watch Halo for some random insurrectionist girl and her random dirt ball planet. Love KWAN /s

    In seriousness I fucking hate Kwan, only because they put so much focus on her as a character, people don’t come to watch fucking Kwan try to win this one planet that could end up covered in glass, they come to watch HALO. The Masterchief and Cortana, fighting impossible odds against the covenant. Kwans character purpose is to allow chief to see a side to humanity and the UNSC he didn’t see before not be front and center.

    It’s like if Star Wars focused on Anakins mom for the second movie and the comings and goings of Tatooine.

  35. The reason the Asian chick is still in there is the wokedard left who are writing this garbage want it so. It's the same as Star Trek Discovery and Michael Brenham. She's going to be the ones filling the role of Master Chief cause that's what the deranged left wants.

  36. Cortana's voice was the only good thing about ep.3.

  37. They don't want to focus on master chief they want to focus on brown people and females. The only time they have straight white male characters they're beating and killing children or creepy smelling and trying to kiss a bald clone.

  38. Don’t remember if flash cloning is ever talked about in the games but it is talked about in the Halo 2 promotional audio drama I Love Bees which I recently got into can’t stop listening to. And even though I haven’t been a huge fan of the show so far it’s cool to see them reference some of the lesser know source material

  39. Another good story ruined by woke Hollywood. Look how diverse we made the cast. Look how everyone in power is a women. Look how deep we made the story even though none of it is lore accurate. No halo fan gives a shit about this we wanted to see the chief against the flood and covenant. All you had to do was follow the story as it was. Not insert this woke agenda

  40. look how they massacred by boy John.it feels off, but i want see masterchief obliterate grunts

  41. the ending of season 1 will be the fall of reach. Its all for character and world development. ppl just hate the show cuz eveyone else is…

  42. I actually like the show. Maybe not playing the game was a good thing.

  43. Episode 1 – 2/10
    Episode 2 – 1/10
    Episode 3 – 3/10

    It was the best but that's only because the first two were so damn terrible. This one actually had some intrigue and the battle scene in this one didn't have the sh***y CGI the first episode did. Those were the only two good things about it. In episode 2 they ripped off Killzone 2 and in this one they ripped off Dead Space 2. They're destroying Halo one episode at a time, and it's painful to watch.

  44. I literally searched "Halo TV series is weird" in search of approval after seeing episode 3 and came across your video lmao, I agree with you 100%

  45. Seems like we have a smarter, more cautious Covenant here. I'm cool with that.

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